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Consonant lunar aspects
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The interpretation examples that we are suggesting are very far from being exhaustive : they only show and outline a general frame describing the issues of the aspect. They should therefore not be taken literally. Each being brings indeed its own responses, more or less original, to the questions raised by an aspect. There is no magic formula. Through using the R.E.T. and the Theory of Ages and combining logic, observation and imagination, you will be able to develop a thousand other possible meanings, a thousand other variations on the same theme.

Consonant Moon-Sun aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Sun ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You perceive yourself as the absolute center of a homogeneous universe of which you are an integral part. Your quest for recognition, esteem, unconditional admiration does not prevent you from remaining fully yourself : you give a strong image of yourself but without artifice, in accordance with your intimate nature. Staying up to your ideals, models and principles does not cost you : this is how you feel comfortable, good about yourself. The goals you give yourself reflect the possibilities inherent in the overall situation in which he is immersed. Voluntary but in favor of the least effort, you never decide on anything without being strong in a reliable support or in a supportive and familiar environment. You are looking for a relationship of osmosis, of fusion where you would be the object of permanent attention. Capable yourself of exemplary solidarity, you demand total reciprocity in this area. You want to be the king, both demanding and good-natured, of your little universe.

Consonant Moon-Mercury aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Mercury ‘tR’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You feed on your disparate curiosities, your multiple centers of interest, your varied encounters. Attentive, available and receptive, you listen to the diversity of opinions expressed around you. The slightest sign awakens in you your taste for play, free communication, disrespectful and good-natured fantasy. You easily familiarize yourself with the unknown, the changing, the unpredictable. Rather than heavy theoretical shackles, you prefer forward-looking imagination, the permanent astonishment of those who observe the world with ever-new eyes. You draw your well-being, your tranquility and your serenity from an ever-renewed openness, receptive to the thousand facets of the world and the beings who inhabit it, amused or exhilarated as you are to approach them, discover them, tame them to do them intimately yours.

Consonant Moon-Venus aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Venus ‘eR’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You find and maintain your balance and your fullness in an atmosphere rich in emotional exchanges. You live in osmosis with what and those you love and who love you. Your likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes are whole, visceral, instinctive. You are intimately one with your loves and your desires which are like a second skin to you. Tender and friendly, you like to evolve in an atmosphere and a daily life that faithfully reflects your sensoriality. Without forcing yourself, you find around you what satisfies your thirst to enjoy life. Your daydreams encourage you to see the bright side of things and, consistent with yourself, you act in such a way that the dark, unpleasant, problematic aspects of life spare your daily life. Affectionate and friendly, intimate and aesthete, polite, kind, courteous, you discourage adversity with your onslaught of serene joie de vivre.

Consonant Moon-Mars aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Mars ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You live intensely and energetically your relationship of osmosis with the world and its inhabitants. Combative, determined, ardent, you expend your energy without counting the cost to strengthen the bonds of solidarity that bind you to your environment. To feel good about yourself, you must constantly try new experiences, experience strong sensations, embrace people and things head-on, with a warm harshness and rough kindness. Unrepentant dreamer, you are also a fanatical realist. The potentials that you carry and that your dreams bear witness to must be embodied and realized without delay. If you are not afraid of sudden or violent effort, you nevertheless prefer fluid actions, those which seem to go without saying. Because you are intimately and energetically one with your present, your situation, your surrounding environment, it is difficult, if not impossible, to destabilize yourself, to decenter yourself.

Consonant Moon-Jupiter aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Jupiter ‘rE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You find your balance and your fullness in a rich and well-adapted social life. Your human warmth, your kindness, your friendliness allow you to weave around you a network of relationships and support. You know how to use it wonderfully to facilitate the achievement of your goals and ambitions. By your talk, you become without forcing yourself the center of interest of your group, on which you watch with a benevolent and paternalistic authority. It seems natural to you to scrupulously respect the codes, laws and regulations that cement the social life of your community. You mediate, play the role of the reasonable diplomat, the appeaser of conflicts, the “parliamentarian”, the one who appeals to everyone’s well-understood interest. You know how to organize your daily life to the best of your well-being. You have the art of simplifying your life with good humor.

Consonant Moon-Saturn aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Saturn ‘tE’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You maintain your well-being, your tranquility and your homogeneity by keeping a wise distance from anything that could disturb the harmony of your intimacy and your daily life. Cautious and reserved, you do not open up easily, and in any case not before having weighed and matured your words for a long time. Foresighted, you organize your daily life to protect it from chance and the vicissitudes of existence. Secret and modest, united but solitary, you can give the best of yourself for your group. Receptive to beings and atmospheres, you prefer to observe and dissect behaviors and situations, rather than intervene directly. The coldness or the absent-mindedness that often characterizes you do not prevent you from being welcoming and benevolent with those whom you have admitted, after mature reflection, into the clan of your intimates.

