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Aquarius and the other Signs: similarities and differences
Aries-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Aries Aquarius Adapted Aries and Aquarius Similarity Aries-Aquarius: Excitation strength Expending Excitation strength for Aries: the leader. First stage of the natural Excitation strength: daytime overrides nighttime, sweeps away its inhibitions and indifferences. An intact energetic potential that storms out and dashes into the environment. Animal aggressivity, pioneering activities, ardent and (...)

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Taurus-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Taurus Aquarius Adapted Taurus and Aquarius Difference Taurus-Aquarius: Inhibition strength versus Excitation strength Recovering Inhibition strength for Taurus: the objector. Reaction to the excesses of Excitation for Aries: one calms down, one becomes distrustful, mistrustful, sceptical. One controls and regulates one’s vital energy, one disciplines one’s strength, one recovers. One instinctively (...)

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Gemini-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Gemini Aquarius Adapted Gemini and Aquarius Similarity Gemini-Aquarius: Excitation strength Expending Excitation strength for Gemini: the libertarian. The natural Excitation strength made some progress since the Aries phase: Excitation became widespread; the energy lost its initial brutality through spreading. Multiple interests, all-around exploratory curiosity, greater sensitivity to the abstract, (...)

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Cancer-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Cancer Aquarius Adapted Cancer and Aquarius Difference Cancer-Aquarius: Inhibition strength versus Excitation strength Blocking Inhibition strength for Cancer: the defender. One protects oneself from the overdose of external stimuli, one delineates one’s force, territory or power, one places a border between oneself and the outside world. Inside this border, one explores one’s acquired skills, one’s (...)

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Leo-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Leo Aquarius Adapted Leo and Aquarius Similarity Leo-Aquarius: Excitation strength Unblocking Excitation strength for Leo: the champion. The Leo reacts to any situation that encloses, delimits, ties up: to break free, to surpass oneself, to break one’s chains, to get out the hood, to defeat one’s opponents, to overcome encirclements, to refuse fate, paralysis, standstills, quagmires. To dare, to (...)

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Virgo-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Virgo Aquarius Adapted Virgo and Aquarius Difference Virgo-Aquarius: Inhibition strength versus Excitation strength Blocking Inhibition strength for Virgo: the reasonable. The brake is fully pulled: the protection is tight, systematized, strictly circumscribed, and gains this way a better practical efficiency. One gives up the impossible, one builds up safety margins and lifelines. One endeavours (...)

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Libra-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Libra Aquarius Adapted Libra and Aquarius Similarity Libra-Aquarius: Excitation strength Associating Excitation strength for Libra: the conciliator. Summer’s “daytime” is over. “Nighttime” takes over: One withdraws from oneself in order to make oneself present to the other, in order to get in touch as equals with the outside world. One exchanges, communicates, one seeks dialogue with an environment (...)

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Scorpio-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Scorpio Aquarius Adapted Scorpio and Aquarius Difference Scorpio-Aquarius: Inhibition strength versus Excitation strength Differentiating Inhibition strength for Scorpio: the opponent. One perceives first and foremost what distinguishes, differentiates or separates beings, objects, feelings or ideas: one dissects, one discriminates, one split hairs, one refuses too easy associations or similarities. (...)

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Sagittarius-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Sagittarius Aquarius Adapted Sagittarius and Aquarius Similarity Sagittarius-Aquarius: Excitation strength Associating Excitation strength for Sagittarius: the missioner. The associating Excitation strength reaches its climax: one establishes connections, associations or correlations between fields that seem the farthest apart, the most heterogeneous. Sensitivity to general interactions. Wide-ranging (...)

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Capricorn-Aquarius: similarities and differences

Capricorn Aquarius Adapted Capricorn and Aquarius Difference Capricorn-Aquarius: Inhibition strength versus Excitation strength Eliminating Inhibition strength for Capricorn: the impassive. Nighttime, still dominant, is from now on decreasing: of all the things one acquired, one only preserves what is strictly necessary. One therefore radically loses interest in the outside world and its stimulations, (...)

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Aquarius-Pisces: similarities and differences

Aquarius Pisces Adapted Aquarius and Pisces Difference Aquarius-Pisces: Excitation strength versus Inhibition strength Recreating Excitation strength for Aquarius: the reformer. One reacts against oblivion, disillusionment, disinterest; one refuses paralysis and renunciation: reinventing and transforming oneself, rejuvenating, being born again; renewing one’s point of view, looking at things from an (...)

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