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Family Chart analysis: children
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The father, the mother, and two children: a boy and a girl. Everyone has their own temperament, in obligatory interaction with those of others. Educational analyzes and advice based on the respective Charts of the members of this family group.

Astro-profile of Marc

Gemini Ascendant Taurus 12/06/1994 at 02:30 UT in Paris

▶ Conflict between “Extensive Transcendence”, “intensive existence” and “Intensive Power”
▶ Internal conflict within the family “extensive Existence”
▶ Weakness of “Extensive Representation”
▶ Dominant signs: Taurus-Scorpio, Cancer-Capricorn

1. Conflict between “extensive transcendence” and “intensive existence”

The three planets belonging to the family “Extensive Transcendence” are dominant in Mark’s chart: Uranus and Neptune are in the Midheaven (arrow MC) and Pluto sets (point DS). This makes him an independent, refractory, imaginative child, inclined to express the dynamics of his inner world and to follow the thread of his inspirations without worrying too much about being understood.

The three planets belonging to the family “intensive existence” also dominate in its chart: Mars rises, Neptune culminates and Venus is, in the company of the Moon, at the lowest point of its daily course. Marc is therefore also characterized by an intense affectivity and a keen feeling for beings and things: he lets himself be easily touched, moved, shaken emotionally by what he experiences, feels, perceives through all the fibers of his body.

The conflict between “Extensive Transcendence” and “intensive existence” indicates that Marc very often feels torn between a part of himself which tends to make him react hotly, on edge, to everything that touches him, and another part which wants to be free from any emotional disturbance. His affectivity, which is not always well controlled, is too often ready for irrational outbursts. His favorites are extended by incomprehensible demands. His feelings risk being parasitized by fantasies, by unpredictable states of mind that interfere with their simple and direct expression. It oscillates between epidermal reactivity and rebellious withdrawal into its own self.

Education tips: First of all, you have to accept the fact that a child like Marc is characterized by a complex and disconcerting affectivity: this is his temperament. If his parents are not careful, the danger for him would be to be tempted, to protect himself from the feelings, desires and desires that disturb him, to repress an overly inflamed affectivity by making himself inaccessible. Conversely, he can also experience his sensations with such upset reactivity that he may find it difficult to detach himself from them, to let this part of himself express itself which in no way depends on what he feels. A successful education will tend to try to help him find a dynamic balance between the intensity of his sensations and feelings and the background of refractory indifference he intends to keep towards them. He should not be systematically forced to make an act of tender and active presence when he is elsewhere, absorbed in his thoughts, but it is also necessary, when he cuts off contact with his affective relationships excessively, to encourage him to leave his independence ivory tower to renew a lively and carnal dialogue with those around him.

2. Internal conflict within the “extensive existence” family

Two family members “extensive Existence” are in opposition: Mars rising and Jupiter setting. Marc may thus be tempted to aggressively oppose his personal experience to any attempt at normalization, collective discipline, reasonable ordering. At worst, he can become a little savage, acting and reacting as he sees fit on the spur of the moment, rebellious to all education and all spirit of cooperation, a stubborn, narrow-minded and obstinate go-getter incapable of regulating, organizing and finalize his thoughtless activities.

Education tips: It is of course necessary to teach Marc very early on that life in society imperatively requires him to accept common rules and to control his impulsiveness. Parents will however have to avoid restricting too much, with prohibitions, the impatient freedom of action that he claims: the remedy could be worse than the disease. It would be wiser to show him patiently, by appealing to his common sense, that he will be more effective in his actions by agreeing to self-discipline, by letting him have his own experiences while teaching him after the fact to learn useful lessons. Preventing him from acting as he wishes would only lead to perverse results: he would then rebel against all authority. The worst for his parents would be to achieve, by dint of wanting “normalize” his behavior and to make him a model and obedient child, to extinguish in him this taste for struggles and confrontations which is his strength.

3. Conflict between “Intensive Power”, “Intensive Existence” and “Extensive Transcendence”

The moon is dominant in the chart of Mark, since it is at the lower meridian. He aspires to harmony, well-being and plenitude which are easily disturbed by the intensity of his feelings and the power of his imagination. A part of him is happy to be satisfied with a cozy and protected dependence, while another part is keen to display a suspicious autonomy. Hence the high risk of discordant behavior: on the one hand, he would like to live in a “bubble” comfortable that would isolate him from the outside world and from the other, he is tempted to challenge and reject this same bubble.

