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Aspects theory

Aspects theory and practice

Astronomical definition Like the Signs of the zodiac, aspects are characteristic phases of a cycle (aspects of a planet at its native position) or intercycle (aspects between two stars). One aspect is the angular distance that separates or connects the positions of two celestial bodies with respect to the center of the Earth. Geometrically, an aspect can be represented in the form of a (...)

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The planetary Aspects and their orbs

Definition - Astronomically, an Aspect is a specific angle (or angular distance) that two or more stars form with respect to the center of the Earth. It is expressed in degrees and minutes of arc. All the angles (from 0° to 360°) that the stars can form between them are not Aspects. ▶ Astrologically, an Aspect is a connection between two or more psychological poles represented by two Planets. (...)

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