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Rémi Valet

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Amélie Poulain, a young Virgo girl, delicate and healthy…

Virgo The fabulous instinct of Jean-Pierre Jeunet First of all, it is perhaps worth pointing out that the reasons for a success, even as enormous as this, are always difficult to grasp, because it often results from a combination of random factors that are in no way related to any “recipe”, the ingredients of which could be searched for a long time and in vain. Even for Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the (...)

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Orson Welles, the Taurus who said too much

Taurus Thème écliptiqueThème de domitude

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Nabokov’s “Lolita”, a transcendent Taurus-triviality

Taurus Thème écliptiqueThème de domitudeHiérarchie des PlanètesVladimir Nabokov 22/04/1899 à 04 h 26 TL (22/04/1899 à 02 h 25 TU) Saint-Pétersbourg (Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie) Latitude +59° 56’ ; Longitude +30° 20’ The mercurian by whom the scandal comes… In 1959, Vladimir Nabokov hit the headlines by publishing Lolita, a novel now hailed as one of the boldest and most essential in world literature. His (...)

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