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Albert Camus or the flexibility of Scorpio’s absurd
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Level “small tee” or intensive transcendence (Saturn-Pluto in the Midheaven opposite Mercury) is clearly preponderant in the chart of Albert Camus, born on 07/11/1913 in Mondovi in Algeria: problematic of doubt, of the absurd, of the universal, from the distance.

Thème de naissance pour Albert Camus — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Albert Camus — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Albert Camus — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Albert Camus
07/11/1913 à 02 h 00 TL (07/11/1913 à 02 h 00 TU)
Dréan (Wilaya d’Annaba, Algérie)
Latitude +36° 42’ ; Longitude +7° 44’

‘t’ family — Mercury-Saturn-Pluto: critical mind — intensive transcendence Mercury Saturn PlutoWe are not fully involved (absolute weakness of Sun-Jupiter-Uranus or “non-r”), it is difficult to feel fully existing, to take directly and concretely to emotions and fights (relative weakness of Venus-Mars-Neptune or “non-e”). Nothing clearly makes sense, especially not the common purpose. References are sought elsewhere. No dogmatism, no intangible certainties: “Its strength is its flexibility. It is not a formal philosophy that you find in books. It is a thought that revolves around key words — absurd, revolt” (Le Clech). Nothing is ever acquired, nothing is ever certain: “Everything that exalts life increases its absurdity at the same time”: under the trine of Venus in Libra to Saturn, the affects experienced and shared are emptied of all meaning. Difficult in this case to experience the emotions (‘e’ level) at close range. Nevertheless, “although Meursault is deprived of all sensitivity, a deep passion, because tacit, animates him, the passion for the absolute and the truth”. Camus: a cold enthusiast.

Lucidity and rebellion

Sun ScorpioIf nothing makes sense, if everything is absurd, why live? Suicide is tempting, for The rebellious man out of harmony with itself and with the outside world, due to non-conformity. Scorpiosmall tee”, Camus nevertheless pleads for lucidity and revolt. We must live, with our eyes fixed on the absurd, this great relativizer of hot and blind passions, this transcendent measurer of our poverty and inanity. Paradox of the Man alone in a senseless universe, seeking an impossible meaning: “He is the only one who demands one.

On the negative side, the level “small t” is tempted by complete nonsense, nihilism. When he “positive”, it turns to revolt against all the chimeras, all the hazy speeches, all the reductionisms (level ‘r’ weak). Am I marginal, non-conforming, zonard of the human community? My individual and subjective nonsense takes on its full meaning and makes sense if I revolt: “I revolt, therefore we are.” My revolt is the very foundation of my belonging to the community of men. After all, as the very distant Pluto is part of the solar system, the plutonian haunted by elsewhere still belongs to the human and social system: Albert Camus or intensive transcendence made man, that is to say, complexity and paradox.


Mercury SaturnFrom the dissonance Saturn-Mercury, he can’t take anything lightly, and communicating in depth is difficult. From the trine Moon-Pluto, it is a question of fully inhabiting the unknown and the absurd. The grand trine Saturn-Pluto-Moon-Venus is revealed in the following sentence of Camus: “The writer diagnoses and exorcises murderous passions no longer on an individual level but on a collective level. Art corrects reality without eliminating it, it is communicable to all, therefore an incentive to dialogue and freedom.” The “aesthetics of the absurd”, SO. And then that you have to live well (level ‘e’ subdominant, Mars-Neptune dissonant Jupiter-Uranus), we must fight against all forms of authoritarianism, legal or so-called legitimate. Finally, with a level ‘r’ weak (Sun, Jupiter and Uranus are the least valued planets in his Natal Chart), Camus showed in “Misunderstanding” how dangerous language could be. The traveler dies, failing to find the right words to make himself understood.

Camus, “the beautiful soul”, as Sartre said. It goes well with the disembodiment that a level implies ‘t’ arch-dominant. Towards the end of his life, Camus was moving towards a “cycle of love”, a lucid, cold, universal, impersonal love of humanity lost in an absurd existence, tormented by insane passions. Hard to descend into the arena of the living without “dirty his soul” by rubbing it against evil, to engage in the affairs of the city when, like him, one is wary like the plague of the long-term implications of immediate choices.

Article published in issue No. 5 of the Fil d’ARIANA (April 1996) and in Astrologos No. 6 (August 2001).

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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