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by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

All persons born with a strong Virgo influence are not alike, even if they have some common points. We therefore offer you eight different portraits of this Sign: it’s up to you to see if you match one, two or three of these categories. To find out more and ascertain which Signs are dominant in your natal chart, do not hesitate to visit our website and build your free astrological mini-portrait using our software Astrosoft.

Virgo ‘R’ family — Sun-Venus-Mercury: spontaneous sociability — extensive Representation

Sociable-communicative Virgo

▶ Your strengths : you have an ultra-selective and very particular sociability. Open, available and charming towards those who interest you and above all find you interesting, you know how to close yourself opportunely and effectively to those who you think have nothing to offer you. You instinctively perceive that any communication between beings is necessarily inscribed within certain limits to which you willingly comply : if you know how to assault charm, curiosity and interest for those who correspond to you best, you also know how to protect yourself by firm, timely and precise refusals from intruders with whom you are immediately convinced that you have nothing to do or say.

▶ Your weaknesses : despite your openness to others, you are too often choosy when it comes to social contacts. You admit only those who admit you and understand only those who understand you. Amiable, interesting, funny and playful with some, you show yourself to be self-effacing, compressed, ultra-limited or at the very least completely indifferent with others. When you feel misunderstood, you make no effort to address it and panic when called upon. Your main problem is to be completely allergic to this and those who tell you nothing at first, to wonder beyond all reason if you are not mistaken in playing the role that is closely yours.

Virgo ‘E’ family — Jupiter-Mars-Saturn: sense of concrete — extensive Existence

Active-pragmatic Virgo

▶ Your strengths : as soon as you act and take matters into your own hands, you could not be more organized, controlled, disciplined. Pragmatic and realistic, you do everything possible to leave absolutely nothing to chance. You know too well what circumstances have imperative limits to believe that everything is won in advance : “One good hold is better than two you get.” In your ceaseless and enterprising activity to domesticate and master the material universe, you set yourself narrow and constraining limits to be effective without fail. With your fighting spirit and your common sense, you know how to save your efforts and control your activist outbursts : you never know.

▶ Your weaknesses : you sin by excessive desire that everything that happens happens as you have determined, planned and ordered according to your too narrow and too functionalist common sense. Your heavily realistic and reflective nature tends too much to consider the opportunities for action that present themselves to you as useless temptations. You only see the concrete problems that arise for you through the small end of the telescope, prisoner of your excessive mistrust and the panic fear into which any idea of adventure without a net, of risk without tangible counterpart, throws you. Excessively realistic and cautious, your needy common sense lacks offensive audacity.

Virgo ‘T’ family — Uranus-Neptune-Pluto: prospective imagination — extensive Transcendence

Imaginative-inspired Virgo

▶ Your strengths : you have perceived very early and very clearly that your world is definitely not that of others, and you manifest it with a refractory rigor that nothing can undermine. Once and for all and without any concessions, you intend to live according to your own standards, according to your own inner inclinations that no one can influence. You are what you are, at the fairest, at the truest, and impose your strangely logical and rationally bizarre path with an unfailing determination and a powerful need to escape accepted norms. Intuitive and imaginative, unpredictable and secretive, you fiercely protect your independence.

▶ Your weaknesses : victim of your frenzied and intolerant independence, you withdraw excessively from the world around you and from the beings who inhabit it. You are constantly evolving in a “elsewhere” abstract and protective that allows you to escape the heavy constraints of things at a good price. Walled up inside yourself, you self-intoxicate yourself with your fantasies and your anxious imagination, you are convinced that deep down everyone is totally isolated from the others and a prisoner of their destiny. You deeply lack open-mindedness, curiosity for others. Hermetically closed, isolationist, you do whatever it takes to be misunderstood and ostracized and succeed too well.

Virgo ‘r’ family — Sun-Jupiter-Uranus: power of decision — intensive representation

Ambitious-resolute Virgo

▶ Your strengths : rational, logical, methodical and disciplined, you know precisely what you want and even more precisely what you do not want : that we walk on the flowerbeds of your independence and that we take the decisions that are essential to your place. Serious, meticulous and conscientious, you have vast ambitions and an extremely clear awareness of your possibilities, which you never overestimate. You impose yourself by your stubborn competence, your cautious tenacity, your rigorous voluntarism, your ability to quickly assess what separates the possible from the impossible. you have all the qualities required to become a very sharp designer specialist in the field you have chosen.

▶ Your weaknesses : you are too obsessed with order, scrupulous respect for instructions, too obsessed with absolute precision and impeccable reasoning. Rigid and authoritarian, lacking in relaxation and indulgence, you are constantly afraid of being caught out, of not being exemplary in all respects. Locked inside your sectarian principles, your anxious certainties and your narrow and dried up vision of the world, fussy, dogmatic, rationalist, you let nothing pass to anyone. By dint of wanting to be incorruptible and perfect, of corseting yourself in flawless self-control, of imposing an iron discipline on others, you can become almost inhuman.

