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Astrology, statistics, nonsense & trickery

Astrology, statistics, poppycock & trickeries

This study in 7 chapters brings together, documents and criticizes the main serious statistical studies devoted to astrology among the hundreds that have been carried out during the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st. These statistics relate either to the traditional astrological knowledge itself, or to the validity and reliability of the judgments of the astrologers who put it (...)

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The specific issues of astrological statistics

“You can’t force people to like what they hate (here, astrology), you can’t even force them — and you shouldn’t force them — to learn about it. But our scientists, our rational and objective scientists, only express their likes and dislikes. They act as if they have arguments and use their considerable authority to give them weight. But the arguments they actually use demonstrate their pitiful lack (...)

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Results of Choisnard, Lasson & Gauquelin research in astro-statistics

Results of research in astro-statistics The most numerous statistics are those relating exclusively to the Sun Signs and most have been driven by anti-astrology illusionists Barnum effect enthusiasts or of Carlson’s pseudo-experiment. These have almost all produced results invalidating any probability of a correlation between the Sun sign and the character of an individual or his profession. (...)

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Statistics, “Mars effect” and anti-astrologist trickeries

“Mars Effect” and anti-astrologer cheats “More or less avowed, scientism implies the following postulates: that the world is a given whole, that the phenomenal game is included in a closed circuit, that everything is therefore calculable, that the scientific mind must not despair of capturing in its formulate the apparent enigma of the universe, that there is no unknowable” (Jules de Gaultier, (...)

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The critical controls of Suitbert Ertel and Geoffrey Dean

The Suitbert Ertel case, a cumbersome ally of the Gauquelins In 1992, Suitbert Ertel published in the Skeptical Inquirer a study confirming the statistical reality of the “Mars effect” and who more revealed a very interesting new element. She has indeed shown that the “Mars effect” was independent of all astronomical variations such as the distance between Mars and Earth, its apparent size and (...)

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Astral twins statistics

Geoffrey Dean, Saturn and the 2101 London Twins This study was conducted in 2003 by Geoffrey Dean and his sidekick Ivan Kelly. On an unprecedented scale, it was based on 5,591 births, recorded by the National Child Development Study (NCDS) and having occurred between 3rd and 9th March 1958 in the Greater London conurbation, the choice of this restricted space making it possible to minimize (...)

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Astrological results of Gauquelin astro-statistics

Astrological balance sheet of Gauquelin astro-statistics “Statistics, made by pro- or anti-astrologers, are devoted to the verification of traditional or modern assertions. The material is vast, unlimited, and the tool is not always up to the problem. If, in addition, the user is a novice or ill-intentioned — a little a priori is enough — the results are immediately felt” (Jean-Pierre Nicola, (...)

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Gauquelin “key sectors” & pseudo-“traditional” Houses

A bit of history about the Houses “If the base is solid, the house is solid” (Yi King). “When fraud has built a house, it destroys it” (Malinké proverb). “The sage has no home, no kinship, no country” (Philo of Alexandria, philosopher). Since the advent of computers, which allowed the creation of astronomical calculation software for use by astrologers, it also goes without saying that you can (...)

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