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Dissonant uranian aspects (dominant Uranus)
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The interpretation examples that we are suggesting are very far from being exhaustive : they only show and outline a general frame describing the issues of the aspect. They should therefore not be taken literally. Each being brings indeed its own responses, more or less original, to the questions raised by an aspect. There is no magic formula. Through using the R.E.T. and the Theory of Ages and combining logic, observation and imagination, you will be able to develop a thousand other possible meanings, a thousand other variations on the same theme.

Dissonant Uranus-Moon aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Moon ‘p’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : tense, brittle, authoritarian, too sure of yourself and of the validity of your reasoning arising from unverifiable personal constructions, you forbid yourself any abandonment, any peace of mind, any kindness. It would be a disgrace in your eyes, reveal some unavowable weakness. You push your untimely and unqualified reasoning to the limit, without worrying about its consistency. The cold and efficient mechanics of your intellect annihilates any receptivity, any intimate feeling of beings and situations. You seek to extricate yourself from the daily routines that make you unbearable through outrageous challenges, adventurous decisions, outrageous or scandalous behavior. For you, nothing is ever easy, fluid, easy : order, logic and ultra-precision are essential in all areas. You can also become an implacable domestic tyrant, imposing, without possible negotiation, your views on your familiars.

Dissonant Uranus-Sun aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Sun ‘rR’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you are the consenting and authoritative hostage of your inner voices, your intimate convictions and your “brilliant” intuitions. They imperiously command you to go against received ideas, to confidently affirm your uniqueness, to impose your own arbitrary conceptions contrary to commonly shared principles and models. Schematic, ambitious, obsessed with order, overly systematic, you do not hesitate to despotically use and abuse your authority without any consideration for the individuals around you. Your frenetic voluntarism, your permanent need to surpass yourself and to give of yourself the image of an exceptional being prohibits you from any stable role or function. Your arrogance, your ambition or your contempt make you a perfect model not to follow for those who prefer eternal and aristocratic values.

Dissonant Uranus-Mercury aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Mercury ‘tR’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : Prisoner of your innermost convictions, your self-revealed certainties, your reductive and systematic cerebrality, you are unable to drop your blinkers to open yourself up to the unknown, to points of view other than your own. Authoritarian and sometimes despotic, full of self-confidence, excessively sure of yourself, you impose your intuitions in the form of shocking ideas which seem to prohibit any reply, any questioning, any desacralizing humor. Your overly structured imagination cuts off the wings of prospective imagination within you. Blinded by your excess of specialization, you forbid yourself any gratuitous curiosity. You cut with presumptuousness in the copse of hypotheses. Hyper-tense, tense, obsessed with extreme precision, you cannot stand any relaxation, any fantasy and flee chance encounters where you cannot impose your intolerant and indisputable certainties.

Dissonant Uranus-Venus aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Venus ‘eR’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you exercise such cerebral control over your affects that you block or prohibit their natural emergence. You theorize excessively in defiance of the realities of the heart. A cold intellectual machine, you may find tender attachments a waste of time when you have so many great things to create or accomplish. Your uncompromising independence forbids you to mislead yourself into privileged relationships where you would have to deal with the sensitivity of others. Unless, yielding to your dominating inclinations, you take yourself for an inspired Pygmalion who holds under a despotic rule and seeks to mold in your image the unfortunate partner that your head, more than your heart, will have chosen. You are brittle when it is necessary to seduce, haughty when the maneuvers of charm are essential, tense when you abandon yourself to emotion.

Dissonant Uranus-Mars aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Mars ‘eE’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : intuitively convinced of the validity, relevance and truth of your undemonstrable affirmations and clear-cut convictions, you can’t stand any rivalry, any denial of stubborn facts, any confrontation likely to call your arrogant certainties into question. You tyrannically impose points of view and theories of which the most elementary realism and the most down-to-earth common sense demonstrate the pretension, vanity, inanity or at the very least the arbitrariness. Certain of being the strongest and the best in your specialty, you refuse relations of equality and fights where you risk losing your reputation for untouchable superiority. The originality that you claim loud and clear seems to be only a grotesque challenge to common sense. Your penetrating and audacious views are, or appear to be, concretely inapplicable.

Dissonant Uranus-Jupiter aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Jupiter ‘rE’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you are possessed by a desire for power and domination, by a cavalier individualism which leads you to arbitrarily reject the laws and norms which regulate life in society. You believe that it is legitimate to impose your intimate convictions, your intuitive certainties and your strong opinions authoritatively, in the most perfect disregard of common sense and legality. Inhabited by the insane conviction that you alone hold the truth, you refuse to explain yourself, to justify yourself, to accept a loyal dialogue. Intransigent and vehement, you denounce, in the name of a higher order of which you consider yourself the qualified representative, the inevitable compromises and negotiations that group life imposes. Hyper-gifted for impeccably organized and hierarchical intellectual constructions, you seem incapable of practical judgment.

