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Dissonant solar aspects (dominant Sun)
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The interpretation examples that we are suggesting are very far from being exhaustive : they only show and outline a general frame describing the issues of the aspect. They should therefore not be taken literally. Each being brings indeed its own responses, more or less original, to the questions raised by an aspect. There is no magic formula. Through using the R.E.T. and the Theory of Ages and combining logic, observation and imagination, you will be able to develop a thousand other possible meanings, a thousand other variations on the same theme.

Dissonant Sun-Moon aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Sun ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : in the name of an ideal, a desire to set an example or strict moral principles, you forbid yourself any abandonment, any letting go, any peaceful plenitude. Hyper-aware and self-controlled, you stress to keep yourself at the level of the pattern you identify with. Your desire to appear, to be admired and recognized blocks in you everything natural and any receptivity to beings and climates. Your simplistic reasoning, based on dogmatic certainties and a priori, is constructed despite any coherence, any overall vision. You impose your goals and your projects by rowing against the current of circumstances, of any buoyant atmosphere. If you take pride in showing that you are heroically resisting the easy way out, you are very likely to fail by dint of cutting yourself off from all support and all bonds of solidarity.

Dissonant Sun-Mercury aspect (conjunction)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Mercury ‘tR’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : anchored in your dogmatic certainties, you are incapable of opening up to a point of view other than your own. You don’t listen, you affirm. Stiff, stilted, tense, frozen in the anxious defense of your principles and ideals, you forbid yourself any fantasy, any levity, any relaxation. The firm guidelines that you impose on yourself are incompatible with crossroads, free distractions, unimportant encounters. Locked in your logic, in your obsession with being impeccable, recognized, admired, considered, you are afraid of abandoning yourself to a refreshing spontaneity which, in your opinion, would make your character lose importance. Totally involved in what you say, you make it a point of honor never to change your mind. The infatuation of your self makes you lose all humor, all critical distance, all sense of derision. You believe it.

Dissonant Sun-Venus aspect (conjunction, semi-square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Venus ‘eR’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : you feel that it would be a shame to agree to be moved. You forbid yourself any emotional outpouring in the name of rigid conceptions. By dint of wanting to be exemplary, admirable, unique, you forget to be friendly, close, touching, seductive. You are afraid of losing your bearings by letting yourself go with the impulses of your heart. Even emotionally shaken, you strive to keep the impeccable mask of who wants to give himself the image of someone unshakeable. Prisoner or hostage of models or ideals, you do not know how to pour yourself out, to live according to what you feel about beings and things. Where you should be tender and compassionate, you are stiff and solemn, as if starched in a grave awareness of yourself and your dignity that you refuse to share with others. You want to give a perfect image of yourself that no feeling can tarnish.

Dissonant Sun-Mars aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘P’ ↔ Mars ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : Imbued with yourself, your indisputable certainties or your status, above all you fear frank confrontations, egalitarian face-to-face encounters, the harsh realities of life. You maintain your principles, models and ideals at all costs despite common sense and realism. Against the stubborn logic of facts, you imperturbably oppose your dogmatic arguments. You willingly play the father-of-rigor, sagely sermonizing those who live at close range without concern for greatness or doctrine. Your obsession with impeccable order encourages you to attack any hint of movement or agitation authoritatively. Jealous of your uniqueness, you do not support any rival. Your concern to keep the pose and not to fall prevents you from taking life head on and from frankly expressing your natural impulses.

Dissonant Sun-Jupiter aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : you intend to be in every way worthy of praise, respect, consideration. You tirelessly claim a public esteem which seems to you your due. You impose yourself as if your rank and your value should be recognized without your making the slightest effort to adapt to the rules of the game of social life, as if his skills were so obvious that they could do without the sanction of facts. The firm principles or noble ideals to which you refer and cling desperately prevent you from fully living the ambitions that torment and obsess you. You may then be tempted to play the role of the untouchable moral authority, solemnly criticizing mediocre opportunism and the necessary compromises. Your intangible certainties ignore the pragmatic lessons of experience. The slightest diplomatic concession seems to you an outrage to your dignity.

Dissonant Sun-Saturn aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Saturn ‘tE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : draped in a high awareness of yourself, barricaded in your certainties, you fear above all abandonment, questioning, complex and indecipherable situations. You strive to ward off the doubts that undermine you from within by donning the impassive mask of a misunderstood solitary bearer of obvious and eternal truths. You thus willingly play the severe lesson giver, even though you are not so assured in your convictions as you let it appear. Egocentric and proud, secretly anxious and worried, you flee situations or beings likely to undermine or challenge your authority or your character in depth. In one way or another, you defend established values against the sneaky corrosions and metamorphoses that threaten them.

