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Dissonant jupiterian aspects (non-dominant Jupiter)
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The interpretation examples that we are suggesting are very far from being exhaustive : they only show and outline a general frame describing the issues of the aspect. They should therefore not be taken literally. Each being brings indeed its own responses, more or less original, to the questions raised by an aspect. There is no magic formula. Through using the R.E.T. and the Theory of Ages and combining logic, observation and imagination, you will be able to develop a thousand other possible meanings, a thousand other variations on the same theme.

Dissonant Jupiter-Moon aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Moon dominates : you refuse to integrate and accept the constraints, efforts and discipline involved in adapting to social life. Your whimsical, dreamy and shameless nature imposes on each and everyone the dictatorship of the satisfaction of your primary needs, in defiance of all codes of good conduct. Your imagination breaks free from the bounds of reasonableness, common sense and decency. Disordered, prey to your insatiable appetites, you do not know how or cannot manage your existence with wisdom and balance. Ambition, the desire to appear torment you, but you refuse, out of laziness, to give yourself the means of your desires. Naively believing that you should naturally be accepted by others, you can refuse to express yourself, to justify yourself, to speak out, to convince.

Dissonant Jupiter-Sun aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : you intend to be in every way worthy of praise, respect, consideration. You tirelessly claim a public esteem which seems to you your due. You impose yourself as if your rank and your value should be recognized without your making the slightest effort to adapt to the rules of the game of social life, as if his skills were so obvious that they could do without the sanction of facts. The firm principles or noble ideals to which you refer and cling desperately prevent you from fully living the ambitions that torment and obsess you. You may then be tempted to play the role of the untouchable moral authority, solemnly criticizing mediocre opportunism and the necessary compromises. Your intangible certainties ignore the pragmatic lessons of experience. The slightest diplomatic concession seems to you an outrage to your dignity.

Dissonant Jupiter-Mercury aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Mercury ‘tR’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Mercury dominates : whimsical, dispersed or inconsistent, you challenge or refuse any reasonable standard, any sensible judgment, any object lesson. You talk to say nothing, and above all nothing important, official, solemn. You make fun of what seems important to others or strikes at the corner of common sense, make fun of the elementary rules of life in good society. Your verbose imagination develops against your interests and material ambitions. You ask yourself a thousand questions without being able to bring them any pragmatic conclusion. You distract yourself too easily from heavy social obligations and prefer to clown around or be dazed rather than assume the agreed role that is expected of you. Irresponsible, you do not take any conformism seriously, which not only is not appropriate, but also prevents anyone from placing the slightest trust in you.

Dissonant Jupiter-Venus aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Venus ‘eR’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Venus dominates : you know only one law : that of the inflation of your desires, wishes and temptations. It is expressed to the detriment of all reasonable pragmatism and against the norms and models that regulate social life. Voluptuous and voluptuous, eager for easy and immediate satisfactions, unable to live other than according to the impulses of your heart, you cannot stand having to discipline your passions. Your likes and dislikes, likes and antipathies prohibit you from any diplomacy, any negotiation based on shared and fully understood interests, any respect for conventions. You have extreme difficulty communicating and convincing outside of a privileged relationship where you can seduce and charm without having to justify yourself. Prisoner of your good pleasure, You flee responsibilities, even the least restrictive. Your taste for convenience is a brake on your ambitions.

Dissonant Jupiter-Mars aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Mars ‘eE’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Mars dominates : you seem incapable of inserting your experience, your instinctive acts, your turbulent impulsiveness within the framework of the norms and models that regulate life in a group or in society. You act to act and live to live, prisoner of a disheveled activism, devoid of any goal, any project, any sensible and reasonable perspective. You are good at acting against your well-understood interests and seem unable to learn from your experiences. Viscerally undisciplined and in favor of an unfettered existence, you rebel against all authority, all consensus, all conventional order, which are for you only monuments of hypocrisy. Where it would be necessary to parley and negotiate, to unite rather than divide, you exhaust yourself and those around you by unleashing, with aggressive vigor, struggles, conflicts and showdowns.

Dissonant Jupiter-Saturn aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Jupiter ‘rE’ ↔ Saturn ‘tE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Saturn dominates : preoccupied with your existential problems, your quest for hypothetical meaning and the many questions you ask yourself, you have great difficulty socializing, speaking with ease, asserting your common-sense certainties and seizing the interesting concrete opportunities that arise. present. You seem to take malicious pleasure in complicating your life with questions that lead nowhere, useless perplexities, paralyzing worries. Whether you are the consenting hostage of your pathological foresight, of your fear of missing out, or the prisoner of a demanding need to multiply adventurous or unknown experiences, you do not know how to take advantage of the satisfactions that public recognition and delights of social integration. Solitary and mute among the talkers in a group, pissing off or party killer, you fail to understand what you are doing there, in the background.

