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Steven Spielberg or the duels of the universal Sagittarius
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

E.T. the Alien and Mickey Mouse have one thing in common: their respective creators, Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney, were both born under the dominant influence of the Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus. These two Sagittarians have the same sense of spectacular staging, the same artist-businessman temperament, the same desire to go ever further in gigantism, to spread their works over the entire surface of the cinematographic planet. Do you know that Georges Méliès, brilliant inventor of special effects in cinema, was also born under the same planetary and zodiacal influences as Spielberg and Disney? The difference is that he died ruined and unknown…

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Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Steven Spielberg — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Steven Spielberg — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Steven Spielberg
18/12/1946 à 18 h 16 TL (18/12/1946 à 23 h 16 TU)
Cincinnati (Ohio, États-Unis)
Latitude +39° 06’ ; Longitude −84° 31’

The Mars duels

MarsThe first film that made famous the creator of E.T., born on 18/12/1946 at 23:16 UT in Cincinatti (39° 10′ N, 84° 26′ W), is Duel. The scenario of this film was very simple: a huge American truck gave chase to a car. The driver of the car did not know why he was the object of this attack. For an hour and a half, we witnessed this infernal and absurd duel between crazy truck and car. 25 years later, Saving Private Ryan, the latest film from Steven Spielberg, shows war in its rawest, most violent and bloodiest aspect. Radically realistic, he films it at close range, without lyricism and shows what it is: a merciless fight, an absurd confrontation, a duel to the death between nations and between individuals.

Of Duel to Saving Private Ryan runs the same common thread: the duel, the fight, the absolute confrontation. Precisely, Spielberg was born under a dominant influence of Mars, the planet of duels, fights and confrontations, in the absolutist Sign of Capricorn. Moreover, he says, “I grew up with war stories. I always heard things about the Nazis. My parents didn’t say ‘the Holocaust’, but ‘the big crime’, and I knew that the Nazis broke the fingers of the Jews”. A little marsian (not to be confused with E.T. the Martian) brought up in such a climate could only feel concerned to the highest degree by everything related to situations of body-to-body, face-to-face, in short of duel.

Moreover, almost all of Spielberg’s films tell a marsian story, a story of a duel: the giant shark against the swimmer, Indiana Jones against the Nazis, earthlings against the extraterrestrial, tyranosaurs against men, slaves against their masters, etc. Spielberg’s cinema is not psychological, it shuns contemplation or reflection: it is entirely oriented towards pure and hard action. Marsian to the core, he wants to move us, touch us, stir our guts, take us head on. In Duel as in the magnificent Saving Private Ryan, Spielberg puts us in the place of his actors, in a marsian, experimental situation: paralyzed in our armchairs, we literally have the impression that the truck is chasing us and that bursts of machine gun fire are whistling in our ears.

You had to be a filmmaker who was both talented and Marsian of Capricorn to show the war in all its horrible concrete reality.

A universalist and moralist Sagittarius

Sun Mars SagittariusThe Sun (principles, certainties, models) in Sagittarius (large associations, large cooperations) is also dominant in Spielberg’s chart. And in fact, Spielberg never doubts anything. With a conjunction Sun-Mars dominant, he has a super-simple (some would say simplistic) vision of the world: that of a duel (again) between good and evil. He places himself resolutely on the side of good, to the point of being systematically a moralist. As a good solar Sagittarius, he wants to share and export all over the place (Sagittarius) the American model (Sun). Many are upset…

Sun-Uranus, no doubt

Sun Uranusdissonance Sun-Uranus is dominant in the Spielberg sky. It is the sign of an intense desire for power, power, domination, an acute spirit of decision. Beneath his apparently bohemian and laid-back airs of a nice and eternal teenager, he is far from being a tender or a dreamer. Voluntary, independent, organized, he knows where he is going and gives himself the means to achieve his ends. “He never questions himself, he never doubts, he never asks himself questions… He has the philosophy of his film in his head. It spins so fast that we often ask it: ‘Is that it? That’s all? — Yeah, I have my 30 seconds, it’s perfect, we move on.’ He is faster than lightning”, testifies the actor Tom Hanks.

An opposition Sun-Uranus, it is also the conflict between on the one hand the desire to be recognized by going exactly in the direction of the expectations of the public (Sun), and that of imposing a more personal, more demanding point of view (Uranus). His career shows that he was able to brilliantly resolve this opposition, by alternating genres. Salute to Private Steven!

Article published in issue No. 4 of the Astrologie naturelle (December 1998).

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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