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The practical consultation
by Jean-Pierre Nicola
English translation by Julien Rouger

There is no theory concerning the practice of consultation and the interpretation of a sky, because there has been, up to now, no seriously founded astrological theory, if we are willing to agree that the term of theory could not be appropriate for any speculation of the vaticinator. In R.E.T. we can say that astrology has been blocked in its evolution by an excess of ‘R’: excess of individualism and careerism reflected in the infantile model of the infallible astrologer, of “master” exclusively capable of admirable interpretations.

The lesson that we draw from the homogeneity of the solar system, the meanings of the ages and the structure of the R.E.T., induces various rules for the conduct of a consultation.

We insisted, in particular, on the notions of simultaneity, chronology and homogeneity. They derive from our research and are based on their results.

We are used to positing time in terms of past, present, future. With simultaneity, past and future appear in the present. In what forms for humans? In those of the various generational relationships. Our past being in our inherited attitudes, but also contemporary in our relationships with younger generations. Our future is contemporary in our relationships with the elders who are already experiencing what we will experience, in terms of problems. There Theory of Ages implies, moreover, that the characters are revealed in these generational relationships, schematized in child-parent relationships, and above all children-cultures.

We also see concurrency engendering a chronology when it is homogeneous, i.e., involves an agenda of development. The purpose of the consultation should therefore focus on three tasks:

▶ make the consultant aware, as far as possible, and according to his language, of the simultaneities that concern him (astrological, family, social, historical),

▶ look for what is homogeneous in this simultaneity which, generally, gives an original product,

▶ deduce a chronology, that is to say the best program to follow for the future, or show the risks run by the consultant for him and the problems which concern him if he refuses to modify his relations with others, and persists in maintaining its distortions.

The example is only one application, among others, of these principles. The following figure is the schematic representation of the solar system, as it appeared from the geocentric point of view, for a specific terrestrial location, and for 30/10/1970 at 09:15 UT, 5° 00′ lat. N, 5° 05′ long. E (male birth). This diagram is far from containing all the reality, but it is enough to determine the main dominant configurations. To establish a natal chart of this kind, it suffices to have certain tables (tables of Houses, planetary Ephemerides) and a course or a manual indicating how to use these tables.

It is easy to spot in this sky the dominant Signs (Scorpio: 6 planets, including 4 fast planets and Libra: three planets, including a fast one, Mars, powerful through its passage through the upper meridian). On the side of the planets: the conjunction Mars-Pluto-Uranus in higher culmination immediately attracts attention. Resulting formula: Scorpio-Libra for the Signs, and Mars-Pluto-Uranus for the planets.

The advice of the astrologer is requested by a mother worried about the behavior of her son (5 years old) who is violent, refractory, specialist in the projection of various objects on the members of his entourage and others. In essence, the dialogue between the mother and the astrologer gave this:

▶ J.-P.: Your child was born under the strong influence of Mars, a planet whose highlights in learning the things of life correspond to motor independence, contact with reality, personal confrontation with material objects and the practice of these objects. This influence being combined with that of a planet of maladjustment of the experience (Pluto), there is reason to fear that there remains from this learning a shock, a missed experience, a psychically unhealed painful imprint. This could go back to the second year of age (first cycle of Mars).

Mrs. X.: (surprise): Yes, at 2 years old, he was hit by my car when I was reversing.

▶ J.-P.: Ah?… This, indeed, could already explain his current behaviors with objects, and his fixation at a stage “projective”. However, for this fixation to take on such a violent aspect, I suppose something else. Mars represents an awareness of confrontations. Don’t you keep your son in a “no” systematic (Balance, equalization phase). I mean, don’t you give him too often the opportunity to say no and thus test his will to win over beings and things. Think that he has a revenge to take on your car…

Mrs. X.: We are as stubborn as each other. I refuse to give in to him. The “no and no” occupy too much space between us, I admit.

▶ J.-P.: You should think about avoiding this. You’re the grown-up, aren’t you? Your attitude suggests to me that you have a problem of confrontation and relation to the object, analogous to that of your child. I will establish your birth sky. […] You were born, indeed, under a configuration Mars-Pluto, like your son, and the two stars are in opposition (180° difference). This suggests conflicting relationships with those around you, a problem of asserting instinctive will. Will you tell me the date of birth of your husband, I will also consult his chart. […] Well, we are on the right track. Your husband was born at the time of a Mars-Pluto conjunction (cycle of less than about 2 years), the same conjunction being dominant in another zodiac sign for your son. This conjunction has no harmonic relationship with the similar configuration of your sky. We must first conclude that your son, in addition to the planetary incitement to a certain type of behavior, is in a very amplifying family context. Then, you have to consider the fact that you may have transferred a personal problem concerning the agreement of wills in the couple onto him. A “marsian” subject to such conditions reacts violently, and this is a sign of health. Moreover, as such, it must refuse any competition (Uranus, Scorpio cluster) and rival presence. If he has a brother, that must be a mess?

Mrs. X.: They keep fighting, I plan to separate them.

▶ J.-P.: Let’s see his brother’s sky.

The chart of the eldest being established, the astrologer notes an equally powerful marsian signature, but with the Leo among the dominant Signs and Jupiter among the strong planets at birth. The astrological conditions of “duel” were to the advantage of the eldest with greater adaptive skills. The astrologer now having the astrological angles of view of the mother, the father, the eldest, it was easy for him to describe the problem of the child and to explain his refractory attitude by the contents of his situation. The rest of the interview took place in a common search for a solution. Delicate research, one can imagine… The conclusion was a brief and momentary separation between the youngest and the eldest as a test to appreciate the adaptation of the youngest to other children less easily victorious and to bring the two brothers to modify the style of their attachment because, of course, they bickered, not knowing how to do without each other.

Mme X. intelligent and attentive mother, did not obtain miraculous solutions, but she understood the situation of her son and her own. She understood everything that depended on her, her decision-making power, her skills and means of responding to an important problem. conditional astrology could encourage this awareness by specifying how and why the “Mars signatures” do not end up being banished from society by the will of heaven, and that it is necessary, when we know their dispositions, to direct their taste for experience towards constructive activities. Finally, astrology could, in this case as in others, give the periods of awareness to be used to help the child to resolve his problems of rivalry and untimely projections.

Consultations of this kind can only be done with people who are open, sufficiently unfamiliar with astrological modes and anti-astrological intoxications, so as not to wait for stupid predictions. People who expect specific events from the course of the planets only ever encounter the events that their questions deserve. Nothing, in this case, that will change their distortions with themselves and with those around them.

But these distortions, in many if not all cases, are created by social environment, by everything that mutilates, fragments, prohibits the homogeneity of man from birth.

This is why conditional astrology, without being politically committed, is interested in all philosophies, all cultures and all actions contributing to the homogeneity of the human person and his relationship with the group. She is a thousand miles from irrational astrologies and rational systems invented against reality, man and his living environment: the Earth.

This article was brought to you by Jean-Pierre Nicola
English translation by Julien Rouger
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