Dissonant Jupiter-Uranus aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Jupiter ‘rE’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you are possessed by a desire for power and domination, by a cavalier individualism which leads you to arbitrarily reject the laws and norms which regulate life in society. You believe that it is legitimate to impose your intimate convictions, your intuitive certainties and your strong opinions authoritatively, in the most perfect disregard of common sense and legality. Inhabited by the insane conviction that you alone hold the truth, you refuse to explain yourself, to justify yourself, to accept a loyal dialogue. Intransigent and vehement, you denounce, in the name of a higher order of which you consider yourself the qualified representative, the inevitable compromises and negotiations that group life imposes. Hyper-gifted for impeccably organized and hierarchical intellectual constructions, you seem incapable of practical judgment.

Dissonant Jupiter-Neptune aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Jupiter ‘rE’ ↔ Neptune ‘eT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Neptune dominates : you seem powerless to intelligibly express your confused states of mind, as if no conventional language could translate the meanders, the chiaroscuros, the sinuosities and the complexities of your universe. You abandon yourself with exaltation to your strange or chimerical visions, in defiance of all common sense and all reasonable conception of the world. Captured by the song of your inner sirens, you become incapable of integrating yourself into the norms and laws that regulate social life. Haunted by your dreams and lies, prisoner of your whimsical and tumultuous imagination, you lose all practical judgment and forget to manage your material interests or your social career. You always seem to be elsewhere, lost in the mists of your dreams, acting at the unpredictable rhythm of the injunctions of your unconscious.

Dissonant Jupiter-Pluto aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Jupiter ‘rE’ ↔ Pluto ‘tT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Pluto dominates : prisoner of the quest for being in oneself, possessed by a dark metaphysical despair or obsessed by the conquest of an occult power over beings, things and situations, you come to reject, flout or betray the norms and laws which regulate the social life. Convinced of the absurdity of the world, you respect no law, no convention, no rule of language. One way or another, whether through your slyly manipulative, completely anti-conformist inclinations or through a very deep internal destructuring, you are doomed to find yourself marginalized and rejected by any normally constituted group. You are hostage to the unsaid, the invisible, the unlivable, an abundant hyper-complexity that disorients you and renders you incapable of the most elementary common sense, of any reasonable judgment.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Les significations planétaires

par Richard Pellard

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La décision de ne traiter dans ce livre que des significations planétaires ne repose pas sur une sous-estimation du rôle des Signes du zodiaque et des Maisons. Le traditionnel trio Planètes-Zodiaque-Maisons est en effet l’expression d’une structure qui classe ces trois plans selon leur ordre de préséance et dans ce triptyque hiérarchisé, les Planètes occupent le premier rang.

La première partie de ce livre rassemble donc, sous une forme abondamment illustrée de schémas pédagogiques et tableaux explicatifs, une édition originale revue, augmentée et actualisée des textes consacrés aux significations planétaires telles qu’elles ont été définies par l’astrologie conditionaliste et une présentation détaillée des méthodes de hiérarchisation planétaire et d’interprétation accompagnées de nombreux exemples concrets illustrés par des Thèmes de célébrités.

La deuxième partie est consacrée, d’une part à une présentation critique des fondements traditionnels des significations planétaires, d’autre part à une présentation des rapports entre signaux et symboles, astrologie et psychologie. Enfin, la troisième partie présente brièvement les racines astrométriques des significations planétaires… et propose une voie de sortie de l’astrologie pour accéder à une plus vaste dimension noologique et spirituelle qui la prolonge et la contient.

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Pluton ne fait plus partie des planètes majeures de notre système solaire : telle est la décision prise par une infime minorité d’astronomes lors de l’Assemblée Générale de l’Union Astronomique Internationale qui s’est tenue à Prague en août 2006. Elle est reléguée au rang de “planète naine”, au même titre que les nombreux astres découverts au-delà de son orbite.

Ce livre récapitule et analyse en détail le pourquoi et le comment de cette incroyable et irrationnelle décision contestée par de très nombreux astronomes de premier plan. Quelles sont les effets de cette “nanification” de Pluton sur son statut astrologique ? Faut-il remettre en question son influence et ses significations astro-psychologiques qui semblaient avérées depuis sa découverte en 1930 ? Les “plutoniens” ont-ils cessé d’exister depuis cette décision charlatanesque ? Ce livre pose également le problème des astres transplutoniens nouvellement découverts. Quel statut astrologique et quelles influences et significations précises leur accorder ?

Enfin, cet ouvrage propose une vision unitaire du système solaire qui démontre, chiffes et arguments rationnels à l’appui, que Pluton en est toujours un élément essentiel, ce qui est loin d’être le cas pour les autres astres au-delà de son orbite. Après avoir lu ce livre, vous saurez quoi répondre à ceux qui pensent avoir trouvé, avec l’exclusion de Pluton du cortège planétaire traditionnel, un nouvel argument contre l’astrologie !

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