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by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

All persons born with a strong Libra influence are not alike, even if they have some common points. We therefore offer you eight different portraits of this Sign: it’s up to you to see if you match one, two or three of these categories. To find out more and ascertain which Signs are dominant in your natal chart, do not hesitate to visit our website and build your free astrological mini-portrait using our software Astrosoft.

Libra ‘R’ family — Sun-Venus-Mercury: spontaneous sociability — extensive Representation

Sociable-communicative Libra

▶ Your strengths : as long as you feel understood, you are easy to contact, available to approach and pleasantly sociable. Curious, seductive, anxious to please and to attract benevolent attention to yourself, you are always available to build relationships with others, listen to what is happening around you and watch for the slightest sign of complicity to make it common ground. Ready to make many diplomatic concessions to get you accepted, skilful maneuverer of human relations, courteous, considerate and pleasant, open and smiling, you are so good at smoothing things over that you have no difficulty in forging alliances without worrying enemies.

▶ Your weaknesses : too liberal, too concerned about getting on well with everyone, you often take too much pleasure in worldliness, curiosities and futile and uninteresting seductions. By making too many concessions to others, you too often abdicate from any point of view of your own, from any original idea. Excessively carefree and relaxed despite your ambitions, you live according to your desires, your one-day encounters and your spontaneous interests without seeming to worry about the next day or the need to build solid security for yourself. You cannot bear the dynamics of your good pleasure being limited by any constraint or discipline whatsoever.

Libra ‘E’ family — Jupiter-Mars-Saturn: sense of concrete — extensive Existence

Active-pragmatic Libra

▶ Your strengths : enterprising, energetic and pragmatic, you possess the art of opportune choices and profitable associations to the highest degree. Your thoughtful and ambitious combativeness is based on a good ability to negotiate concrete common ground with your partners as well as with your opponents. While being capable of bold initiatives, you remain cautious in your choices, always ready to reconsider them if the facts, the obstacles, the fluctuations of circumstances oblige you to do so momentarily. Diplomat and not afraid to get your hands dirty, you have no difficulty uniting around you active goodwill to achieve your tangible objectives.

▶ Your weaknesses : despite or because of your messy pragmatism, your impulsive activism, you find it difficult to consolidate your back, to ensure the sustainability of what you are undertaking. Because you do not want to miss any good or less good opportunity that presents itself, you excessively neglect to set the limiting framework for your many activities and your taste for organization that would make them more effective. you risk unreasonably persisting in pursuing experiments that seem doomed to failure. Perhaps you also suffer from a certain difficulty in making the right choices at the right time, torn as you are between the short and the long term, pure action and wise and prudent management.

Libra ‘T’ family — Uranus-Neptune-Pluto: prospective imagination — extensive Transcendence

Imaginative-inspired Libra

▶ Your strengths : you have a vast, subtle and nuanced imagination that encourages you to seek out what can bring people together, lead them to cooperate in an original way, with absolute respect for everyone’s independence. While remaining fiercely autonomous in your ways of sensing and thinking, you do not cut ties with others, quite the contrary : intuitive and extroverted, you intend to convince those around you to adopt your sometimes surprising views, your vision of the world. enemy of any chapel spirit, without however insisting when you do not manage to do so : your taste for dialogue and concessions stop where your imperious individual demands begin.

▶ Your weaknesses : you give excessive credit to your intimate convictions, to your dazzling intuitions which prevent you from seeing the real world as it is. Your refractory and indomitable temperament vehemently refuses any guardianship, any crutch, any limitation. You are on a “drunken Boat” without compass, without bearings and seem to draw glory from your relentless pursuit of chimeras and unrealizable objectives, invaded by a feeling of omnipotence which makes you believe that nothing is impossible and that accepting to bend to realities is only than the reflection of a flagrant mediocrity of being, of a lack of inspiration. No matter what, you persist in your illusory dreams of glory.

Libra ‘r’ family — Sun-Jupiter-Uranus: power of decision — intensive representation

Ambitious-resolute Libra

▶ Your strengths : with you, it’s a bit “Join my white plume !” Voluntary, organized and determined, you have all the qualities of a unifier, gifted in finding commonalities between beings, things and situations and driving them dynamically towards the ambitious goals you have set for yourself. A tireless negotiator with strong convictions, you know how to put yourself in the place of others to assess what small concessions you can make to them so that they cooperate with you and do not get in your way. Being of principles and high standards, you know how to put yourself in tune with your environment to conquer the (high) place that you consider to be yours.

▶ Your weaknesses : you are too convinced that you alone are able to decide authoritatively and sovereignly in place of others when it comes to defining collective values and standards. Arbitrary and die-hard in your convictions, you are too inclined to think that all you have to do is make final decisions for things to happen exactly as you have planned them, as if reality were not supposed to impose no limitation to your insatiable thirst for omnipotence. The scathing denials that the facts inflict on you do not seem to be able to teach you anything : whatever happens, you persist in controlling, organizing, mastering, planning, even when empty, even for nothing.