Consonant Moon-Uranus aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You find your well-being, your balance and your plenitude in a deep mastery and a perfect control of yourself. In a demanding way, you polarize all of your virtualities according to the precise and ambitious objectives that you set for yourself. You draw from your daydreams the material to build impeccable intellectual edifices whose coherence, homogeneity and harmony it is essential for you to preserve. It seems obvious to you that the will does not have to bend in the face of events. Thus your inner determination, which manifests itself in a great outer firmness, remains relaxed. You assert yourself and impose, in a group, your often original, sometimes disconcerting views, with such natural aplomb that no one would dream of discussing such authority. You inhabit your dignity, your principles and your uprightness so intimately that even in its greatest demands, you do not seem in any way tense.

Consonant Moon-Neptune aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Neptune ‘eT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You are intimately “connected” to the sensations coming from the unconscious, from the deep feelings of beings and things. You live in natural symbiosis with the hidden, latent, subtle, unobvious forces that surface on the surface of concrete realities. Receptive to what is most shifting and complex in humans and your environment, you instinctively show solidarity with the obscure possibilities that are just waiting to hatch. You docilely follow the thread of your inspirations, your dreams, your moods, without worrying about being understood. You feel that you are the inhabited-dweller of a larger dimension, to which you bear witness in your own way, through your strange logic, your rich ambiguities, and your intuitive sense of situations. You have a flair for the invisible, for uncertain emergences, for underground currents just waiting to irrigate and transform everyday life.

Consonant Moon-Pluto aspect (conjunction, trine, sextile)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Pluto ‘P’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Trine (consonant aspect) Sextile (consonant aspect)

You feel perfectly at ease in your puzzles. You are at home in the labyrinths of unseen realities, and the darkness is familiar to you. You are receptive to the tiniest whispers of the unconscious, to the most tenuous signals from the invisible. Your daily life must reflect your own complexity, the multiplicities that drive you : dense, impenetrable, disturbing. Your most intimate ties are woven under the seal of secrecy, of an indescribable and impalpable complicity. You know nothing about the secret of things, beings and souls : it is banal, habitual, familiar to you. Your daily life is irrigated with secret signs that only mean something to you. You peacefully listen to the silences and the unspoken, without neglecting to use them, casually, to occultly establish your power over beings and things. You are not looking for power : you exercise it, serenely and passively.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Les significations planétaires

par Richard Pellard

620 pages. Illustrations en couleur.

La décision de ne traiter dans ce livre que des significations planétaires ne repose pas sur une sous-estimation du rôle des Signes du zodiaque et des Maisons. Le traditionnel trio Planètes-Zodiaque-Maisons est en effet l’expression d’une structure qui classe ces trois plans selon leur ordre de préséance et dans ce triptyque hiérarchisé, les Planètes occupent le premier rang.

La première partie de ce livre rassemble donc, sous une forme abondamment illustrée de schémas pédagogiques et tableaux explicatifs, une édition originale revue, augmentée et actualisée des textes consacrés aux significations planétaires telles qu’elles ont été définies par l’astrologie conditionaliste et une présentation détaillée des méthodes de hiérarchisation planétaire et d’interprétation accompagnées de nombreux exemples concrets illustrés par des Thèmes de célébrités.

La deuxième partie est consacrée, d’une part à une présentation critique des fondements traditionnels des significations planétaires, d’autre part à une présentation des rapports entre signaux et symboles, astrologie et psychologie. Enfin, la troisième partie présente brièvement les racines astrométriques des significations planétaires… et propose une voie de sortie de l’astrologie pour accéder à une plus vaste dimension noologique et spirituelle qui la prolonge et la contient.

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Pluton planète naine : une erreur géante

par Richard Pellard

117 pages. Illustrations en couleur.

Pluton ne fait plus partie des planètes majeures de notre système solaire : telle est la décision prise par une infime minorité d’astronomes lors de l’Assemblée Générale de l’Union Astronomique Internationale qui s’est tenue à Prague en août 2006. Elle est reléguée au rang de “planète naine”, au même titre que les nombreux astres découverts au-delà de son orbite.

Ce livre récapitule et analyse en détail le pourquoi et le comment de cette incroyable et irrationnelle décision contestée par de très nombreux astronomes de premier plan. Quelles sont les effets de cette “nanification” de Pluton sur son statut astrologique ? Faut-il remettre en question son influence et ses significations astro-psychologiques qui semblaient avérées depuis sa découverte en 1930 ? Les “plutoniens” ont-ils cessé d’exister depuis cette décision charlatanesque ? Ce livre pose également le problème des astres transplutoniens nouvellement découverts. Quel statut astrologique et quelles influences et significations précises leur accorder ?

Enfin, cet ouvrage propose une vision unitaire du système solaire qui démontre, chiffes et arguments rationnels à l’appui, que Pluton en est toujours un élément essentiel, ce qui est loin d’être le cas pour les autres astres au-delà de son orbite. Après avoir lu ce livre, vous saurez quoi répondre à ceux qui pensent avoir trouvé, avec l’exclusion de Pluton du cortège planétaire traditionnel, un nouvel argument contre l’astrologie !

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