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by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

All persons born with a strong Leo influence are not alike, even if they have some common points. We therefore offer you eight different portraits of this Sign: it’s up to you to see if you match one, two or three of these categories. To find out more and ascertain which Signs are dominant in your natal chart, do not hesitate to visit our website and build your free astrological mini-portrait using our software Astrosoft.

Leo ‘R’ family — Sun-Venus-Mercury: spontaneous sociability — extensive Representation

Sociable-communicative Leo

▶ Your strengths : you are looking to push your taste for parties and shows even further. Communicative, seductive and very sensitive to your appearance, you know how to bring others out of their entrenchments, encourage them with tact, humor and conviction to take an interest in you or to enthusiastically share your interests. Very good at asserting yourself and being recognized as long as you are held in high esteem from the outset, audacious, generous and persevering when it comes to going ahead of others, nothing seems to be able to resist your confident dynamism. and liberator full of charm and relaxation, to your affable and relaxed humor, to your radiant character.

▶ Your weaknesses : you too often lack reserve and moderation when you put on a show. As soon as you feel recognized, accepted and accepted, you do too much to monopolize attention. Showman, theatrical, braggart, you have too much of the impression that it is enough to be charming, funny and to be interesting to believe that everything is allowed, including and above all to invade the living space of others. Because their indifference towards you makes him panic, you tend to flatter them too much to keep yourself in their good graces cheaply. In fact, you fear above all that your credit, your love rating will collapse, and flee forward in an invasive sociability to prevent this from happening.

Leo ‘E’ family — Jupiter-Mars-Saturn: sense of concrete — extensive Existence

Active-pragmatic Leo

▶ Your strengths : you are always ready to courageously take up all the challenges imposed on you by circumstances, especially the most adverse ones. From your point of view, no difficulty of existence can be overcome as long as we want it and act with voluntarism. The world of facts is for you a territory of conquest where you advance with as much audacity, pragmatism as determination. Combative and organized, you are ready to break through all the limitations and obstacles to your need to undertake. Constantly experimenting with new situations fascinates you and you show unassailable self-confidence when it comes to confronting yourself with the concrete world.

▶ Your weaknesses : reckless and impulsive, you are too abrupt, too whole in your way of reacting to the circumstances with which you are confronted. Where it would take tactical finesse, the subtlety of a goldsmith to triumph in your endeavors, you too often behave like a bulldozer, an elephant in a china shop. The fear that events will escape you, that circumstances will resist you, arouses in you an excessive activism and interventionism motivated by the panic fear of being deprived, dispossessed of your needs for triumphant action. If your combativeness remains intact, you too often give in to bluster and opportunism for fear of not being in the game.

Leo ‘T’ family — Uranus-Neptune-Pluto: prospective imagination — extensive Transcendence

Imaginative-inspired Leo

▶ Your strengths : you are rich in an imagination that intends to free itself from all limitations. You have deep intuitions of what your future could be and intend to follow them with conquering enthusiasm and breathtaking faith in yourself. Fiercely independent and opposed to all supervision, you are not afraid to take bold initiatives on the sole faith of your intimate convictions : you are inhabited by a singular vision which convinces you that you are capable of shaking up all conformism and all habits. The important thing is for you to affirm your fierce and conquering individualism by not resembling anyone, by freeing yourself from any model.

▶ Your weaknesses : you too easily allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your inflamed and conquering imagination, you are too convinced that the real cannot resist your fantasmatic desires, your irrational appetites for power. Because you cannot bear to feel locked inside yourself, you project onto the outside world your excessive dreams of liberation, your impossible desire for unlimited independence, without ever measuring the price to pay. Expansionist, flamboyant, unpredictable in your always outrageous reactions, you demonstrate your refractory independence by putting your feet firmly in the dish, by surpassing yourself in the magnitude of the challenges you set for yourself.

Leo ‘r’ family — Sun-Jupiter-Uranus: power of decision — intensive representation

Ambitious-resolute Leo

▶ Your strengths : when you want, you can : this is your motto. You want to be infallible, perfect, superior in the field you choose with total determination and generally succeed in doing so. From your point of view, nothing can resist a total, compact, massive, obstinate will such as yours : it can triumph over everything, provided that you plan your actions with enough tenacity and perseverance. To achieve your ambitious goals, you are ready to make all the concessions that cost you little or nothing. Sure of your facts and your convictions, a conqueror, having a very high idea of yourself, you always aim higher, an enemy of bogged down mediocrity and fatalistic impotence.

▶ Your weaknesses : you have all the faults of an autocratic pope whose authority comes from divine law : too sure of yourself, of your convictions, of your judgement, you are ready to take the most rash and dangerous decisions by being certain that you risk nothing. Simplistic, reductive, simplistic, you are too convinced that bad solutions are better than real problems. By dint of wanting to dominate others without any subtlety and by blinding yourself to your impunity, you risk being very easy prey for the traps set for you by more devious, penetrating and subtle minds. You believe too much that you can get away with it by flattering those you submit.

