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Global astrology

Conditioning in global astrology

Deleting the Subject In global astrology, no individuals. So, no individual birth chart, no structure fixed in a privileged moment — that of birth — no “plan” architectural of a personality that one could scrutinize until more thirsty, from the cradle to the grave, and even after the death of the native. The reference in the matter is the perpetual motion of the cycles, sub-cycles and (...)

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Could astrology predict the stock market crash of October 2008?

The charlatan siderealist from Mumbai Before diving a little deeper into this new failure of astrological predictionism, let’s start by laughing a little: on 15th October 2008, a week after the crash, AFP broadcast a communicated that an Indian astrologer from Bombay predicted this catastrophe, under the title “The global financial crisis was written in the stars”. Which is totally false. The (...)

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Declination concentration-dispersion index

The index Originally, I calculate an index for the period from 1986 to 2000 but I use a slightly different method (I used the sum of the intercycles rather than their increment) than the one used by Jean-Pierre and I obtain the graph following: I will not pursue my investigations further, but the meager result obtained with this graph corroborates those obtained by Jean-Pierre Nicola (...)

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Élizabeth Teissier, Pluto in Scorpio & the AIDS epidemic

The failed prophecies of Élizabeth Teissier: “…in the summer of 1992, when it seems astrologically reasonable to hope that we will then be able to treat AIDS patients effectively. What seems to me to be able to be affirmed without possible ambiguity is, for the end of November 1995, the beginning of a total victory and without surrender over this terrible virus, which could (should!) then be no (...)

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Élizabeth Teissier’s avian flu

Still psychosis, I’m interested in you… Here is what we can currently read (in 2005) on the website of Calamity Germaine, graduate of zoology who comes out good: “We know that in 1918, in February, then, after a few months of interruption, in August and until the beginning of 1919, this avian plague which was called the Spanish flu caused between 20 and 100 million across the globe. dead — (...)

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Global astrology: a method

1990–1995: The World as a Graph: The Method The following study is an extension of the article that Jean-Pierre Nicola devoted in 1979 to forecasting methods. It uses the same method: it involves measuring the concentration or dispersion index of slow-moving planets (from Jupiter to Pluto) on the ecliptic. It is based on the same interpretative principle, the hypothesis being the following: (...)

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Thoughts on global astrology

Gustave-Lambert Brahy Gustave-Lambert Brahy was born in Liège (Belgium) in 1894. A writer, poet and chartered accountant, he is best known for his brilliant career as an astrologer. In 1926 he founded the Belgian Astrological Institute (which later became the Cebesia or Belgian Center for the Scientific Study of Astral Influences) and the magazine Demain in which its global and financial (...)

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