Education tips: the goal is to prevent Marc from turning into a demanding and capricious domestic tyrant. You have to secure him and give him proofs of affection without mothering him too much, while leaving him large areas of independence. If he takes too much refuge in dreamy and indolent behavior, he must be encouraged to exercise his will, to take initiatives; if, on the contrary, he is excessively tense and irrational in his behavior, thus forbidding himself all well-being, all rest, all abandonment, he must be taught to “let go”, to trust those around you, to sometimes agree to reduce their demands in order to be more serene.

4. Weakness of “Extensive Representation”

Sun and Mercury, two planets belonging to the family “Extensive representation” are the least valued in his birth sky. As a result, Marc is not particularly comfortable communicating in a relaxed and spontaneous way, to be admitted with ease and relaxation. He must force himself to be open, to listen without a priori.

Education tips: he’s like that, and his parents can’t do much about it: they might as well take his side. If both or one of them are more of the sociable and communicative type, they should not force him to do like them: they would waste their time and risk putting him off. But in view of his chart, it is in a protected intimacy that he will best know how to be accepted, heard and understood: they can teach him to take advantage of these moments of confident abandon to relax and talk about what he’s interested in. The rest of the time, they should not be surprised if he does not show enthusiasm at the slightest meeting and if he is better at imposing his demands than at kindly offering his talents. Nevertheless, encouraging him to be more flexible and whimsical cannot hurt him.

5. Zodiacal dominants: Taurus-Scorpio, Capricorn-Cancer

Although Marc was born under the Sign of Gemini, it will look nothing like the sketch of the third Sign of Spring. He will have neither the sociable and open nature, nor the chameleon side, nor the multifaceted curiosity, nor the fluttering behaviors. It is even exactly the opposite: the Signs that dominate his native sky (Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer) encourage him rather to cultivate distrust, reserve, prudence and the ability to withdraw, to say “no”. With a Mars in Taurus, he is an obstinate asset, riveted to his tasks, enemy of any dispersion. Moon and Venus in Cancer encourage him to protect a harmonious affectivity, based on intimate and privileged relationships, against any intrusion from the outside world.

Education tips: no need to try to make Marc an extrovert open to all winds: it is not in his nature. At most, his parents can try to correct any excesses in his temperament by helping him to distract himself from time to time from his excessively exclusive obsessions and passions and by showing him that he does not need to accumulate the shells to feel really safe from others and their influence: only one is enough, if it is effective…

Astro-profile of Amélie

Aquarius Rising Scorpio 16/02/1985 at 01:30 UT in Paris

▶ Conflict between “Extensive Representation” and “intensive transcendence”
▶ Good internal family relations “extensive Existence”
▶ Weakness of “Power Intensive” and “Existence Intensive” Families
▶ Dominant signs: Aquarius and Scorpio

1. Conflict between “Extensive Representation” and “Intensive Transcendence”

In the chart of Amélie, only one planet is clearly valued: Saturn who rises in Scorpio. It is also at the square of Sun and Mercury in Aquarius: thus find themselves united, in a conflicting mode, two members of the family “intensive transcendence” (Saturn-Mercury) and two family members “Extensive representation” (Sun-Mercury). Saturn being unquestionably the most powerful planet of this chart, it is likely that, in Marc’s sister, the critical spirit develops to the detriment of spontaneous sociability.

In one way or another, Amélie is therefore a refractory, skeptical, distant child. Always dissatisfied, she doubts, wonders, wonders, speculates, constantly imagines other possibilities. Most of the time, she adopts from the outset, vis-à-vis the outside world and the people she meets, a position of withdrawal, of distance which curbs her enthusiasm and prevents her from getting fully involved. Unsure of herself, her convictions, her goals, her motivations, she generally hesitates to commit. This attitude does not facilitate easy, cheerful and relaxed communication with others: his rather solitary temperament encourages him to let himself be absorbed in his thoughts. If her parents are not careful, the risk for her is at worst to withdraw excessively into herself, to cut off contact with others, to isolate herself in the ivory tower of her ruminations with the feeling of to be eternally misunderstood, as if nothing she perceived spoke to her, beckoned to her, excited her interest or her curiosity.

