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Maurice Worme

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Declination concentration-dispersion index

The index Originally, I calculate an index for the period from 1986 to 2000 but I use a slightly different method (I used the sum of the intercycles rather than their increment) than the one used by Jean-Pierre and I obtain the graph following: I will not pursue my investigations further, but the meager result obtained with this graph corroborates those obtained by Jean-Pierre Nicola (...)

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Thoughts on global astrology

Gustave-Lambert Brahy Gustave-Lambert Brahy was born in Liège (Belgium) in 1894. A writer, poet and chartered accountant, he is best known for his brilliant career as an astrologer. In 1926 he founded the Belgian Astrological Institute (which later became the Cebesia or Belgian Center for the Scientific Study of Astral Influences) and the magazine Demain in which its global and financial (...)

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To put an end to anti-astrology

Anti-astrology can undoubtedly drive people mad, as can the systematic rejection of any attempt to explain astrology through physical, biological or neurophysiological sciences. Finally, what are the essential reproaches made by certain scientists, or more exactly the scientists, to astrology: The gravity problem If the astrological influence is due to known forces (e.g. gravitation or (...)

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Albert Einstein or the Pisces absolute of relativity

Pisces Thème écliptiqueThème de domitudeHiérarchie des PlanètesAlbert Einstein 14/03/1879 à 11 h 30 TL (14/03/1879 à 10 h 50 TU) Ulm (Bade-Wurtemberg, Allemagne) Latitude +48° 24’ ; Longitude +9° 59’ Albert Einstein was a deeply simple man who did not like honors. “He did nothing for merit, nothing for money, nothing to outclass others, and nothing to please people (1).” He never wore a medal or a ribbon and (...)

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