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Astrology and clairvoyance: the difference
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Do you know why the Chaldeans, an ancient people of Mesopotamia, invented writing and arithmetic around 3300 BC? To predict the future… Thanks to letters and words, figures and numbers, these pioneers of astronomy could without loss pass on to subsequent generations their observations of celestial phenomena (astrology)… but also the oracles they drew from the analysis of animal viscera (clairvoyance). The “own of man”, as Rabelais believed, is not laughter (chimpanzees and dolphins, for example, share this faculty with us) but his passionate interest in the future. Whether by observing natural cycles, by taking into account the mechanisms of cause and effect or by intuitive, spiritual or “irrational”, we have always wanted to guess what tomorrow will be like in order to be able to anticipate events to come… or resign ourselves to our destiny.

Deities and riddles

Diviner, divine, divination and riddle: all these words have the same root. To guess future events it was necessary, for our distant ancestors, to be in the secret of the gods. Believing that nature was of divine essence, they were convinced that it was enough for them to read in the great cosmic book of minerals, animals and plants to guess what dark destinies the deities were plotting for us. This is why divination was a practice sacred, religious. In this global universe from which chance was excluded, everything could give a sign, everything was likely to bear witness to the will of the gods, to be a trace of the future, matter for oracles, prophecies, predictions: the regular cycles seasons, the Sun, the Moon and the planets, of course, but also the dream of a man, the fleeting flight of a bird, the shape of a leaf, of a cloud or the lines of a hand, the disposition of a handful of pebbles thrown on the ground, the state of the viscera of a sacrificed goat…

The thirst for knowing the future and the human imagination apparently having no limits, new divination techniques were discovered or invented over the centuries: the Y-King, tarot cards, the coffee grounds, the pendulum or the crystal ball to name just a few of the most used and best known. In the eyes of modern scientists, all the methods used to predict the future, whether astrology or various forms of clairvoyance, are lumped together and passed off as quackery, superstition, “paranormal”, of the prelogical magical mentality. This does not prevent the waiting rooms of clairvoyants from being crowded and the magazines filled with horoscope predictions.

Normal” and “paranormal

For the current official science, there are only two categories of phenomena: the “normal” and the “paranormal”. How do orthodox scientists go about differentiating the former from the latter? It’s not complicated. Phenomenons “normal” can be explained by contemporary knowledge, produced and reproduced in the laboratory and analyzed in statistical terms, while the phenomena “paranormal” would only be illusions springing up at the crossroads where the laws of chance, the deceitful manipulations of charlatans and the delusions of false prophets intersect. And yet…

Humanity, fortunately for it, is not made up exclusively of die-hard members of science academies without a conscience. There are also all those people who have one day or another noted that a parent had strange intuitions of the future or premonitory dreams without trading in them, or who have consulted a fortune-teller who seems to have a “gift”. Some even know serious astrologers, that is to say…

Whether official science denies them or ignores them, whether irrational charlatans use and abuse them, unrecognized knowledge and strange phenomena do indeed exist. Let’s leave astrology aside for the moment, which has nothing to do directly with the powers “psi” (an individual absolutely does not need “psi powers” specials to study or practice this little-known natural science), and let’s take a look at what is commonly called the “clairvoyance”.

The strange world of “psi” powers

On the one hand, we have clairvoyance, also called precognition (ability to predict future events) and retrocognition (ability to “see” events of the past) and clairvoyance (ability to perceive in mind characters, settings and situations located in places beyond the physical reach of the subject); and on the other side telepathy (ability to communicate at a distance without using the means of transmission known as “normal”) and telekinesis or psychokinesis (ability to act “psychically”, at a distance, on objects of any kind).

Countless serious experiments have been made, which show that all these phenomena exist, but that they are of such a subtle, tenuous and discontinuous nature that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make them occur, and above all repeating oneself consciously and voluntarily. The reason is simple: they most often escape, like the majority of what happens to us during our short lives, our conscience and our will…

Clairvoyance, must see…

One of the best definitions of clairvoyance was given by surgeon and biologist Alexis Carrell in his book Man, this unknown: “Psychics pick up, without the intervention of the sense organs, the thoughts of other people. They also perceive events more or less distant in space and time. This faculty is exceptional. It is exercised effortlessly and spontaneously. It is simple to those who possess it.” Clairvoyance is therefore in a way a “sixth sense” or a higher form of intuition reserved for the privileged few. Is this gift innate? Many people think so. But others believe that each of us has this sixth sense more or less buried, asleep in the depths of our unconscious, and that it is possible to awaken it through certain practices. At present, there is no evidence to support one hypothesis or the other.