Virgo ‘e’ family — Venus-Mars-Neptune: affective sensoriality — intensive existence

Affective-sensorial Virgo

▶ Your strengths : you are a sentimental person with affections that are as intense as they are modest, a sensitive person who approaches the world above all through your perceptions, your sensations, and what you experience. Secret and reserved in appearance, you are in fact agitated by powerful emotions and pressing and tumultuous desires that you want to live as they are and that you intend to protect from any intrusion from the outside world. Extremely selective, you only reserve your tenderness and your compassion for those you have chosen, to whom you attach yourself unfailingly : in love as in friendship, you are faithful, devoted, someone on whom you care. can be counted and who will go out of their way to help or console.

▶ Your weaknesses : you are so demanding with your affective partners and so secretive in expressing your feelings that you may have great difficulty finding “shoe on your foot”. You also live too much to the rhythm of your changing moods, your desires and whims to be able to really communicate with others. Clumsy, gruff, you switch without warning from tenderness to defensive aggression, listening only to the weather in your heart. Towards those you do “feels” pas, which inspire a visceral antipathy in you, you show a dryness and a harshness that you are unable to control and which can cause him serious problems in terms of human relations.

Virgo ‘t’ family — Mercury-Saturn-Pluto: critical mind — intensive transcendence

Critical-aloof Virgo

▶ Your strengths : you have a very strong capacity for in-depth reflection. Gifted with subtle and nuanced analyses, cunning and lucid, you have no illusions about anything or anyone. The caustic irony that you most often show allows you to keep others at a distance and to protect you from any influence. Your defensive skepticism encourages you to get rid of the accessory, the apparent to go to the essential, which for you is always hidden, you, to discover. Your deep and systematic dissatisfaction makes you a perfectionist ; you are unparalleled in detecting flaws in reasoning and in dismantling impostures with ruthless thoroughness.

▶ Your weaknesses : quibbler, fussy, hair-cutter, you too often exercise your sterile criticism on everything that comes within reach of your tormented and complicated mind. Entrenched within your secrets, you only come out of your anguished silences to make sibylline and disjointed remarks. Your fragmented thought decomposes everything to excess. By dissecting too much, cerebralizing, intellectualizing, analyzing, reducing beings, things and situations to disembodied abstractions, you forget to live. At bottom fearful, alarmist, full of doubts that gnaw at you and prone to self-deprecation, your suspicious nature too often succumbs to the mania of persecution.

Virgo ‘P’ family — Sun-Mars-Pluto: retention of power — extensive Power

Deciding-commanding Virgo

▶ Your strengths : you are distinguished by a voluntary and determined character. Organized and methodical in the pursuit of your carefully targeted objectives, patience, stubbornness, a sense of hierarchy and awareness of your limits are among your strengths. Imperative, active and coldly determined, the accession and maintenance of power are for you a methodical construction that must leave nothing to chance or improvisation. Being orderly, concretely efficient and fair, you know how to impose yourself with proud discretion, by combining combative realism and meticulous organization in the shadows. To maintain your domination over beings and things, you have the art of compartmentalizing and partitioning your activities.

▶ Your weaknesses : disorder, anarchy and confusion, real or imaginary, are real obsessions for you that you intend to ward off by too often demonstrating an implacable and often unlivable sense of hierarchy that weighs heavily on your environment. It must be said that your anxious and alarmist temperament fears above all that beings and things escape your narrow and fussy control and escape from the cramped spaces where you have stored them in order to better dominate them. It follows that you tend to lock yourself into an aggressive and suffocating self-esteem for yourself and for others, where you struggle to close the gaps through which the mess could eventually rush, at the risk of becoming antisocial.

Virgo ‘p’ family — Moon: homogeneous wholeness — intensive power

Flexible-receptive Virgo

▶ Your strengths : for you, living in harmony is above all about feeling safe. Modest, reserved, shy and secretive with those you do not know, you are on the other hand friendly and welcoming with those who are part of the very closed and very tightly circumscribed circle of your intimate friends. Humble, peaceful and routine, you find your balance in a daily life without surprises or turmoil, wisely confining yourself to the bare necessities to be free from any superfluous needs. Temperate and patient, naturally sparing and rather static, you know how to save your strength and organize yourself peacefully but effectively to curb the unexpected and have time to dream in peace.

▶ Your weaknesses : willpower is not your strong point ; it can even too often turn out to be singularly deficient. You surrender too easily to carelessness, to an anarchic passivity that seems devoid of any appetite for life. At times like these, nothing else seems to interest you but your sterile, disjointed daydreams that isolate you from others. You believe too much that it is your loved ones who must adapt to you : hence your difficulties in integrating into any new environment. Fearful and alarmist, allergic to others who are all potential troublemakers for you, you are no less highly dependent on them as you find it difficult to assume your autonomy.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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