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by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

All persons born with a strong Taurus influence are not alike, even if they have some common points. We therefore offer you eight different portraits of this Sign: it’s up to you to see if you match one, two or three of these categories. To find out more and ascertain which Signs are dominant in your natal chart, do not hesitate to visit our website and build your free astrological mini-portrait using our software Astrosoft.

Taurus ‘R’ family — Sun-Venus-Mercury: spontaneous sociability — extensive Representation

Sociable-communicative Taurus

▶ Your strengths : while being sociable and communicative, you remain circumspect and suspicious. If you open up to others, if you like to be interested, charmed, seduced, amused, you don’t want to let yourself be invaded by them. Vis-à-vis those who do not speak to you straight away, those who do not inspire you with immediate confidence, you maintain an attitude of reserve which can border on thick indifference, refractory silence ; you are all the more joyful, pleasant, funny and attractive for those you have chosen and with whom you develop bonds that are both relaxed and close. You know how to judiciously measure your efforts to gain acceptance without having to compromise yourself too much.

▶ Your weaknesses : somehow you hate being upset. Not feeling immediately understood, accepted, recognized by those you have chosen and whom you believe should never change triggers earthquakes of deep discouragement within you. You would always like to be accepted for exactly who you are, without making efforts to renew yourself in your relationships. When you feel misunderstood, you tend to make a big deal out of nothing, to exaggerate in the belief that everyone is after you personally and that you are not welcome anywhere. Added to this is a bad faith that encourages you to blame your own communication problems on others.

Taurus ‘E’ family — Jupiter-Mars-Saturn: sense of concrete — extensive Existence

Active-pragmatic Taurus

▶ Your strengths : patient, enduring, director, you are the type who takes the… bull by the horns with great ardor coupled with wise caution. you want to build something solid, stable, durable, protected from the trials of time and the vagaries of chance. A stubborn and pragmatic worker, you know how to set practical goals and stick to them, while being realistic enough to take advantage of the slightest opportunity that does not stray too far from the line you have set for yourself. Your skeptical but active common sense leads you to think that nothing is ever certain, that you must always carefully consolidate your positions before undertaking new projects, new actions.

▶ Your weaknesses : you are so down-to-earth, so prosaically pragmatic that you are often “heavyweight”. Prisoner of your needy, laborious, rehashing furrow, enemy of all fantasy, nothing else seems to interest you apart from what you do or could do, what you could gain or lose materially. Only your concrete interests seem to count for you : for the rest, you show yourself to be narrow-minded, hard, impracticable, devoid of any imagination and any openness to the world, which you contemplate through wary loopholes. To exist is for you an exhausting labor to which you devote, without complaining but without real passion, all your strength.

Taurus ‘T’ family — Uranus-Neptune-Pluto: prospective imagination — extensive Transcendence

Imaginative-inspired Taurus

▶ Your strengths : you are a refractory who intends to live according to your own rules and your own laws, to the rhythm of your inspirations that you draw only from the depths of yourself. Your compact silences mask deep inner aspirations that you make it your business to pursue with invariable tenacity. You seem unshakable, rigorously sheltered from all influence, screwed inside yourself by a dark force that encourages you to focus all your energy on the pursuit of your bizarre projects. Coming out of your silences, your positions or sudden reactions are surprising, improbable, paradoxical, sometimes incomprehensible. You are inhabited by a hermetic elsewhere that you express in your own way, without worrying about others.

▶ Your weaknesses : the risk for you is to find yourself frozen inside yourself, prisoner of your whimsical and unverifiable intuitions which will become for you so many certainties as dogmatic as they are indemonstrable. You can come to believe that you are the hostage of a fatal fate against which you can do nothing, while sneakily wallowing in your riddles, displaying your difference through unsocial and whimsical behaviors that further isolate you from social life and tangible realities. Your imagination cut off from reality goes to great lengths for the tiniest details that can become the raw material for your delusions of interpretation.

Taurus ‘r’ family — Sun-Jupiter-Uranus: power of decision — intensive representation

Ambitious-resolute Taurus

▶ Your strengths : you have a compact, massive, powerful will that nothing can distract. Once you have made a decision, you devote all your energy, which is great, to the patient achievement of your goals. You are absolutely faithful to your ideas, your principles, your values and intend to reign as absolute master in the field you have chosen. Independent and organised, willful and cautious, if you can on occasion show yourself to be accommodating, in fact you never give up anything on the merits : you only make concessions at the margins and intend to fully enjoy the authority that you claim. If your fiery nature sometimes makes you excitable, you never deviate from your straight path.

▶ Your weaknesses : intimately convinced of the validity of your convictions without nuances, deaf to any criticism, you risk falling into a tense and tyrannical authoritarianism, reacting massively and unfairly to any breach of the rules that you yourself have defined. You will then be a prisoner of your fixed ideas, of your repetitive ruminations, not tolerating any questioning, any novelty, any modification in your frozen and intolerant universe. Extremely egocentric, you only conceive in your relationships with others the relationship of master and slave, within which you would of course be the unquestioned and indisputable master, rehashing fossil certainties that he takes for wisdom.

