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by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

All persons born with a strong Aries influence are not alike, even if they have some common points. We therefore offer you eight different portraits of this Sign: it’s up to you to see if you match one, two or three of these categories. To find out more and ascertain which Signs are dominant in your natal chart, do not hesitate to visit our website and build your free astrological mini-portrait using our software Astrosoft.

Aries ‘R’ family — Sun-Venus-Mercury: spontaneous sociability — extensive Representation

Sociable-communicative Aries

▶ Your strengths : Cheerful, spontaneous, extroverted, you launch yourself out in front of others without any hesitation and make first contacts with astonishing speed. You give of yourself the image of a dynamic being, functioning with the blows of passionate interests, sudden curiosities and immediate thunderbolts. As soon as you feel that someone or something is beckoning you, you start at full speed and you become fully involved in the multiple interests that follow one another. You have a taste for lively and varied encounters, sudden and exciting changes where your hectic charm, your provocative but smiling relaxation, your joie de vivre and your art of appearing work wonders.

▶ Your weaknesses : you do not know how to say no to what amazes you, seduces you, excites your curiosity or your passion, you always believe that you have to react with spontaneous excitability even when nothing is asked of you and go from enthusiasm to enthusiasm without learning to cultivate the virtues of oblivion and indifference. You make choices too quickly on the sole basis of your favorite moments, your sudden whims, your fantasies. Unstable, you casually burn what you’ve adored and adore what you’ve burned, and can come to stiffen up in stubborn defense systems whenever you feel misunderstood. Your eternal beginner’s ardor prevents you from taking advantage of your failures.

Aries ‘E’ family — Jupiter-Mars-Saturn: sense of concrete — extensive Existence

Active-pragmatic Aries

▶ Your strengths : realistic and dynamic, you are a go-getter, an activist who is stimulated by obstacles. Enterprising and pragmatic, you launch an assault on existence with a great appetite for building something solid. Snappy and feisty but thoughtful and organised, you like nothing more than hectic situations that force you to take matters into your own hands, to confront the facts, to take advantage of tangible opportunities as they arise. to you. Energetic and hardworking, you have a pioneering mentality always ready to clear new territories. You are at the highest point a tireless man in the field, a supporter of clear-cut choices struck at the corner of common sense.

▶ Your weaknesses : your untimely activism and “getting into it”, your systematically offensive or aggressive stances and your tendency to crash into obstacles rather than circumvent them risk earning you many enemies and setbacks. You always have something urgent to do, at the risk of having difficulty planning your long-term activities, of running out of patience. Your anger is vindictive, your impatience growling. Incapable of forgetting, of indifference, you react with impetuosity and anger to provocations, accusing your enemies as well as your well-meaning friends of preventing you from acting as you see fit, deaf to the advice of prudence, moderation and balance.

Aries ‘T’ family — Uranus-Neptune-Pluto: prospective imagination — extensive Transcendence

Imaginative-inspired Aries

▶ Your strengths : independent and conquering, you launch yourself into the world you want to invest thanks to your imaginative projects, your dazzling intuitions, your original and daring projects. You have an unshakeable faith that brutally moves mountains, shakes up habits and routines and overturns obstacles with your imagination and powerful will. Provocative, visionary, intrepid, you know you carry a destiny that nothing can resist. Your vast and ample aspirations, your powerful and stirring inner determination urge you to shake up the world and the people around you, to take on all traditions head-on. The unexplored galvanizes you, the unknown stimulates you.

▶ Your weaknesses : your systematically refractory behaviors, your feverish excesses and your excessive provocations do not make your life any easier. Rebellious to the end, cavalier individualist, you tend to reject the outside world altogether if it does not correspond to your aspirations, which are too vast not to be often chimerical or unrealizable. Quixotic, unable to bend to any rule or discipline whatsoever, you risk wasting your time in losing battles against the windmills that excite your inflamed imagination, exhausting yourself from multiplying scandals and embark on grotesque challenges lost in advance.

Aries ‘r’ family — Sun-Jupiter-Uranus: power of decision — intensive representation

Ambitious-resolute Aries

▶ Your strengths : Endowed with great strength of character and driven by unassailable certainties that you impose with conviction, you know what you want and have the highest degree of art in making clear-cut, imperative, definitive choices. Dynamic and demanding with yourself and with others, you exercise your driving authority without faltering. In one way or another, you must impose your stamp on beings and things, mark them with the seal of your powerful and entire personality, of your open ambitions. Your taste for highly structured projects, strictly hierarchical organizations does not prevent you when necessary from making quick decisions in the urgency of the moment.

▶ Your weaknesses : you risk being the victim of your aggressive authoritarianism, of your too often extremist positions, without any nuance. Your whole and intransigent temperament means that with you it makes or breaks, “it’s like this and not otherwise” : there are no half measures, diplomacy or concessions possible. Petrified in your principles and certainties that you would like to be definitive, you wall yourself in inert defense systems as soon as you have to question yourself, flexibly accept to recognize that you are on the wrong track, recognize that there are contrary situations to which it is useless to oppose your imperious and intolerant will.

