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Anti-astrologism is not a science, but a hobby of ignorant science-zealots

Regularly, eminent scientists from around the world challenge the public authorities to finally ban the practice of astrology, which for them is a false medieval knowledge that is as irrational as it is dangerous. These men have one thing in common: they have never bothered to study what they want to censor. When they are reminded that a real rational and scientific approach requires (...)

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The Petiot affair and the “Barnum effect” or the anti-astrologer circus

The subjective validation effect Read the following text carefully: “You need to be loved and admired, yet you are critical of yourself. You certainly have weak points in your personality, but you generally know how to compensate for them. You have considerable potential that you have not turned to your advantage. On the outside you are disciplined and in control, but on the inside you tend (...)

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Carlson’s “experiment”: an example of anti-astrologist quackery

Carlson’s experiment Work hypothesis Astrology is incapable of analyzing the human personality and its personality traits character. It is a question of demonstrating the validity of this hypothesis by a “science experiment” decisive. Method and conditions of the experiment Carlson decides to form a work team consisting of three groups: ▶ statisticians using psychological tests; ▶ consenting (...)

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To put an end to anti-astrology

Anti-astrology can undoubtedly drive people mad, as can the systematic rejection of any attempt to explain astrology through physical, biological or neurophysiological sciences. Finally, what are the essential reproaches made by certain scientists, or more exactly the scientists, to astrology: The gravity problem If the astrological influence is due to known forces (e.g. gravitation or (...)

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