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Basic questions about astrology

Astrology and clairvoyance: the difference

Deities and riddles Diviner, divine, divination and riddle: all these words have the same root. To guess future events it was necessary, for our distant ancestors, to be in the secret of the gods. Believing that nature was of divine essence, they were convinced that it was enough for them to read in the great cosmic book of minerals, animals and plants to guess what dark destinies the (...)

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Astrology-tarots-clairvoyance: predicting or forecasting the future?

Since the dawn of humanity, man has wondered about his near or distant future. He imagined many techniques to foresee it, and thus to try to ward off the blows of fate or to launch his businesses at the most favorable moment. Astrology, clairvoyance and tarot cards are among these “predictive methods” the most known. What sets them apart? Seen from the immediate present, the future is the (...)

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Choose your “seer”

Who are the soothsayers? In France, the number of various diviners is currently estimated at 40,000, of which less than half are listed by the tax authorities. A figure to be compared to the number of doctors (about 50,000), priests (about 30,000) and psychoanalysts (about 4500). The cumulative annual turnover of “seers” is estimated at around 1,300,000 euros (8.5 million heavy francs). It is (...)

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How to choose one’s astrologer?

Guaranteed scams “Seen on TV”: uncouple! Above all, do not think that the astrologers who regularly appear on the small screen are the best, the most reliable, the most serious. An appearance on television is not a guarantee of honesty and competence. It is even most of the time exactly the opposite: the most famous and the most media are usually the worst. They are only looking for their own (...)

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Giving birth under the planets: choosing the Sign of your child?

“I don’t want a Capricorn!” Personal testimony: I knew a woman who had given birth to a daughter in the seventies. At the time, she only knew the basics of astrology (a few generalities about the Signs of the zodiac). For I no longer know what obscure reasons or nonsense, she did not want her baby to be born under the Sign of the Capricorn. The birth was naturally to take place on 20th January, (...)

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Astrology and couple: is synastry a duo or a duel?

The paradoxes of two To be in a couple is to be two. And two is a paradoxical number. It signifies both opposition and union, conflict and association, incompatibility and complementarity, division and balance, duel and duo. The two is double, ambivalent. Dualities and symmetries are found everywhere in nature: day and night, light and dark, shadow and light, white and black, masculine and (...)

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Astrology and animals

From sunflowers to chronobiology Astrology postulates that there is a permanent interaction between living beings and cosmic rhythms and cycles. The scholars of Antiquity, whether they were astrologers, astronomers, philosophers or doctors, had sensed the importance of vital rhythms. Hippocrates had noted that the appearance of diseases was closely associated with the succession of the (...)

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Astrology and profession: about jobs and stars

The psychological profile of professions Each profession, especially if it is very specialized, has its psychological profile. Watchmaking requires precision and meticulousness; a good soldier should be combative and courageous; it is better that a politician, a journalist or an actor master well the art of public speaking and that of communication, and that a cook has an innate sense of (...)

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Astrology and sex

Sexuality in itself is not heavenly. It is inscribed in the depths of our animal nature. It therefore participates above all in our earthly affiliations. But since our earthly condition is influenced by the stars, there is an indirect but real relationship between sexuality and astrology. In the field of sexuality as in many others, nature and the different types of cultures have made us (...)

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Astrology and money

From barter to money… At the beginning of humanity, men were content to exchange products: it was the civilization of barter. Wheat for spices, fish for meat, weapons for jewelry. With the development of travel, these exchanges became more and more numerous and involved ever greater quantities of goods. One day, someone imagined replacing the concrete products of barter with a symbolic value, (...)

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