Libra ‘e’ family — Venus-Mars-Neptune: affective sensoriality — intensive existence

Affective-sensorial Libra

▶ Your strengths : you live above all according to your feelings, your sensations, your moods, your visceral feeling of beings, things and situations. Everything that touches you, shakes you and moves you, you know how to communicate it to your emotional partners with whom you strive to be on the same wavelength, to find common ground allowing everyone to express freely and authentically what he feels. Dynamic, sensitive and emotional, you like to feel that you exist stronger by actively cooperating with those you love and know how to fluctuate the expression of your feelings according to the circumstances and the people you meet.

▶ Your weaknesses : you have great difficulty keeping the outside world at bay so as not to be excessively disturbed by your feelings, and you allow yourself to be emotionally upset too easily. You do not know how to keep your feelings, your moods and your desires to yourself : it is absolutely necessary that you display them in the public square. You don’t know how to impose limits on them either, and can thus become an impulsive and careless pleasure seeker, prisoner of your immediate desires, slave to your pressing sensual appetites, ready to give in to all the temptations that pass you by at the risk of lacking roots. affective and reassuring sentimental ties.

Libra ‘t’ family — Mercury-Saturn-Pluto: critical mind — intensive transcendence

Critical-aloof Libra

▶ Your strengths : if you reach out to others easily, it is above all to share with them your scholarly analyses, your subtle reasoning, your relevant and often disturbing associations of ideas, your deep and nuanced criticisms, your questions and centers of interest. multiple. Refractory to any superficial alliance and especially to any misalliance, you probe beings, things and situations to see what they hide or what they really are. Cunning, a shrewd and devious diplomat, you know how to lead people to your ends with subtle hints and skilful dodging that allow you never to get involved without having the possibility of quickly regaining your freedom.

▶ Your weaknesses : you do not know how to put a brake on your systematic criticism, your destructive skepticism and your disintegrating doubts, as if you took malicious pleasure in denying yourself from the outset any intellectual security and in rejecting any normative point of reference. Never happy, never satisfied, a bit anarchistic, you too often feel that basically nothing is worth anything, indulging in a nihilism that gets you nowhere. In these moments, you are incapable of any constructive exchange whatsoever : dialogue is for you only inter-intoxication and derisory simulacrum. The only common point of view possible with you, then, is not to have one…

Libra ‘P’ family — Sun-Mars-Pluto: retention of power — extensive Power

Deciding-commanding Libra

▶ Your strengths : you distinguish yourself by a character marked by resolution and the will to power. You combine these characteristics with a willingness to involve others in your decisions and a great flexibility in avoidance tactics and the art of weaving between obstacles. Imperative, active and coldly determined beneath your appealing appearances, you consider your environment to be an accomplice with which you know how to cooperate easily in order to better dominate it. Being orderly, concretely efficient and fair, you know how to put yourself in the spotlight thanks to your combative realism but also to the subtlety of your analyzes and arbitrations, using your science of suggestion to transform adversities into partnerships.

▶ Your weaknesses : your thirst for domination seems to suffer from no limits and to want to escape any form of external constraint such as self-control, despite the fact that you give the deceptive impression of treating others as equals, as if to better reign on them. Your excessive will to power transformed into an illusion of omnipotence can encourage you to attack violently or insidiously vulgar windmills or to build sandcastles by having the feeling that you are building something solid and durable. In your impatience to break down all barriers to your authoritarianism, you may be tempted to accept all compromises to maintain your empire over what and those around you.

Libra ‘p’ family — Moon: homogeneous wholeness — intensive power

Flexible-receptive Libra

▶ Your strengths : you are always ready to make as many concessions as possible to preserve in your environment a climate conducive to good understanding, conviviality and daily serenity. Available, open, receptive and easy to live with, you know how to create around you an atmosphere of shared trust based on respect for others considered as equals. Rounding off the angles and finding points of agreement does not cost you, as long as you live in osmosis, in symbiosis with what and those around you. You know how to slip away flexibly to avoid tensions, conflicts, misunderstandings, you show yourself to be conciliatory, welcoming and complacent with everyone, including those you don’t like.

▶ Your weaknesses : to live a relationship that is too osmotic, too symbiotic with your human environment, you often risk having difficulty in differentiating yourself from it, in delimiting what falls within the sphere of an intimacy that should be circumscribed and protected at a minimum. Unstable, careless and unruly, anything is good for you as long as it doesn’t disturb your indolent well-being. Not knowing how to defend or protect yourself, you let others invade you, giving the same complacent attention to your friends as to those who are not, at the risk of not being selective and careful enough in your company. You lack solidity, consistency, prudence and vigilance.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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