There are two forms of clairvoyance: clairvoyance “pure” and clairvoyance “with stand”. The clairvoyants and clairvoyants “pure” Exercise their gift directly, without intermediary, so others need various supports such as tarot cards, pendulum, crystal ball, coffee grounds, etc. These “mediums of clairvoyance” have nothing magical about them: tarot cards are only rectangles of printed cardboard, pendulums are banal copper or brass objects and crystal balls contain no vision. Without the exceptional powers that a seer’s brain projects through them, they are just useless props unable to unveil any future. Clairvoyance is also exactly the opposite of a magical practice: it is content to predict the future without the will to modify it, whereas magic claims to be able to modify it without worrying about guessing it…

The “robot portrait” of the clairvoyant

Parapsychologists who have laboratory tested the “sixth sense” Seers have so far failed to identify where it comes from and how it works. The psi research unit at the University of Toulouse has also tried to define a “medium profile” of the seer: would there be characteristics common to the various individuals who really possess this gift? After having passed thousands of tests to the most diverse subjects, the researchers found only vague and inobvious answers. What is certain, according to the director of this laboratory, Yves Lignon, is that those who obtain the highest scores are, almost always, those who have the feeling of answering anything, at random, without the slightest intuition. The true seers would therefore be for the most part individuals who do not define themselves as such and who are not aware of having a “sixth sense”. Notice to consultants hundreds of “madam irma” who trade in their “gift”: the phenomena of clairvoyance appear more easily “by chance” than by the effects of a “gift” allegedly cultivated and controlled!

The brain and clairvoyance

It is not known of what nature is “psi information”. It is probably an extremely weak and subtle energy, and above all of a discontinuous, intermittent nature: no one is sighted 24 hours a day… which means that the majority of those who say to themselves “seers” and who receive their customers during office hours only “see” Most of the time nothing more than what the whims of their imagination or, at best, their intuition suggest to them.

Neurophysiologists believe that it is the right hemisphere of our brain, the one that commands feelings and emotions and which is the most active in animals and primitive peoples, which would be affected by the phenomenon of clairvoyance. Indeed, clairvoyants often also have a gift of telepathy, and the right hemisphere of the brain has been found to be “excited” at the moment when the mysterious relationship – undoubtedly of a telepathic nature – appears which connects a mother to her little baby and awakens him as soon as he needs her. Those who, like the young mother or the primitive, are closer to the state of nature would thus be more gifted for paranormal communications and clairvoyance… The only thing certain is that the phenomenon of clairvoyance has nothing to do with race, socio-cultural or intellectual level, that drug addicts, the mentally ill or subjects under hypnosis have markedly negative results.

Conditions favorable to clairvoyance

Experiments and tests carried out by serious psychologists have made it possible to highlight a number of conditions that promote clairvoyance.

First of all, there is the age factor: children and adolescents under the age of 18 perhaps, as Rimbaud said, because “one is not serious when one is seventeen years old”… and people over the age of 70 statistically perform better than other age groups.

Another important factor is the state of mind. Tests that leave no room for autosuggestion have shown that the more individuals believe in the reality of clairvoyance, the better their statistical results on precognition tests are, whereas the reverse is true for those who do not. don’t believe it.

Another favorable and even decisive condition is the atmosphere, the climate in which the clairvoyance tests take place. The most gifted subjects see their results drop, or even their gift disappear if they are immersed in a hostile environment or if the relations between the participants in the tests are conflictual or aggressive, whereas they are clearly above the average if the atmosphere is friendly, harmonious, buoyant, relaxed.

Here is what the ex-journalist of Science & Vie Jacques Prezelin, author of Branché psi, a remarkable work on paranormal phenomena: “All these traits lead to the only known character capable of favoring the realization of paranormal phenomena: a climate of relaxation, friendship, confidence, inner abandonment as total as possible. And in which there remains no kind of tension, either interior – example: the fear of this type of experience; or collective — example: the aggressiveness of one part of the group towards the other, hostility towards the experiment… and the experimenters. Quite the opposite, in short, of these psychic “superpowers” which soothsayers, mages, sorcerers, gurus, mediums and other charlatans of the supermarkets of clairvoyance, claim to have at their disposal by force of will, concentration and other panaceas of false spirituality.

