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Dissonant lunar aspects (non-dominant Moon)
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The interpretation examples that we are suggesting are very far from being exhaustive : they only show and outline a general frame describing the issues of the aspect. They should therefore not be taken literally. Each being brings indeed its own responses, more or less original, to the questions raised by an aspect. There is no magic formula. Through using the R.E.T. and the Theory of Ages and combining logic, observation and imagination, you will be able to develop a thousand other possible meanings, a thousand other variations on the same theme.

Dissonant Moon-Sun aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Sun ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : in the name of an ideal, a desire to set an example or strict moral principles, you forbid yourself any abandonment, any letting go, any peaceful plenitude. Hyper-aware and self-controlled, you stress to keep yourself at the level of the pattern you identify with. Your desire to appear, to be admired and recognized blocks in you everything natural and any receptivity to beings and climates. Your simplistic reasoning, based on dogmatic certainties and a priori, is constructed despite any coherence, any overall vision. You impose your goals and your projects by rowing against the current of circumstances, of any buoyant atmosphere. If you take pride in showing that you are heroically resisting the easy way out, you are very likely to fail by dint of cutting yourself off from all support and all bonds of solidarity.

Dissonant Moon-Mercury aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Mercury ‘tR’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Mercury dominates : you are characterized, among other things, by a bulimic and insatiable curiosity which seems to leave no trace in your memory. Gossip, communication can be an opportunity or a pretext for you to escape an intimate life whose serene and silent tranquility you dread. Unfit yourself for quiet abandon, for quiet receptivity, you may be tempted to disturb any homogeneous group by accumulating off-topic “outings”, sometimes comical, sometimes critical, often painful for an entourage who has only make your insignificant pirouettes. You advance in scattered order, without knowing what you want, in perfect incoherence and disharmony. The routines of daily life or thought bother you : you do or say anything to distract yourself from them, to escape them. You make the ephemeral your bed and forget to sleep in it.

Dissonant Moon-Venus aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Venus ‘eR’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Venus dominates : you are unable to intimately inhabit your emotions, feelings and desires. A peaceful relationship of osmosis with others is not enough for you : the object of your desires must constantly bring you, through tender gestures and small attentions, testimonies of his affection. Your holy horror of habits can incite you to run from emotion to emotion, in an incessant ballet of sensory dizziness, as if desire and pleasure, to stay alive, should never take root. Without worrying about the atmosphere where you find yourself, you want to please, to be loved, worried about testing your power of seduction again, even if it means going against your established happiness. Love is for you an escape from harmony in the vertigo of the heart and of the senses, in an impossible plenitude…

Dissonant Moon-Mars aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Mars ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Mars dominates : you oppose a brutal and restless activism to all forms of tranquility, harmony and peace. You go from irritation to irritation, and you feel constantly obliged to shake those and those around you lest they abandon themselves comfortably to dream or serene contemplation. You exhaust yourself in vain efforts. Everything happens as if you were not really inhabiting your actions and your experiences, as if you were constantly “outside of yourself”. Clumsy, aggressive and perhaps destructive, your violent impulses and your raw and hurtful language lead you to sow discord in the clan of your intimates and in any group in general. The calm and comfortable atmospheres are unbearable to you, just like the daily grind that you seek to escape by multiplying the reckless experiences. Untimely agitated or brave fighter, you sacrifice your tranquility and that of your loved ones on the altar of your struggles.

Dissonant Moon-Jupiter aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Jupiter dominates : emphatic, authoritarian, too sure of yourself and of your unquestionable judgments, above all you fear peaceful anonymity. By dint of wanting at all costs to make yourself useful, to do something “good” with your existence, you neglect or forget your intimate sphere and the world of your familiars. Your eloquence is forced, you speak too loudly and too loudly, breaking with the atmospheres in which you evolve. You can put your personal interests ahead of any sense of solidarity, thus depriving yourself of valuable support. You can still interfere in yourself with all naturalness, all spontaneity for the sake of appearing “normal”, conforming to the models that regulate the social life of your environment. Your sketchy logic, your simplistic formalism risk “policing” your imagination, freezing all daydreaming in you. Untimely and interventionist, you don’t know how to let go, let beings and things follow their natural course.

Dissonant Moon-Saturn aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Saturn ‘tE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Saturn dominates : you don’t feel good about yourself anywhere, and especially not at home, surrounded by your clan, your close friends. Ultimately, you take pleasure in difficulties, hardships, thankless experiences that prohibit any peace of mind, any serene abandonment, any reassuring routine. Distant, distracted, you get lost in the labyrinth of your disembodied and perhaps incoherent abstractions, in a total lack of receptivity to atmospheres. Somehow, you can’t help but cast off, throwing yourself into the unknown of existence, unaided and unsupported. You do not support any form of addiction. Your pessimistic realism makes you think that all happiness is just a naive illusion that will soon dissipate. You can also develop a cold reason or an austere moral rigor that harshly repress any letting go, any expression of naturalness and any daydreaming.