Dissonant Sun-Uranus aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : Convinced of the relevance and well-foundedness of your certainties, of your intellectual or cultural achievements, you are anxious at the idea of seeing the sudden emergence of a new discourse, a new body of doctrine likely to upset all your landmarks. For fear of losing admiration, esteem or public recognition, you refuse to make any statement that is too radical or too daring. In the name of your own principles and models whose arbitrariness you do not perceive, you denounce the arbitrariness of the norms and authorities that bother you. Believing that everything is due to you from the moment you appear, you forbid yourself an imperious and voluntary affirmation of yourself, “hussard-like” behavior. Paralyzed by your obsession with maintaining the status quo of your role, your function or your character, you always postpone important decisions and without appeal.

Dissonant Sun-Neptune aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Neptune ‘eT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : Barricaded in a formal logic, anxious to lose your reassuring certainties and points of reference, you fear above all the manifestations of the unknown, the siren song or the appearance of chimeras. To remain a model of clarity and rigor, you cut yourself off from your deep sensitivity, remain stubbornly deaf to the tenuous signals of the unconscious, to the confusing intuitions that sometimes cross you. You are afraid of seeing the vigilant and heightened awareness that you have of your individuality dissolve into the unnameable and shifting reality of your internal complexities. You oppose your simplistic convictions to the subtlety of the experienced, of the feelings, which seem to you too vague and uncertain to be worthy of confidence and attention. You tense up on a known that you identify with the rational to ward off the threatening irrationality of beings and things.

Dissonant Sun-Pluto aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘P’ ↔ Pluto ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when the Sun dominates : you armor yourself in the universe of your principles, models and ideals to ward off the threat of the unknown, of nothingness, of the absurd or of disorder. Your vigilant conscience, anxious to maintain your intellectual or cultural achievements, is on the lookout for the slightest grain of sand likely to derail the cogs of your universe. You believe you can roll back the inextricable complexity of beings and things by brandishing against it your simplistic and reductive explanations. You fear above all anonymity, obscurity and insignificance. To avoid having to plunge into the dizzying depths of your being, you rely on appearing, as if the affirmation of your individuality were a viaticum against death. Uncertain of your real identity, you play your role with dignity, childishly hoping never to disappear behind the scenes.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Les significations planétaires

par Richard Pellard

620 pages. Illustrations en couleur.

La décision de ne traiter dans ce livre que des significations planétaires ne repose pas sur une sous-estimation du rôle des Signes du zodiaque et des Maisons. Le traditionnel trio Planètes-Zodiaque-Maisons est en effet l’expression d’une structure qui classe ces trois plans selon leur ordre de préséance et dans ce triptyque hiérarchisé, les Planètes occupent le premier rang.

La première partie de ce livre rassemble donc, sous une forme abondamment illustrée de schémas pédagogiques et tableaux explicatifs, une édition originale revue, augmentée et actualisée des textes consacrés aux significations planétaires telles qu’elles ont été définies par l’astrologie conditionaliste et une présentation détaillée des méthodes de hiérarchisation planétaire et d’interprétation accompagnées de nombreux exemples concrets illustrés par des Thèmes de célébrités.

La deuxième partie est consacrée, d’une part à une présentation critique des fondements traditionnels des significations planétaires, d’autre part à une présentation des rapports entre signaux et symboles, astrologie et psychologie. Enfin, la troisième partie présente brièvement les racines astrométriques des significations planétaires… et propose une voie de sortie de l’astrologie pour accéder à une plus vaste dimension noologique et spirituelle qui la prolonge et la contient.

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Pluton ne fait plus partie des planètes majeures de notre système solaire : telle est la décision prise par une infime minorité d’astronomes lors de l’Assemblée Générale de l’Union Astronomique Internationale qui s’est tenue à Prague en août 2006. Elle est reléguée au rang de “planète naine”, au même titre que les nombreux astres découverts au-delà de son orbite.

Ce livre récapitule et analyse en détail le pourquoi et le comment de cette incroyable et irrationnelle décision contestée par de très nombreux astronomes de premier plan. Quelles sont les effets de cette “nanification” de Pluton sur son statut astrologique ? Faut-il remettre en question son influence et ses significations astro-psychologiques qui semblaient avérées depuis sa découverte en 1930 ? Les “plutoniens” ont-ils cessé d’exister depuis cette décision charlatanesque ? Ce livre pose également le problème des astres transplutoniens nouvellement découverts. Quel statut astrologique et quelles influences et significations précises leur accorder ?

Enfin, cet ouvrage propose une vision unitaire du système solaire qui démontre, chiffes et arguments rationnels à l’appui, que Pluton en est toujours un élément essentiel, ce qui est loin d’être le cas pour les autres astres au-delà de son orbite. Après avoir lu ce livre, vous saurez quoi répondre à ceux qui pensent avoir trouvé, avec l’exclusion de Pluton du cortège planétaire traditionnel, un nouvel argument contre l’astrologie !

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