Leo ‘e’ family — Venus-Mars-Neptune: affective sensoriality — intensive existence

Affective-sensorial Leo

▶ Your strengths : you always go further in your need for shared feelings, affective communion, emotional overflow. To love is to live you beyond measure. You take everything you do to heart and live on edge, on edge, with an intensity steeped in authenticity that makes you run away from all the hypocrisies with which others like to drape or hide their true feelings. You cannot be counted on to be petty, stingy with what touches and moves you : with exemplary constancy and freedom, you intend to actively testify, following as closely as possible the contradictory movements and moods of your heart, what you really feel.

▶ Your weaknesses : your abrupt way of reacting to the letter to what you feel, your revolts dictated by your feelings more than by your reason mean that you never know how you will behave in the next moment. In your loves and in your hatreds, in your adorations and detestations, you do too much. You react too frankly, too much with your guts and your heart when the circumstances would require more distance and subtlety. Your desires and moods have excessive force of law for you : your heart dictates impulses that you are unable to govern, which impose themselves on you with such liberating evidence that you are too often the plaything of your desires.

Leo ‘t’ family — Mercury-Saturn-Pluto: critical mind — intensive transcendence

Critical-aloof Leo

▶ Your strengths : you are always ready to go to the end of your criticisms, your frustrations, your dissatisfactions. It is essential for you to free yourself from all conformism and all habits. To be free for you is to grant yourself the supreme and regal power to question everything. You enjoy it without hindrance, never forbidding yourself to disturb, to show your independence of spirit and your stubborn will to go beyond appearances and usual speeches. Your refractory skepticism primarily attacks anything that limits the sphere of human thought. You never hesitate to exaggerate the lack of similarity to highlight what you think is wrong.

▶ Your weaknesses : when your critical and inquisitive spirit comes into action, you believe yourself too invulnerable, too exempt from the criticisms that your inappropriate, outrageous or inappropriate remarks can arouse. In fact, you affirm yourself by the excessiveness of your negations, your refusals, your rejections. To any assertion that is however valid and detailed, you feel obliged to respond openly with sarcasm or disturbing and refractory silences, as if the simple fact of acquiescing, of consenting, were for you an unbearable deprivation of freedom. In any case, when you disagree, it shows, it feels : you are too impulsive to hide your criticisms for long.

Leo ‘P’ family — Sun-Mars-Pluto: retention of power — extensive Power

Deciding-commanding Leo

▶ Your strengths : you are distinguished by a well-structured and daring character which encourages you to set out to conquer your environment with as much constancy as the will to sweep away all the obstacles to your freedom. Imperative, active and coldly determined, a being of order, concrete efficiency and justice, you manifest a radiant authority which is associated with an unequivocal combativeness, whose outbursts are accompanied by an art of suggestion and persuasion showing that you are more subtle than it seems at first sight. Your will to power is assumed, open, displayed, spectacular and easily wins the support of those it amazes, mobilizes and galvanizes.

▶ Your weaknesses : too much is too much, and your weak points lie in your boasting, your boasting, your claim to dominate unchallenged and take center stage by multiplying bluffs, true or false exploits, aggressive outrages and unnecessary provocation. You are exposed to the dangers of a dangerous headlong rush due to the fact that you are more tormented and anxious than you appear, fearing to fall from the pedestal that you have forged for yourself and to see the collapse of too absolutist power. and invading that you exert on beings and things. In doing so, with reckless challenges and shameful tactical retreats, you yourself generate around you the disorder and anarchy that you claim to ward off and combat.

Leo ‘p’ family — Moon: homogeneous wholeness — intensive power

Flexible-receptive Leo

▶ Your strengths : you benefit from a serene self-confidence that radiates around you. Welcoming, available and liberal, you are constantly expanding the territories where you feel comfortable, relaxed, in intimate harmony. You have open, irresistibly generous and contagious kindness, availability, well-being and friendliness. You draw your good-natured tranquility from a peaceful domination of your daily world, knowing how to make the necessary concessions so that you are never disturbed. Your receptivity, your plasticity and your malleability allow you casually to overcome a number of obstacles that others would consider prohibitive.

▶ Your weaknesses : excessively confident and naive about your ability to calmly convince others, you tend to ignore or minimize the pitfalls that they can pose on your way. Provided that it makes you dream and that it does not disturb your habits in any way, you swallow everything without any discrimination : you are too natural to understand the sophistications, too ingenuous to discern all that your too lax behaviors can produce. You blindly believe that it is enough to weave obvious and demonstrative bonds of friendliness between people for everything to happen as in a dream. In fact, it is enough to amaze you superficially to subjugate you.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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