The influence of the Moon and clairvoyance

No parapsychologist has ever had the idea of making the astral charts of subjects gifted for clairvoyance. On the other hand, astrologers have done it, and it appears that those who have this gift are mainly born under a strong lunar influence (rising, setting, upper or lower culmination of the Moon). As an indication, here is a description of the lunar state: “We are in a lunar state when… we confidently and peacefully surrender to the fullness of the moment, when we quietly feel like we belong in our everyday environment, when we don’t have to force ourselves to feel good, ease, when ‘everything is going’… when we find ourselves with our familiars, our close friends, our spouse, those on whom we are sure to be able to count… when we do not focus our attention on any specific point, when we are in a state of total receptivity towards our environment and the beings who inhabit it.

As you can see, the lunar state and the state favorable to clairvoyance are alike like two drops of water. That said, not all those born during the strong hours of the Moon are sighted, and not all seers are lunar (seers also very frequently have a Uranus or one Pluto dominant). The correlation is nonetheless striking: the state of receptivity, of fusion, of osmosis, of non-separability induced by a lunar dominant allows the lunar subject to literally put himself in the place of the other, to become one with him… and thus makes possible the fact of “see” through him.

Linear time and cyclic time

The phenomenon of clairvoyance poses a fundamental problem: what is the nature of Time? As Serge Moscovici notes, “The time of our society, of our Western civilization is a linear time, on a physical level… Whereas the biological time and probably the cultural time are always rhythmic, always cyclical; it’s day and night, it’s the seasons. It is the very fact that the individual cannot be in euphoria all the time. This is the time of depression and enthusiasm.

We are used to considering Time as an arrow that starts from the past and crosses the present to go towards the future: what has been is no longer and what will be does not yet exist, and is therefore unknown, unpredictable. In this perspective, the future is not written anywhere, it is only virtuality. This is called linear time, that of our calendars. But from an objective, biological, astronomico-astrological point of view, time is cyclical. However, the cycle implies repetition, and therefore the possibility of predicting the future: for example, for hundreds of millions of years, during the spring equinox, the Sun returns to cross the plane of the equator. It is the same, another example, for the planet Saturn: we also know that approximately thirty years after the birth of an individual, it will occupy exactly the same position which it had at the time of this birth, which makes it possible to predict from birth, if not predict, what state of mind this individual will find in his thirtieth year; similarly, liver cells are known to renew themselves approximately every forty days: “Repetition is the secret of probability: the more you repeat a situation, the more exactly you will be able to formulate the probability, until, finally — and this is the statistical formulation — you can make a very precise and exact calculation.

In fact, linear Time going from the past to the future through the present may just be a subjective illusion: we live in the cosmos, and cosmic Time is cyclical. Finally, there is a third dimension of Time: that of eternity.

Quantum eternity

Recent and shocking experiments in quantum physics at the Institut d’Optique d’Orsay have demonstrated that two subatomic particles originating from the same atom and artificially separated continue to be “together” and having the same reactions and characteristics at the same time while they are several meters apart; even if they were thousands of kilometers away, that wouldn’t change anything: they would remain mysteriously connected by a totally unknown physical law. The theoretical calculations of physicists show that at the level of the infinitely small, the particles make fun of space… but also of linear time. The only hypothesis to explain this phenomenon is simply astounding and was formulated by Costa de Beauregard, one of the most eminent physicists of the 20th century: there would be another dimension of reality where cause and effect relationships would be abolished, “which would permeate the whole universe, by linking together the most distant points as well as the closest and in a time which would bring together past, present, future in the same immutable and as if immobile instant… Eternity, in short, such applied to define it by the catechisms of most of the great religions.

