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Family Chart analysis: parents
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The father, the mother, and two children: a boy and a girl. Everyone has their own temperament, in obligatory interaction with those of others. Educational analyzes and advice based on the respective Charts of the members of this family group.

Astro-profile of Catherine, the mother

Taurus Ascendant Leo, 29/04/1964 at 11:30 UT in Paris

▶ Good relations between families “Extensive representation” and “Extensive Transcendence
▶ Good relations between families “intensive representation” and “extensive Existence
▶ Weakness of “intensive power” and some “intensive transcendence
▶ Dominant signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Aries

1. Good relationship between “Extensive representation” and “Extensive transcendence”

Two of the three planets belonging to the “Extensive Representation” family are dominant in the chart of the mother: Sun and Mercury are in Midheaven. This makes Catherine a sociable, open person, gifted at being accepted right away, at establishing relaxed communication with others. She knows how to play the roles assigned to her with flexibility, without taking herself too seriously.

Of the three planets belonging to the “Extensive Transcendence” family, only one is dominant: Neptune at the Imum Coeli. The other two, Uranus and Pluto, are connected by harmonious trines to all the dominants. Catherine is therefore also characterized by independent, refractory and imaginative behavior. Like Marc, she is inclined to express the dynamics of her inner world and to follow the thread of her inspirations without worrying too much about being understood.

The good relations between these two planetary families make Catherine a person who is both binding and independent, communicative and demanding, flexible and rigorous, transparent and secretive in her motivations. While listening, open to opinions different from her own, she is not easily influenced and jealously preserves her autonomy of thought and decision-making, her ability to read the underside of the cards behind the appearances of social life. His multiple centers of interest do not prevent him from remaining determined to follow his own path without dispersing himself. She knows how to impose her often original views with enough flexibility and relaxation to avoid being rejected or marginalized.

Tips for the educator: in her relations with Marc, she can help him to be more communicative by increasing the possibilities of dialogue, but must avoid constantly soliciting him. It shouldn’t be too difficult for her. If she has a good ability to understand Marc’s refractory inclinations, she will have to accept that her child’s moods and variable moods sometimes make him incomprehensible. In her relationship with Amélie, she has the qualities required to help her daughter to express herself more, to come out of her silence while respecting her taste for secrecy and in-depth reflection.

2. Good relations between “intensive representation” and “extensive existence” families

Two of the three planets belonging to the “intensive representation” family are dominant in Catherine’s chart: Sun and Jupiter are in Midheaven. This makes her a person with strong principles, a clear and organized vision of things, a decision-maker who is not afraid to get heavily involved in specific and mobilizing choices and objectives. Willing, disciplined, she knows what she wants.

In addition, two of the three planets belonging to the “extensive existence” family are dominant: Jupiter and mars in Midheaven. They give Catherine a realistic, combative, pragmatic and enterprising temperament. Active and ambitious, she knows how to quickly take advantage of the opportunities offered by the situations with which she is confronted and never departs from a solid common sense which encourages her to think, without this preventing her from taking bold initiatives, what a good “take” is better than two “you’ll have it”.

The good relations between these two planetary families make Catherine a strong-willed and realistic person. Logical and organized, she knows how to draw useful lessons from her experiences and find simple solutions to life’s problems. When she has set goals, she effectively gives herself the means to achieve them by taking advantage of the circumstances that she uses as a springboard to assert herself. Her sense of authority and the necessary hierarchies are all the more convincing in that she herself does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves, set an example in the field, confront herself directly with beings and things. She has as much know-how as she has the art of making people know.

Tips for the educator: her relationship with Marc can often be stormy and conflictual, due to their dominant commune “marsian”, but Catherine has good assets to manage these balances of power with firmness and diplomacy. She can help her son to properly integrate the sense of discipline that can sometimes be lacking in him. In her relationship with Amélie, she must avoid wanting her daughter to look like her, requiring her to behave like an optimistic and ambitious fighter: Amélie has too many doubts and questions to throw herself into the action, and runs the risk of being blocked if he is forced to take action too quickly. Catherine will have to accept that her daughter needs time to reflect before giving her opinion or agreeing to express herself…

3. Weakness of “intensive power” and “intensive transcendence” families

The moon is the faintest planet in Catherine’s home sky. She does not know how, does not want to or cannot abandon herself in complete confidence, let herself go peacefully, follow the lines of least resistance of beings and things, preserve moments of quiet plenitude. Whatever she does, she seems constantly obliged to force the course of things rather than to mold herself harmoniously to them, to impose her will and her power of action on them rather than accept their natural unfolding. She lacks fluidity, is convinced that doing nothing is a crime, that serene contemplation is useless and reluctant to establish a relationship of osmosis and fusion with the world around her. She fears above all to find herself alone in an intimacy without needs, neither projects nor desires, in a pleasant daily routine, in a buoyant atmosphere that she assimilates to unbearable routine and an unspeakable resignation.

