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Amélie Poulain, a young Virgo girl, delicate and healthy…

Virgo The fabulous instinct of Jean-Pierre Jeunet First of all, it is perhaps worth pointing out that the reasons for a success, even as enormous as this, are always difficult to grasp, because it often results from a combination of random factors that are in no way related to any “recipe”, the ingredients of which could be searched for a long time and in vain. Even for Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the (...)

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Gérard Depardieu, the ogre of Capricorn

Capricorn Thème écliptiqueThème de domitudeHiérarchie des PlanètesGérard Depardieu 27/12/1948 à 08 h 00 TL (27/12/1948 à 07 h 00 TU) Châteauroux (Centre-Val de Loire, France) Latitude +46° 49’ ; Longitude +1° 41’ Of course not. It is the planets, and not the Signs, that deeply structure our behavior, the zodiacal influences being only secondary modulations of the planetary influences. From that side, Gérard (...)

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Leonardo DiCaprio, the eternal rebellious Scorpio teenager

Scorpio Thème écliptiqueThème de domitudeHiérarchie des PlanètesLeonardo DiCaprio 11/11/1974 à 02 h 47 TL (11/11/1974 à 10 h 47 TU) Los Angeles (Californie, États-Unis) Latitude +34° 03’ ; Longitude −118° 15’ Marginal and misguided heroes Before taking on the role of Jack Dawson, the pure and angelic teenage hero of Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has mostly played marginal or unbalanced characters: dirty idiot and (...)

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Orson Welles, the Taurus who said too much

Taurus Thème écliptiqueThème de domitude

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Steven Spielberg or the duels of the universal Sagittarius

Sagittarius Thème écliptiqueThème de domitudeHiérarchie des PlanètesSteven Spielberg 18/12/1946 à 18 h 16 TL (18/12/1946 à 23 h 16 TU) Cincinnati (Ohio, États-Unis) Latitude +39° 06’ ; Longitude −84° 31’ The Mars duels The first film that made famous the creator of E.T., born on 18/12/1946 at 23:16 UT in Cincinatti (39° 10′ N, 84° 26′ W), is Duel. The scenario of this film was very simple: a huge American truck (...)

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