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Leonardo DiCaprio, the eternal rebellious Scorpio teenager
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on 10/11/1974 at 10:47 UT in Los Angeles (34° 00′ N, 118° 10′ W). The star revealed by the film “Titanic” and favorite actor of Martin Scorsese is more complex than one might think…

Thème de naissance pour Leonardo DiCaprio — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Leonardo DiCaprio — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Leonardo DiCaprio — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Leonardo DiCaprio
11/11/1974 à 02 h 47 TL (11/11/1974 à 10 h 47 TU)
Los Angeles (Californie, États-Unis)
Latitude +34° 03’ ; Longitude −118° 15’

Marginal and misguided heroes

Before taking on the role of Jack Dawson, the pure and angelic teenage hero of Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has mostly played marginal or unbalanced characters: dirty idiot and onanist in Gilbert Grape, drug-addicted and homosexual poet in Basketball Diaries and in Rimbaud-Verlaine, cowboy thug in Dead or alive. The handsome Leonardo, new darling of the kittens, is therefore not so smooth and so bright as it seems. Moreover, his next role will be that of a golden boy ultra-violent psychopath in a film adapted from the novel American Psycho by Bret Easton Anderson.

Scorpio LibraA glance at his astral chart is enough to be convinced of this. In his birth sky dominate a conjunction Moon-Pluto which rises to the Ascendant in Libra, Saturn which culminates in the Midheaven and an important planetary cluster in Scorpio. With the Moon in Libra, he is certainly cool, sociable, nice, relaxed, but under the influence of Pluto and Saturn he nevertheless cultivates mistrust, secrecy, distance.

He is an immature who knows how to show loyalty. I still wonder if it is really transparent or incredibly complex”, said of him the actress Claire Danes, who played the role of Juliet with Leonardo-Romeo. Good point: if the dominant lunar can effectively make him a childish, immature being, so receptive that he becomes easily influenced, Saturn and Pluto dominating are the index of a complex individuality with an extremely developed critical mind: according to one of his best friends, this true-false naive features a real “radar to detect idiots”.

Luciferian teenager in a rotten neighborhood

Moon Pluto Saturn ScorpioSaturnian of Scorpio, he marvelously embodies rebellious adolescence (Saturn) who stands out by standing out and jealously cultivates his refractory independence (Scorpio). As for the Moon-Pluto conjunction, it makes him an intimate (Moon) of the mystery (Pluto). This aspect is usually dominant in those who play the role of ugly duckling (Pluto) within their brood (Moon), those who, deep down, can only find their natural balance (Moon) within marginal groups (Pluto).

Leonardo DiCaprio is therefore not an angel, far from it … or so, it is on the side of Lucifer that we must ogle. The rest of his career will soon demonstrate this. This taste for marginality and rebellion is further reinforced by his social and family origins: born to artist and hippie parents who divorced a year after his birth, Leonardo grew up “Syringe Street”, in a rotten district of Los Angeles.

Rather than wasting his time at school, where he is baptized “Leo Retardo” so much he shows zeal for studies, he hangs out with his “gang”, plays sports and runs the castings, sure that he will become an actor. Is it a real calling? Not really. The handsome Leonardo experienced misery, and Hollywood was not far away. For a lunar like him (supporter of the least effort), moreover endowed with an advantageous physique, the profession of actor, he admits, seduced him because it was a good way to earn a lot of money. by doing as little as possible… there, it is the lucid cynicism of Saturn-Pluto which points the tip of its nose.

The Grandmother and the Infernal Gang

Moon PlutoThe lunar dominant of Leonardo is also found in his visceral need to feel he belongs to a family, a group, with which he maintains a relationship of osmosis, fusion, demanding and ultra-selective intimacy (Scorpio). It is his father and his mother (to whom he is extremely close) who advise him, surround him and help him manage his young glory. Leo’s contracts expressly state that the “gang” of his friends has the right to be present on the set… a “gang” decadent and disrespectful of propriety (Lune-Pluto) who plays the four hundred blows with the new idol who stubbornly refuses to take himself seriously and become an adult… Nice, good dough, nice (Lune) okay, but without forgetting to remain insolent, disturbing, anarchist (Saturn-Pluto).

Family always: Leonardo is inseparable from his grandmother “Oma” who often travels with him and the members of the “gang”. We couldn’t be more family-oriented… more lunar.

Saturn’s Sabbath

Saturn CancerLeonardo DiCaprio is only 23 years old and he is already rich and famous. In the same situation, others would already have a swollen head and swollen ankles. Not him. After the colossal success of Titanic, he decided to take a sabbatical: “I want to slow down the pace of my career… I just need to be interested in something else”, he says. We believe it. This nonchalant bohemian had to work hard to succeed. He can now enjoy laziness, that sweet sin of lunars, and indulge in his hobbies: idleness, scuba diving, painting and art studies.

It must be said that in 1998 and 1999, Saturn will transit in opposition to its planetary cluster in Scorpio: need for distance, hindsight, in-depth reflection, disengagement. The ideal time, especially when you are a millionaire, to take a sabbatical, meditate, escape fame, find peace, serenity, tranquility (Moon) and interiority (Saturn-Pluto).

Article published in issue No. 4 of the Astrologie naturelle (July 1998).

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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