This weak Moon is further in conflict with Saturn and Pluto, two planets belonging to the “intensive transcendence” family. Catherine can thus fear that any abandonment, any letting go will make her slip into doubt, skepticism, disturbing questioning, and thus encourage her to give up, which she refuses above all.

Tips for the educator: in general, Catherine may lack receptivity towards her children. More than others, she may tend to identify them with a heavy dependency, a cumbersome burden. If she manages to overcome this preconception which is legitimate and understandable for her, she nevertheless runs the risk of misunderstanding the needs for rested plenitude that Marc often manifests. She will have to restrain herself, that she masters her own nature to allow her son to live well and integrate his aspirations to quiet plenitude. With his daughter, this “lack” of the mother will be less crucial: Amélie is not directly looking for a relationship of accomplice osmosis, of intimate familiarity. Her mother Catherine, on the other hand, will have to make very great efforts to understand her daughter’s doubts and worries, which she would tend to take in her first reflex for useless and vain whining.

4. Dominant signs: Taurus-Scorpio, Aries

Unlike her son who bears little resemblance to Gemini, Catherine is very representative of the qualities and faults generally attributed to her Sun sign, Taurus. She has the circumspect distrust, the tenacious endurance, the massive refusals under an exterior that is alternately smiling and imperative. It is difficult to maneuver her, to break through her instinctive defenses. She knows how to make diplomatic concessions and balance her judgments without sacrificing anything that seems essential to her: her principles, her convictions, her ideals. Deep down, she distrusts the “all new, all beautiful”… but with her Mars-Aries component, she is also capable of impulsive and immediate reactions that she seeks to channel and discipline without always succeeding. Beneath her peaceful and controlled exterior, she actually hides a highly excitable nature that a mere trifle is enough to bring out.

Tips for the educator: if she does it right, thanks to their common zodiac dominant (Taurus), Catherine can help Marc to better channel his hyper-activism. On the other hand, it risks “jam” with Amélie who will often find her mother too closed to any new idea: Aquarius is indeed the exact opposite of Taurus.

Astro-profile of Patrice, the father

Libra Ascendant Taurus, 03/10/1965 at 19:00 UT in Paris

▶ Good relations between families “intensive existence” and “intensive power
▶ Good relations between families “Extensive Transcendence” and “intensive power
▶ Weakness of families “Extensive representation” and “intensive representation
▶ Dominant signs: Capricorn and Scorpio

1. Good relationship between family “intensive existence” and “Homogeneity”

The moon, star of the “intensive power” family, is dominant in Patrice’s chart: it is at the height of its daily course and linked by harmonious aspects (trines and sextile) to the other planets. Marc’s father is therefore a receptive person, good-natured, dreamy, nonchalant, anxious to preserve in all things his well-being, the harmony of his daily life, the fullness of his intimate world to which he feels he deeply belongs.

The three planets belonging to the “intensive existence” family also dominate in its chart: Venus, Mars and Neptune were going to bed at the time of his birth. Like his son Marc, Patrice is therefore also characterized by an intense affectivity and a keen sense of beings and things: he lets himself be easily touched, moved, shaken emotionally by what he experiences, feels, perceives through all the fibers of his body and reacts accordingly.

The good relationship between “intensive power” and “intensive existence” indicates that Patrice intimately knows how to make all the emotions, sensations and feelings that touch and cross him his own. His general balance of life and his dynamism go through an intense and harmonious affective life that he lives fully and serenely. He lives in deep communion with those around him and shows them a constant, benevolent and welcoming presence, even if it is not devoid of mood swings. He has at the highest point, and without having to force himself, the family spirit. His reactions are global, authentic, visceral: he instinctively knows what to do, how to act and react, often vigorously but not always rigorously, to preserve the daily well-being and tranquility to which he cares like the pupil. of his eyes.

Tips for the educator: Patrice, despite his mood swings, his sometimes a little on edge reactions “Milk soup”, is of a rather flowing, reassuring, tender and benevolent nature. He does not want to come into conflict with anyone as long as his inner quietude is not concerned. However, he has a taste for intense affective exchanges and confrontations. In this sense, he can with talent play with his son the role of a “doting father” understanding and receptive to the security issues that often arise for Marc. Relations with Amélie are likely to be more complex: indeed, Patrice tends to seek close emotional contact, a tender and privileged relationship, while his daughter clearly prefers to maintain a minimum of distance in her relations with others. Patrice will have to accept little by little to understand that if Amélie shows a certain coldness towards him, it is not for lack of affection on his part, but because she is not at ease. in emotional fusion relationships that his father prefers.