Aries ‘e’ family — Venus-Mars-Neptune: affective sensoriality — intensive existence

Affective-sensorial Aries

▶ Your strengths : you perceive the world as a permanent punch, a burning of intense and overwhelming sensations. Your affectivity is tumultuous, lively, ultra-reactive. You live your emotions without filter, at close range, in all their transpiring authenticity. Each emotion, each feeling, each perception is for you a primordial shock, a vertigo of body and heart that you take full force, a confrontation in which you feel powerfully existing. Your loves and your hatreds are frank, avowed, immediately perceptible. You are a fiery emotional person who is fully committed to what he does and feels, in a tumultuous movement of vigorous tenderness.

▶ Your weaknesses : too reactive, too visceral, too primary in your feelings of beings and things, you suffer from a jagged mood, soup-au-lait, alternating in unpredictable but violent moments, gentleness and aggressiveness. Your aggressive skinned reactions seem uncontrollable and subject the nervous system of your loved ones to severe tests. You go from one feeling, from one affect to another in the exhilaration of the moment, without worrying about any logic. You abandon yourself body and soul to the vertigo of what you feel abruptly, without any real course of action, incapable as you are of refusing to give in to the temptation of a new emotional vertigo when it presents itself.

Aries ‘t’ family — Mercury-Saturn-Pluto: critical mind — intensive transcendence

Critical-aloof Aries

▶ Your strengths : you more than others tend to be “against all that is for, and for all that is against”. Your skeptical, critical and investigative mind very quickly sets in motion to seek the essential hidden behind false evidence and true appearances. Your vehement and provocative insight prefers to attack pretenses, conventional truths, doting models. Refractory and impetuous, you intend to preserve your freedom of thought against any conformism, any “unique thought”. You like to state untruths to destabilize those who are too sure of themselves and reject with an insidious and subtle violence the hypocrisies of the world.

▶ Your weaknesses : prisoner of your desperate lucidity, you may become incapable of getting along with anyone on any subject whatsoever : nothing finds favor in your eyes, everything is subject to questioning, questioning, systematic denigration. Whatever circumstances you face, you respond unilaterally only with cynical and destructive sneers or with aggressive and heavy silences. At worst, you persist in violently playing the role of the incorrigible misunderstood, the unintegrable pariah, the disturbing marginal who rejects everything that is offered to him, in the name of an absolute whose existence you doubt yourself. existence.

Aries ‘P’ family — Sun-Mars-Pluto: retention of power — extensive Power

Deciding-commanding Aries

▶ Your strengths : you are characterized by a strong and clear-cut character. Proud, active and coldly determined, you are not afraid to come into conflict with those who do not share your radical taste for order, efficiency and justice. While wanting to occupy the leading roles in full light, you are not reluctant to get your hands dirty and preserve your share of shadow and mystery. Dynamic, reactive and rebellious, you can’t stand soft consensuses, situations where everyone and everything is not exactly in its place. Declared enemy of neutrality, ambiguities and pretense, you confront each of the essential truths that you defend with ardor and passion.

▶ Your weaknesses : you are a die-hard, incapable of the slightest diplomacy, of the slightest concession. Aggressively dominating and provocative, you spend your time throwing oil on the fire, stirring up revolts and unleashing shambles, always ready to do the irreparable to fight your worst enemies : routine, resignation and apathy. From your point of view, the abscesses must be burst without anesthesia and the crises triggered whatever the consequences, including for yourself. Anyway, you put all those who are not inflamed and extremist like you in the same bag : they are soft, cowardly, crawling. So don’t be surprised if your declared enemies are so numerous…

Aries ‘p’ family — Moon: homogeneous wholeness — intensive power

Flexible-receptive Aries

▶ Your strengths : you need for your general balance, for your well-being and your plenitude, to evolve in a moving, changing and dynamic atmosphere. You adapt quickly and easily to rapid changes in your living environment. Spontaneous, available for the unexpected, moody but generally pleasant, you never feel so rested, so intimately yourself as when you can extract yourself from daily routines to see the world with fresh eyes. Sensitive and receptive to what allows you or not to flourish at your own pace, you know how to reject with a gentle but effective firmness all that can oppose the dynamic tranquility that you are constantly seeking.

▶ Your weaknesses : Naive, credulous, too permeable and too reactive, you give in too quickly to all the influences from the outside world, to which you are unable to remain indifferent, to the point of becoming excessively impressionable. Your first impressions, good or bad, tend to leave indelible marks on you. In an often whimsical, jagged mood, you sometimes, after periods of rather ineffective agitation, sink into an inert withdrawal into yourself, to preserve your tranquility, before abandoning yourself again passively, with a good-natured but unproductive joy in all that ephemerally stimulates you.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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