Lived actively, these tendencies can encourage him to rebel against any imposed model; more passively, she will oppose a worried and sad silence to any attempt to approach. Is this a fatality? Certainly not. It is quite possible to live well and integrate such a conflict…

Education tips: Amélie has a reserved, distant and rather worried nature. So don’t want to change it. On the other hand, her parents will greatly help her development by strengthening a naturally random self-confidence by multiplying the testimonies of their interest in her: more than others, she has a strong need to be recognized, valued, even if she hides it well or if she goes about in a clumsy way to achieve it. Care must be taken to arouse his curiosity, his taste for research, in-depth reflections while teaching him to play down his feeling of being different, on the margins, lonely. He will also have to be taught to relax, to take things lightly: entertainment and games will help him “loosen up” of his ruminations. Finally, it is essential to encourage him very early to talk as often as possible about what worries him or her. If all of these conditions are met, Amélie will become a serious and profound being who knows how to prudently and wisely moderate her enthusiasm and alternate periods of intense sociable cheerfulness with strong periods of withdrawal to let herself be absorbed by her thoughts.

2. Good internal relations within the family “Extensive existence”

Two family members “extensive Existence” are found in sextile in the natal sky of Amélie: Saturn, which is dominant as we have seen, and Jupiter, which is not but serves as a sort of auxiliary force. This aspect gives Amélie qualities of realism, common sense and pragmatism that allow her to make the most of the situations she is faced with. She wants to build something serious, stable, durable, organize her experience in such a way that she feels safe from the vagaries of chance. Concrete, logical, organized, she carefully matures her decisions before taking action, which she does with tenacity, endurance and resistance.

Education tips: it is only by taking action, by taking matters into their own hands, by doing tangible and concrete things that Amélie will manage to appease her doubts, her fears, her dissatisfaction. His mind, too focused on abstractions, needs to root itself in matter. His parents should not hesitate to entrust him with responsibilities in family life very early on. By learning at a very young age the difficulties that life often opposes to her plans, she will learn that nothing is ever acquired from the start, but that she can feel intense personal satisfaction by confronting herself with thankless situations or difficult. She will know that she “worth something”, which she is only too likely to spontaneously doubt. Her successes in this area will strengthen her self-confidence and help her not expect too much from others, which will allow her to better live her intimate loneliness.

3. Weakness of “Power Intensive” and “Existence Intensive” Families

Not only the three members of the family “intensive existence” (Venus-Mars-Saturn) are not dominant in the chart of Amélie, but they are moreover in conflict with the Moon (“Homogeneity”). Given that the over-dominant family (“intensive transcendence”) naturally encourages her to take a step back, to detach herself, to internalize herself, we can therefore think that it will not always be easy for Amélie to express spontaneously their emotions, feelings and moods. What affects her, moves her or touches her, disturbs her intimately, and in reaction, she tends to adopt attitudes of extreme defiance towards any emotional manifestation. She can go so far as to refuse to let herself be shaken, touched, moved, to repress any instinctive tender impulse within herself, as if she feared by acting in this way to offer others a hold on her. She does not dare to live her favorites live. This tendency to inhibit one’s affects, to repress the sensual impulse can take on excessive proportions if nothing counterbalances it.

Education tips: it is obviously necessary to ensure that Amélie does not fall into total expressive impotence. It will be enough for that to multiply very early the bodily, sensory exchanges with her, without exaggerating their frequency: “heart-to-heart” too frequent would end up disgusting her with any affective relationship. Her parents will have to give her frequent tokens of tenderness and encourage her to do the same, without holding it against her if her reserved nature does not make her very demonstrative in this area. The practice of activities involving intensive and pleasant use of the body is also highly desirable. It is essential to show him that there is no harm in pleasing himself physically, in expressing his desires and desires openly. She will obviously never do it with delirious enthusiasm, but after all it is not in her nature…

4. Zodiacal dominants: Aquarius-Scorpio

At worst, the conflict between Scorpio and Aquarius can theoretically cause Amélie to oscillate between excessive enthusiastic openness (Aquarius) and excessive refractory closure (Scorpio). Through Saturn in Scorpio, she tends to emphasize what differentiates her from others, to darken the picture, to track down the hidden, the mysterious, the unsaid everywhere, while through Sun-Mercury in Aquarius, she has a vast reservoir of optimism which encourages him to retain only the good side of things, to interest him in all that is new, in germ, in the making. Badly handled, this conflict can earn her a moral roller coaster: inconsistent enthusiasms then give way to depression on a par with disappointed false hopes… The danger would be that the accumulation of disappointments and dissatisfactions would push her to muzzle everything within herself. what is capable of renewal, of open-mindedness, of re-creation.

Education tips: Amélie must learn to de-dramatize, to make sense of things, to avoid making a mountain out of nothing. You will have to show her tactfully but firmly that there is a limit to systematically sociable behavior, that she is not the one and only person in the world to feel profoundly different from others, show her that she runs the risk of locking herself into suffocating dead ends if she does not agree from time to time to break out of her intransigent refusals to listen to others and hear what they have to offer.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger
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