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R.E.T. planetary functions

Introduction to planetary meanings

The three fields of the solar system The figure opposite represents the three fields of the solar system. The central field, which lies within the Earth’s orbit, includes the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The middle field includes Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The system Earth-Moon lies between the central field and the middle field. Finally, the far field contains the planets invisible to the naked (...)

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The lunar function (homogeneous wholeness)

Moon The Moon occupies a special position. Earth’s single satellite, promoted “twin sister” of our planet by certain astronomers, it receives, concentrates and synthesizes without differentiating them, all the global interactions of the solar system, in the same way as the Earth. Hence its function of globality. Generally: maintaining wholeness. intensive power Everything that is global, coherent, (...)

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The solar function ‘rR’ (representation of Representation)

Sun Generally: maintaining the unique. Maintenance and reproduction of standards, codes, concepts, theories, models, goals, projects, images, principles, symbols. Conservation and reinforcement of the hierarchies in place, of central positions. The absolute short term: the instant, the moment. The superlative image: the cliché. The ultra-personal: the individual. Maintenance of clear (...)

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The mercurian function ‘tR’ (transcendence of Representation)

Mercury Generally: switching from the unique to the multiple: Multiplication, dissemination, maximum deployment of standards, codes, concepts, theories, models, goals, projects, images, principles, symbols or desacralization, crumbling, questioning, deep questioning of these. The enigma, the hidden meaning of the signs. Seizure of the universal in the particular. From here to far away: attraction to (...)

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The venusian function ‘eR’ (existence of Representation)

Venus Generally: switching from the unique to the duo-duel. The concrete impact, the emotional effectiveness, the sensory impact, the way in which standards, codes, concepts, theories, models, goals, projects, images, principles, symbols are experienced and experienced. Relative decentration, search for symmetries. From latent image to fact: desire. From here to near: the personal space opens up, (...)

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The marsian function ‘eE’ (existence of Existence)

Mars Generally: maintaining the duo-duel. Action for action, struggle for life. The mechanical sequence of events, the dynamics of movement. Concrete physics in its tangible and material manifestations. The facts as in themselves, absolute and indisputable. All situations of systematic duality, of permanent confrontation, of irreducible division: bipolarization, separation, struggles, (...)

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The jupiterian function ‘rE’ (representation of Existence)

Jupiter Generally: switching from the duo-duel to the unique. Act according to clear objectives. Codification, schematization, classification of facts and things. Known experimental physics: positivism, the reduction of phenomena to simple laws. The representative acts, the clear, clear and concrete choices that are necessary. The lived, the felt, the feelings are transformed into standards, models, (...)

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The saturnian function ‘tE’ (transcendence of Existence)

Saturn Generally: switching from the duo-duel to the multiple. Dig into facts, phenomena to discover their invisible laws, invariant mechanisms, hidden structures, internal complexity. Experimental physics in search of unknown elements. Actions in depth, secret, obscure, uncertain. The quest for the universal through the problematic of concrete experience. The experience in its future and its (...)

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The uranian function ‘rT’ (representation of Transcendence)

Uranus Generally: switching from the multiple to the unique. Abstract models to schematically represent complex or invisible realities. Transformation of the vague, uncertain, ambiguous, obscure into clear and sharp visions or theories. The emergence of the singular in the undifferentiated, of apparent order from disorder. Codifying the uncodifiable, naming the unnameable, discoursing on the (...)

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The neptunian function ‘eT’ (existence of Transcendence)

Neptune Generally: switching from the multiple to the duo-duel. The invisible as it manifests, feels and experiences. The oddities of physics. The unknown conditionings which are transformed into experimental behaviors. The uncertain or the improbable which are embodied, are transformed into facts. Events rich in underlying and indefinable content. The emotional effectiveness of hidden, imaginary or (...)

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The plutonian function ‘tT’ (transcendence of Transcendence)

Pluto Generally: maintaining the multiple. The unknown or unknowable reality in all its complexity. Absolutely hidden laws. The multiplicity of invisible determinations and conditionings. Total mystery, deep darkness, the secret of the Gods or of Nature. The plurality of interferences and simultaneities between the elements of the “big real” imperceptible. The absolute long term, the impassable (...)

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