If there is a dimension of universal reality in which past, present and future form a single and unique moment of eternity, it becomes possible for seers, thanks to their mysterious “sixth sense” which connects them with this strange dimension, of “guess” the future and the past in the present, since they are at its very heart, which would explain both the phenomena of precognition and retrocognition…

Fate and Free Will

But then, would our destinies be all mapped out? Is our free will just an illusion? “How to situate this very small “piece” of individual space-time in the cosmic infinities with enigmatic “finalities”?” Are we subject to an implacable fatality? “It is nature, in us, which is destiny, insofar as our life, in its future, depends on it and not on us”, notes the philosopher Marcel Conche, who specifies that “The initial disposition of man is his destiny — understanding by ‘initial disposition’ not only the ‘character’, but all that is initially part of my being, of my ways of being and that I cannot change, a assembly of data (the place, time and date of my birth, my somatic, morphological and physiological condition, my health, my aptitudes, my ethnicity or my nationality, my social or family condition, etc.) all of which is unique… and constitutes my ‘game’ in the Great Game of the world… Certainly, given my game, I can play more or less well, but, in any case, I cannot do what is not possible to do with the game I have.

To resign oneself to this fatality would however be a metaphysical, spiritual… and perhaps scientific error! Indeed, if past, present and future are contemporaneous in the same instant of eternity as the strange behavior of subatomic particles suggests, they determine each other reciprocally: fascinating paradox, if the future “already written” determines the present being lived and the past fled, the reverse is also true: the present determines the past and the future. What seers guess about the future may be nothing else, seen from our space-time “usual”, that the consequences in the future of the bygone past and of the present in the making… By playing our individual game in the Great Game of the world, we participate eternally in this Great Game, we are intimately part of it, we build it at our tiny, tiny level. By giving up in front of a simplistic and erroneous conception of “fatality”, we would betray eternity, ours and that of the universe!

Astrology and clairvoyance: the difference

Let us return to more practical considerations. Is the future predictable? Yes… but under certain conditions. True clairvoyants do exist. Remember that they are a tiny minority, and that most of those who claim to be such are at best intuitive, at worst vulgar exploiters of human credulity. But even true clairvoyants cannot be objective and ultra-precise witnesses of the future. They are, after all, just fallible human beings with a fragile and intermittent gift, whose visions of the future or the past often intertwine with their intuitions and imaginations. They are certainly capable of predicting events, but with relative imprecision: “This gift makes me, in a way, a kind of instrument to perceive snippets of the future, practically without my knowledge. I can neither receive flashes at will, nor prevent myself from having them at the most unexpected moments”, confides Pierre Josse, a non-professional clairvoyant who has been tested positively at the parapsychology laboratory in Toulouse.

And astrology? Does it predict future events? Not in itself. The study of planetary cycles and intercycles only makes it possible to predict what kinds of questions and problems an individual, in his psychological development, will be confronted with at such and such a period of his life. An astrologer can only date dates. He does not know what events will occur during these time periods, moreover relatively imprecise. If you have encountered an astrologer who predicted many events to you and whose predictions turned out to be more than 60% accurate, this individual was actually a seer who used astrology as a “medium of clairvoyance”, and not as a science.

In general, there are far fewer charlatans among astrologers than among clairvoyants. Indeed, any swindler or enlightened person can claim to be clairvoyant, whereas astrology is a difficult science which requires long years of study and a certain intellectual discipline, all things which put off charlatans eager for sensationalism and profits. immediate. But the bad astrologers are still extremely numerous. So do not trust them blindly, especially if they embark on too precise prophecies, especially since it is extremely rare that a good or bad astrologer is at the same time a true clairvoyant.

Knowing your future, is it useful or necessary?

Worry, even anguish in the face of the unknowns that the future holds fills the offices of clairvoyants and astrologers. It is an integral part of the human condition. Consulting a true clairvoyant on a day when, exceptionally, his gift manifests can help to prepare for the arrival of inevitable events. Why not? An interview with a competent astrologer can shed light on the probable consequences of your current dysfunctions, and possibly save you from making bad choices. Again, why not? The only problem, and it’s a big one, is not putting your destiny in the hands of charlatans, and there are plenty of them.

For the philosopher Seneca, “fate leads those who consent, pulls those who refuse”, while for Saint Thomas Aquinas, “the stars incline, but do not require.” So you might as well go in the direction of your astral inclinations and consent to your destiny… never forgetting that those who rebel against an announced fatality are no doubt only fulfilling their destiny too.

Text published in Astrologos No. 1, September 2000.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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