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Gérard Depardieu, the ogre of Capricorn
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Capricorn has the reputation of being a cold, phlegmatic, introverted, solitary, hermetic sign. In short, exactly the opposite of Gérard Depardieu who obviously has a hot, sanguine, extroverted, sociable and talkative temperament. And yet, this Stakhanovist of film sets was indeed born with four planets in Capricorn, three of which are dominant in addition! Could astrology have it all wrong?

Thème de naissance pour Gérard Depardieu — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Gérard Depardieu — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Gérard Depardieu — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Gérard Depardieu
27/12/1948 à 08 h 00 TL (27/12/1948 à 07 h 00 TU)
Châteauroux (Centre-Val de Loire, France)
Latitude +46° 49’ ; Longitude +1° 41’

Of course not. It is the planets, and not the Signs, that deeply structure our behavior, the zodiacal influences being only secondary modulations of the planetary influences. From that side, Gérard Depardieu had from birth everything needed to become a star: under the powerful influence of Sun, of Jupiter and of Uranus, three planets of “Intensive representation”, he is driven above all by a powerful need and desire to appear, to assert himself, to display himself, to impose himself. That said, how is it Capricorn all the same?

CapricornThe function of Capricorn is to develop a deep indifference and to oppose a relentless resistance towards all the obstacles which could divert it from its major objective. And the major objective of Depardieu is precisely to be in permanent representation. To be known and recognised, admired and respected is for him an absolute with which he identifies completely. His Capricornian ambitions are imperious, whole, devouring, solid, immutable, imperturbable: he alone colonizes French cinema, grabs all the leading roles, embodies all the characters, leaving the other actors only the crumbs of his ogre feasts. film. A super-star Depardieu, or nothing: this could be the motto of our bulimic Capricorn. And solar stars really don’t like to stay in the shadows.

True to itself

‘r’ family — Sun-Jupiter-Uranus: power of decision — intensive representation Sun Jupiter Uranus CapricornThe conjunction Sun-Jupiter in Capricorn is opposed to Uranus in Gemini. It is the index of a conflict between different ways of appearing, of imposing oneself, of being recognized. If it has become a real national institution loved by the general public, it is undoubtedly because it has often been able to play popular and easily recognizable characters, to play on the best known and most obvious registers of dramatic art. In his bulimia for filming which encourages him to chain film to film at a frantic pace, he is too often too exactly in conformity with his own character and with what the spectators expect of him, even if it means repeating himself, becoming a media product. standardized, labeled and without surprises.

But in other films, Gérard Depardieu powerfully asserts his striking originality (Uranus). He does not hesitate to play roles that go spectacularly against the current of his usual image and the expectations of the public. He then embodies a homosexual, an assassin… or even the extraordinary character of Cyrano de Bergerac (Uranus was then passing through his native Sun-Jupiter conjunction).

Jupiterian Businessman

Jupiter SaturnGérard Depardieu is also a realist, an organized, dynamic and far-sighted pragmatist: fame does not prevent him from keeping his feet firmly on the ground, from taking his life head on and from making his gains bear fruit to the best of his ability. interests. We find here the peasant Depardieu, well anchored in the matter, head of a wine company selling his wines all over the world, reinvesting his earnings in the production of films to make them further prosper. With the Jupiter-Mars conjunction, he has a strong appetite for life, a short-term realism that pushes him not to neglect any concrete opportunity. With the trine Jupiter-Saturn, he has what it takes to be a manager who is both ambitious and prudent, solid and thoughtful, reasonable and enterprising.

The megalomaniac visionary

Uranus NeptuneUnder the strong influence of Neptune and Uranus, the actor is however far from being always sensible and reasonable. He is also an intuitive with unpredictable impulses, a whimsical, irrational and confusing being inhabited by inner and unconscious powers that often express themselves through him by totally overwhelming his conventional persona. In him clash the projects that require him to show discipline, constancy and organization and the often irrational desires coming from areas of himself that he does not control. He oscillates between a passionate and passionate hyper-involvement in everything he does and says (Soleil-Jupiter), and the sometimes floating, sometimes intense feeling of being completely in a real or imaginary elsewhere where he draws deep forces. of creation (Neptune). He then transcends his usual and conventional character, becomes magical, miraculous, actor-medium, generously shaking up all the norms to echo the quivering (Neptune) and original (Uranus) of another dimension. And this is how Depardieu is immense and Dantesque…

Article published in issue No. 4 of the Astrologie naturelle (December 1998).

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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