2. Good relationship between “Extensive Transcendence” and “Homogeneity” families

The Moon is therefore dominant in Patrice’s chart. Given that one of the planets of the “Extensive Transcendence” family, Neptune, is also dominant, and that the Moon is in trine with the other two planets of this family, Uranus and Pluto, we can consider that this family is also dominant. Like Marc and his mother, Patrice is therefore also characterized by independent, refractory and imaginative behavior. Like them, he is inclined to express the dynamics of his inner world and to follow the thread of his inspirations without worrying too much about being understood.

But he experiences the good relationship between “extensive transcendence” and “intensive power” in a completely different way, infinitely more peaceful and more serene. He listens to his inner voices, to the murmurs of his unconscious, to the demands of his deep nature that he intends to live without forcing himself to make superhuman efforts. If he most often shows himself in a dreamy, imaginative, sensitive, nonchalant aspect, it would be a mistake to believe that his plasticity makes him completely malleable. It has its secret gardens, its inner world, its intimate labyrinths that resist any attempt to break in. Extremely receptive to the tiniest variations of the atmospheres in which he finds himself, he often and casually has dazzling intuitions that demonstrate a keen sense of observation. While living in a close relationship of os-mosis and harmony with his familiar environment, he knows how to protect what he considers to be the “vital minimum” of his individuality. Those who would take him for an overly accommodating naive risk being at their expense when suddenly he demonstrates that he is not fooled by anything, and that it is not because he feels at ease in his slippers that you have to step on his toes, not because he is most of the time benevolent and conciliatory that you have to tax him with a lack of lucidity, not because he is in solidarity with those around him that he must be accused of lacking personality…

3. Weakness of “Extensive representation” and “Intensive representation” families

Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are the least valued planets in his natal horoscope. Sun and Mercury belong to the “extensive representation” family, Sun and Jupiter to the “intensive representation” family.

Due to his lack of “Extensive Representation”, although he is generally welcoming and receptive, Patrice is not spontaneously sociable, in the sense that he does not feel the pressing need to communicate with others, to be accepted by others. If he is not touched, moved, intimately concerned, nothing seems to really interest him, focus his attention, excite his curiosity outside the closed circle of those with whom he shares intense affective relationships. He reacts too naturally, too with his heart and his guts to be able to integrate the conventions that underlie social life and to play with them skillfully to be recognized.

Because of his lack of “intensive representation”, Patrice hates to constrain himself, to oblige himself to follow a program fixed in advance, to have to mobilize his energies for the purpose of a project which would require him to give up the sweetness of life that he loves. To the great principles, models and ideals, he willingly opposes his great feelings, the impulses of his heart, the immediacy of the relationship experienced. He finds it hard to agree to discipline his existence, to bring it within reasonable standards. He only makes decisions when he cannot do otherwise, when the situation forces him to. As a result, he finds it difficult to live the relationship of authority: either he does not know how to impose his will, or he does it in an inappropriate, capricious, disorderly way.

Tips for the educator: Patrice will obviously have authority problems with his two children. His mother being largely provided with this sense of authority and this sociability which he lacks, it is not very serious if the parental couple gets along well and knows how to divide the tasks: it is up to her to be vigilant, demanding, to play the role of “bogeyman”, it is up to him to be the “cake dad”. But everything is not so simple: Patrice will still have to accept that the classic role of the father absolutely requires being a model, transmitting ideals and certainties, and learning to play this role at least part-time, even if it costs him, even if it is not in his deep nature…

4. Zodiacal dominants: Capricorn-Scorpio

Neither his Sun sign (Libra) nor his Rising Sign (Taurus) dominates Patrice’s birth sky, which demonstrates that the Sun Sign-Rising Sign combination is insufficient to describe someone’s personality. With a dominant Moon in Capricorn, Patrice willingly takes refuge in the ivory tower of his tranquility, opposing a categorical refusal to anyone who would like to disturb it. With a Venus-Mars-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio, he is extremely selective, demanding in the choice of his emotional relationships: when he loves someone, nothing else finds favor in his eyes. Which can give him a touchy affectivity and “sticky”.

Tips for the educator: Amélie also has a Moon in Capricorn, but she is not dominant: Patrice can help her understand that you can find peace in isolation. Marc has a dominant Moon in Cancer: his father will understand his need for tranquility. On the other hand, Patrice should make efforts not to make his family a closed environment without opening to the outside world!

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger
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