Taurus ‘e’ family — Venus-Mars-Neptune: affective sensoriality — intensive existence

Affective-sensorial Taurus

▶ Your strengths : you benefit from a highly developed sensoriality which encourages you to enjoy at leisure, but without excess, the pleasures and desires of life. You do not intend to allow yourself to be dispossessed of this appetite by anything or anyone : it is your capital, your most precious possession, your exclusive and dominating passion. This sensitive affectivity, this quivering reactivity, you try to control them without suffocating them, as if to take better advantage of them. Under the appearances of impassibility that you display, your affective attachments are absolute, as tender as they are vigorous : when you love, it is to the full.

▶ Your weaknesses : you risk too often being a prisoner of your violent, capricious, illogical moods and desires, which exercise a constant dictatorship over your own life and that of others. You are unable to imagine a world other than that of your exacerbated epidermal reactions. If you feel rightly or wrongly thwarted in your search for pleasure, thrills, you easily take the fly for nothing. The ties you weave with those you invest with your affection are so close and obsessive that they make you lose your head : unable to detach yourself from them, you become the submissive slave of your loves and your hates, of your feelings thoughtless.

Taurus ‘t’ family — Mercury-Saturn-Pluto: critical mind — intensive transcendence

Critical-aloof Taurus

▶ Your strengths : It is difficult to wrest from you an approval, assent, a movement of frank acceptance in the face of what is proposed to you : you never depart from a skeptical circumspection, a thoughtful mistrust, a critical prudence. Whatever happens to you, whatever is said to you, you demand to see and observe the world around you with unindulgent insight. You don’t want to be fooled by empty talk, false promises, reassuring illusions. Worried, inquisitive, you look behind the scenes and are never satisfied with anything or anyone, neither yourself nor others. Fond of paradoxes and subtleties, you have a taste for deepening.

▶ Your weaknesses : refractory tendencies and “paranoid” of Taurus are pushed to the extreme here. You systematically split hairs, suspect everyone of veiled bad intentions, underground plots, unmentionable maneuvers. You only seem able to focus your attention on the bad side of things, complicate everything at your leisure, sometimes even getting lost in your riddles, finding yourself prisoner in your dead-end labyrinths. Pessimistic, disillusioned and hopeless, worried, anxious and perpetually dissatisfied, you endlessly dwell on your eternal unanswered questions and your anxieties that wall you in on yourself and prohibit all contact.

Taurus ‘P’ family — Sun-Mars-Pluto: retention of power — extensive Power

Deciding-commanding Taurus

▶ Your strengths : you are distinguished by an abrupt character, resistant and refractory to useless or superficial changes. Imperative, active and coldly determined, you have nothing but contempt and can be very repressive with the irresponsible, the scatterbrained, the fanciful without deep roots. Being in love with order, concrete efficiency and justice, you know how to put yourself forward by your combative and realistic skills as well as by the cunning subtlety of your maneuvers and your skillful dosages. Firmly planted in your dominant and defensive positions, you are not the type to let yourself be destabilized by those who would challenge your power over people and things : your responses are then lightning and implacable.

▶ Your weaknesses : for you, beings and things must be in their place in an immutable and fixed order of which you make yourself the unbreakable guardian. Suspicious, resentful, vindictive, you are a follower of “everything new, everything wrong”. Barricaded in your immutable principles, your inert revolts and your heavy incommunicability, you are tempted to identify yourself with a character of misanthropic, pessimistic and slyly aggressive persecutor-persecutor. You tend to have disproportionate reactions as soon as you imagine, rightly or wrongly, that your enemies or adversaries are plotting against you : it really doesn’t take much for you to feel like the sole object of secret machinations.

Taurus ‘p’ family — Moon: homogeneous wholeness — intensive power

Flexible-receptive Taurus

▶ Your strengths : you deploy all your energy to maintain in you and if possible around you a stable well-being, a serenity and a peace sheltered from the vagaries of chance and the vagaries of the unexpected. You take root in your habits and your routines, you attach quietly but unfailingly to what and those who are part of your intimate and familiar world. Your currency could be “calms you !” You know how to make the necessary concessions so that no one comes to disturb you in your “bubble”, resist effortlessly the excitement of your environment and do not want to let yourself be destabilized by anyone or anything at any price. Convivial and agreeable within the circle of followers you have carefully chosen, you remain indifferent and suspicious of the rest.

▶ Your weaknesses : apathetic, you tend to immerse yourself too much in your routines and acquired security. You find it difficult to agree to leave the purring circle of your familiars, your intimates. Only your selfish, self-satisfied tranquility seems to have any real value to you. So you repeat to yourself, you harp on indolently, unable to reconsider the world and the beings around you with fresh eyes. Prisoner of your reassuring dependencies, of your established achievements, you allow yourself to eke out a living in the protective breast of your comfortable habits, vegetate without asking for more. Tired in advance of the idea of taking an initiative, you are nonetheless worried about losing a crumb of your closed happiness.

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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