Dissonant Moon-Uranus aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : tense, brittle, authoritarian, too sure of yourself and of the validity of your reasoning arising from unverifiable personal constructions, you forbid yourself any abandonment, any peace of mind, any kindness. It would be a disgrace in your eyes, reveal some unavowable weakness. You push your untimely and unqualified reasoning to the limit, without worrying about its consistency. The cold and efficient mechanics of your intellect annihilates any receptivity, any intimate feeling of beings and situations. You seek to extricate yourself from the daily routines that make you unbearable through outrageous challenges, adventurous decisions, outrageous or scandalous behavior. For you, nothing is ever easy, fluid, easy : order, logic and ultra-precision are essential in all areas. You can also become an implacable domestic tyrant, imposing, without possible negotiation, your views on your familiars.

Dissonant Moon-Neptune aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Neptune ‘eT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Neptune dominates : you are constantly the prey of states of mind, of deep aspirations or incomprehensible infatuations which prohibit you from any well-being, any peace of mind, any confident abandonment. You do not belong to yourself : you are always elsewhere, stirred and upset by exhilarating sensations, vague projects with improbable success. Your disoriented and disorienting experience seems to be driven by unpredictable impulses without purpose or coherence. You live your uncertain present as it comes, tumultuous and elusive, never getting used to anything. You absolutely need the intoxication and the exaltation that senseless experiences provide, even if it means sacrificing well-being and harmony. The whirlwinds of the unspeakable, the outside and its dizziness try to escape the banalities of an intimate but soulless daily life.

Dissonant Moon-Pluto aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Pluto ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Pluto dominates : one way or another, you live without shelter or law, without a secure home base. The gregarious instincts are unbearable to you : you see there an abandonment of what makes you specific, of your refractory ego. You can take pleasure in sneakily exploiting the flaws and weaknesses of any homogeneous group. Inquisitive, individualistic and disturbing, your attitudes seem to go against any feeling of solidarity. Disenchanted, shrewd, cynical or desperate, you are unable to trust anyone or anything. You want to be unclassifiable, unintegrable within any clan whatsoever. You can derive a dark glory or a morbid satisfaction from becoming the outcast, the marginal, the scapegoat, the five-legged sheep or the ugly duckling : this reinforces your feeling of being forever misunderstood and incomprehensible.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Les significations planétaires

par Richard Pellard

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La décision de ne traiter dans ce livre que des significations planétaires ne repose pas sur une sous-estimation du rôle des Signes du zodiaque et des Maisons. Le traditionnel trio Planètes-Zodiaque-Maisons est en effet l’expression d’une structure qui classe ces trois plans selon leur ordre de préséance et dans ce triptyque hiérarchisé, les Planètes occupent le premier rang.

La première partie de ce livre rassemble donc, sous une forme abondamment illustrée de schémas pédagogiques et tableaux explicatifs, une édition originale revue, augmentée et actualisée des textes consacrés aux significations planétaires telles qu’elles ont été définies par l’astrologie conditionaliste et une présentation détaillée des méthodes de hiérarchisation planétaire et d’interprétation accompagnées de nombreux exemples concrets illustrés par des Thèmes de célébrités.

La deuxième partie est consacrée, d’une part à une présentation critique des fondements traditionnels des significations planétaires, d’autre part à une présentation des rapports entre signaux et symboles, astrologie et psychologie. Enfin, la troisième partie présente brièvement les racines astrométriques des significations planétaires… et propose une voie de sortie de l’astrologie pour accéder à une plus vaste dimension noologique et spirituelle qui la prolonge et la contient.

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Pluton ne fait plus partie des planètes majeures de notre système solaire : telle est la décision prise par une infime minorité d’astronomes lors de l’Assemblée Générale de l’Union Astronomique Internationale qui s’est tenue à Prague en août 2006. Elle est reléguée au rang de “planète naine”, au même titre que les nombreux astres découverts au-delà de son orbite.

Ce livre récapitule et analyse en détail le pourquoi et le comment de cette incroyable et irrationnelle décision contestée par de très nombreux astronomes de premier plan. Quelles sont les effets de cette “nanification” de Pluton sur son statut astrologique ? Faut-il remettre en question son influence et ses significations astro-psychologiques qui semblaient avérées depuis sa découverte en 1930 ? Les “plutoniens” ont-ils cessé d’exister depuis cette décision charlatanesque ? Ce livre pose également le problème des astres transplutoniens nouvellement découverts. Quel statut astrologique et quelles influences et significations précises leur accorder ?

Enfin, cet ouvrage propose une vision unitaire du système solaire qui démontre, chiffes et arguments rationnels à l’appui, que Pluton en est toujours un élément essentiel, ce qui est loin d’être le cas pour les autres astres au-delà de son orbite. Après avoir lu ce livre, vous saurez quoi répondre à ceux qui pensent avoir trouvé, avec l’exclusion de Pluton du cortège planétaire traditionnel, un nouvel argument contre l’astrologie !

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