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Your dominant Planets

The Lunar: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The lunar profile Adaptable, receptive, easy-going, welcoming, you know how to create around you a climate of peaceful everyday life, of warm privacy, of simple harmony, of friendly conviviality, and you thrive on enabling, amicable and informal atmospheres. Obliging, helpful, understanding, tolerant, showing solidarity, you flexibly adapt to the others. When faced with practical situations and concrete issues, you endeavour to find the lines of weakness and to secure some strong support, rather than wearing yourself out struggling. You fit at best what circumstances are bringing to (...) Read more...

The Solar: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The solar profile Extensive representation: For your complete self-fulfillment you need to develop intense social exchanges, where you preferably play a role that you wish to be rewarding, central, recognized, exemplary. From your standpoint, the others’ appreciation is not negotiable nor to be won: it’s a preliminary due, and while you easily show some admiration, in return you also want to be yourself unconditionally admired. Noble, dignified, upright, faithful and transparent within your relationships, you look for the others’ approval while making sure as far as possible to never (...) Read more...

The Mercurian: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The mercurian profile Extensive representation: You are an all-around sociable person, eager for varied encounters, for multiple contacts, always ready to engage in dialogue with others for the simple pleasure of communication. People interest you straightaway by their diversity, and your human curiosity is aroused by detecting the slightest sign that facilitates getting in touch. Playful, relaxed, receptive, your mind always on the move, sometimes uncatchable through your zigzags and your twirls, you are keen to remain free to start and leave the conversation whenever you please, to (...) Read more...

The Venusian: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The venusian profile Extensive representation: You have a tender, kind, engaging sociability. You know how to touch, to seduce, to charm the others by the grace of your attitudes, of your infectious tenderness, by the sweetness of your language, the gentleness of your manners, the appeal of your natural seduction. Attentive not to cause any pain to anyone, caring about not shocking, you try to build with others special relationships based on emotion sharing or sentimental outpouring, bridges of affective complicity or friendly closeness, and you strongly desire the presence of those (...) Read more...

The Marsian: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The marsian profile Extensive existence: You are a realist. For you nothing is true besides what you have yourself experimented, what you directly pitted yourself against, what you have personally experienced. Practical, dynamic, impatient to take action and to put things into practice, it’s essential for you to face the harsh reality of facts on which you need to have a concrete, quick and efficient action. A hard-headed and tenacious fighter, you learn on the job by trusting your empiricism and the nose you have for situations. Fiery, energetic and rough, the difficulties and (...) Read more...

The Jupiterian: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The jupiterian profile Extensive existence: You are above all an organized pragmatic person. Dynamic, jovial, bon vivant, proactive, you take absolutely seriously the realities of existence, of which you intend not losing any opportunity. You have some know-how, some common sense, a practical logic that enables you to tackle concrete problems head-on and to use them in your best interests. Empirical and reasonable, regardful of economic prosperity, you know how to get simple, useful and profitable lessons out of your experiences. You know how to put some order in your perception of (...) Read more...

The Saturnian: Psychological profile by Richard Pellard

The saturnian profile Extensive existence: You are a long-term oriented realist. Patient, careful, sceptical, thoughtful, you only take action after having explored all the possibilities, having seriously studied all the hypotheses and having thoroughly assessed the distant consequences of your actions. You aren’t scared of the complex, unrewarding and difficult situations that reality puts you in. Forever dissatisfied with established certainties and accepted explanations, you like above all else going further into your experiences, looking for the secret mechanisms that determine (...) Read more...

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