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Examples of consultations

An example of an astrological consultation

The following interview was recorded. Here is his transcript. Your birth sky is characterized by the following elements: ▶ a Pluto-Uranus-Moon opposition in the Virgo-Pisces axis on the horizon line; ▶ an opposition from Saturn in Gemini to Neptune-Jupiter in Scorpio-Sagittarius in the axis of the culminations, linked by sextile and trine to Pluto; ▶ a Sun-Venus conjunction in Cancer, the (...)

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Family Chart analysis: parents

Astro-profile of Catherine, the mother Taurus Ascendant Leo, 29/04/1964 at 11:30 UT in Paris ▶ Good relations between families “Extensive representation” and “Extensive Transcendence” ▶ Good relations between families “intensive representation” and “extensive Existence” ▶ Weakness of “intensive power” and some “intensive transcendence” ▶ (...)

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Family Chart analysis: children

Astro-profile of Marc Gemini Ascendant Taurus 12/06/1994 at 02:30 UT in Paris ▶ Conflict between “Extensive Transcendence”, “intensive existence” and “Intensive Power” ▶ Internal conflict within the family “extensive Existence” ▶ Weakness of “Extensive Representation” ▶ Dominant signs: Taurus-

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The Charts of two monozygotic twins

Astro-profiles of Rémy and Pascal Libra ascendant Gemini, 23/09/1983 at 21:20 and 21:24 UT in Paris The problem of twins in astrology Rémy and Pascal were born four minutes apart, from the same egg and the same mother (of course…): they therefore have exactly the same genetic heritage and practically the same astrological sky. However, they are noticeably different in their behavior: if (...)

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The practical consultation

The lesson that we draw from the homogeneity of the solar system, the meanings of the ages and the structure of the R.E.T., induces various rules for the conduct of a consultation. We insisted, in particular, on the notions of simultaneity, chronology and homogeneity. They derive from our research and are based on their results. We are used to positing time in terms of past, present, (...)

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