Dissonant Uranus-Saturn aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Saturn ‘tE’ ↔ Uranus ‘rT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you affirm with aplomb, authority and intransigence your intuitively revealed and rigorously structured certainties in defiance of any in-depth experimental research, any serious investigation into the complex universe of beings, things and situations. Your despotic will to power persists in repressing in you and around you all that could resemble a doubt, an interrogation, a questioning, or quite simply a relevant reflection based on a scrupulous analysis of the facts. You decide with audacity where it would be necessary to think long and hard before committing, cut to the heart of subjects that would require prudence and circumspection. Above all, you fear that your reasoning and certainties, built on presuppositions that could not be more uncertain, will be undermined and sabotaged.

Dissonant Uranus-Neptune aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Uranus ‘rT’ ↔ Neptune ‘eT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you are the hostage of intuitively revealed certainties, clear-cut and dogmatic, which seem to prevent your thinking from any flexibility, any nuance, any subtle paradox, that is to say any approach to the deeply moving and chiaroscuro dynamics of the living. Your cavalier individualism, your intransigent voluntarism and your intolerant despotism render you incapable of any humble sharing, of any collective communion whatsoever. You want to emerge from the uncertain at all costs, to show yourself as a beacon in the fog. To do this you fight, with diktats, ukases or arbitrary theories, everything that in the field of your blinkers is assimilated to the vague, the imprecise, the undulating : the half-certainties of a living faith, adherence body and soul to what we do not understand, the mysteries of a universal and unnamable love.

Dissonant Uranus-Pluto aspect (conjunction, opposition, square)

Uranus ‘rT’ ↔ Pluto ‘tT’ Conjunction (consonant or dissonant aspect) Opposition (dissonant aspect) Square (dissonant aspect)

If and when Uranus dominates : you want at all costs to convince yourself, and sometimes succeed, that it is possible for you to enclose the unfathomable mystery of beings, things and situations in an intuitively conceived totalitarian theory. You are affected by a reductionist paranoia which incites you to cut arbitrarily and abruptly in the thicket of complexities and in the labyrinth of enigmas of the universe in order to extricate from it clear, neat and flawless conceptions. Anguished by the idea of a total annihilation of your brilliant and proud individuality, you engage in a frantic and desperate race for absolute power. Confusing subtle and hidden order with disorder and chaos, you intransigently impose your vision of a coercive order, the sworn enemy of all anarchy. Unable to bear the thought of being mortal, you seek to ward it off by performing feats that he hopes will make you immortal.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Les significations planétaires

par Richard Pellard

620 pages. Illustrations en couleur.

La décision de ne traiter dans ce livre que des significations planétaires ne repose pas sur une sous-estimation du rôle des Signes du zodiaque et des Maisons. Le traditionnel trio Planètes-Zodiaque-Maisons est en effet l’expression d’une structure qui classe ces trois plans selon leur ordre de préséance et dans ce triptyque hiérarchisé, les Planètes occupent le premier rang.

La première partie de ce livre rassemble donc, sous une forme abondamment illustrée de schémas pédagogiques et tableaux explicatifs, une édition originale revue, augmentée et actualisée des textes consacrés aux significations planétaires telles qu’elles ont été définies par l’astrologie conditionaliste et une présentation détaillée des méthodes de hiérarchisation planétaire et d’interprétation accompagnées de nombreux exemples concrets illustrés par des Thèmes de célébrités.

La deuxième partie est consacrée, d’une part à une présentation critique des fondements traditionnels des significations planétaires, d’autre part à une présentation des rapports entre signaux et symboles, astrologie et psychologie. Enfin, la troisième partie présente brièvement les racines astrométriques des significations planétaires… et propose une voie de sortie de l’astrologie pour accéder à une plus vaste dimension noologique et spirituelle qui la prolonge et la contient.

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Pluton planète naine : une erreur géante

par Richard Pellard

117 pages. Illustrations en couleur.

Pluton ne fait plus partie des planètes majeures de notre système solaire : telle est la décision prise par une infime minorité d’astronomes lors de l’Assemblée Générale de l’Union Astronomique Internationale qui s’est tenue à Prague en août 2006. Elle est reléguée au rang de “planète naine”, au même titre que les nombreux astres découverts au-delà de son orbite.

Ce livre récapitule et analyse en détail le pourquoi et le comment de cette incroyable et irrationnelle décision contestée par de très nombreux astronomes de premier plan. Quelles sont les effets de cette “nanification” de Pluton sur son statut astrologique ? Faut-il remettre en question son influence et ses significations astro-psychologiques qui semblaient avérées depuis sa découverte en 1930 ? Les “plutoniens” ont-ils cessé d’exister depuis cette décision charlatanesque ? Ce livre pose également le problème des astres transplutoniens nouvellement découverts. Quel statut astrologique et quelles influences et significations précises leur accorder ?

Enfin, cet ouvrage propose une vision unitaire du système solaire qui démontre, chiffes et arguments rationnels à l’appui, que Pluton en est toujours un élément essentiel, ce qui est loin d’être le cas pour les autres astres au-delà de son orbite. Après avoir lu ce livre, vous saurez quoi répondre à ceux qui pensent avoir trouvé, avec l’exclusion de Pluton du cortège planétaire traditionnel, un nouvel argument contre l’astrologie !

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