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Astrology and sex
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

The following article is the very example of a commissioned text, which I wrote for a consumer magazine that wanted cardboard at the sales level. The descriptions of sexual behavior according to the Signs and the planets are the pure fruit of my imagination, and not of my observations. So read it “with tweezers”… and a lot of sense of humor. You can also find here all the pairs of signs.

Sexuality in itself is not heavenly. It is inscribed in the depths of our animal nature. It therefore participates above all in our earthly affiliations. But since our earthly condition is influenced by the stars, there is an indirect but real relationship between sexuality and astrology.

In the field of sexuality as in many others, nature and the different types of cultures have made us very unequal. On the side of nature, let us observe that the sexual tone decreases with age and that it exists to simplify hyposexual and hypersexual. The first are not too satisfied with a reduced sexual activity, if not non-existent. The latter, on the contrary “just think about it” and behave like real “sex beasts”. On the cultural side, everything depends on what era and in what type of society one is born and lives. Some (they are very rare) allow the development of all forms of sexuality without any taboos. Many — a majority — condemn certain sexual practices (fellatio, sodomy, zoophilia). Most do not generally view same-sex relationships very favorably.

Suffice to say that it is not your horoscope that decides above all your tastes and your erotic expectations. The Dominant Signs and Planets in your birth sky exert, however, without your knowledge, an important influence on your sexual behavior. It is important to know yours and those of your partners from wet nights and tired mornings: this way you will better know how to adapt your sexuality to that of the other, and vice versa (and not vice versa!).

The main thing is to know the planet or planets that are dominant in your chart or in that of your partners. For this it is essential that you have your chart made by a qualified astrologer. It is only then that the Signs of the zodiac exert a certain influence.

The Planets of Sex

MoonSex and the Moon

If you were born under a strong influence of moon, your sexuality is very often of the “oral”. You need to suckle, to suck the other, to become one with his body, in a blissful and restful erotic osmosis where you surrender completely to each other. Rather than performance or ecstasy, you seek above all the relaxed and serene well-being that follows orgasm. Plastic and available, you adapt flexibly to the desires of the other as long as they remain spontaneous and natural. For you, sexuality is a natural, primordial need, to which you must give in with pleasure, of course, but without this preventing you from enjoying life quietly by exhausting yourself in tumultuous hand-to-hand combat. Basically, you prefer a daily experience where sex is not too important.

SunSex and the Sun

If you were born under a strong influence of Sun, you are generally so conscious and so vigilant a priori in everything you do, that you find it difficult to abandon yourself completely in the sexual act. Even in the midst of orgasm and pleasure, you maintain vigilant self-control, which can have happy consequences for your sexual performance (especially for others). When you make love in any case, you want to assume, to show yourself up to your partner’s expectations, and above all not to disappoint him: the admiration he has for you is more important to you than mutual pleasure. that you can share. Your eroticism has principles: you do not allow yourself to do anything, especially if it risks earning you a bad reputation and brand image.

MercurySex and Mercury

If you were born under the strong influence of Mercury, sexuality is for you above all a place to exercise your natural curiosity, your playful mood, your interest in the new, the unpublished, the unknown. The positions of the Kama Sutra are for you so many images that excite your imagination and your desire to try many erotic experiences, just “to see” what it gives. Affectionately and emotionally detached, you consider your erotic conquests more like prankish game partners than real carnal companions. In fact, perhaps you’d rather imagine your sexual fantasies than actually live them: the exhilarating bodies in the wetness of sex often seem quite clumsy and clingy compared to the delicate and multifaceted eroticism of your mind. Unless you prefer voyeurism or solitary pleasures, who knows?

VenusSex and Venus

If you were born under the strong influence of Venus, nothing that is carnal is a priori foreign to you. Your nature is sensual, sensory, naturally erotic. You live under the pink dictatorship of your desires and your quest for pleasure. Touching, smelling, licking, sucking, caressing the body of the other are vital necessities for you. Pleasurable and voluptuous, you intensely live your relationship with your body and that of the other, and are ready for any position to reach orgasm, receive and give pleasure. To seduce the other, you never hesitate to deploy the full range of your natural and spontaneous seduction. But tenderness, sharing and communion of hearts are just as important to you as pure sex. You prefer heart-to-body to body-to-body.

MarsSex and Mars

If you were born under the strong influence of Mars, sexuality is a natural instinct for you that must be satisfied whenever the need arises. Direct, uncomplicated and without prejudice, you aim above all for the immediate satisfaction of your libidinous impulses, in a tumultuous and vigorous hand-to-hand combat where fantasies have no place. Ardent and impetuous, in search of strong and intense sensations, you set out to conquer your partners with whom you wish to experience frank, healthy, animal sexual relations. Erotically hyper-active and sometimes tireless, you seek in the sexual act, which you live without taboos, both a duet and a duel with the other: duet by synchronous enjoyment, and duel by that of “possess” another body than yours.

JupiterSex and Jupiter

If you were born under the strong influence of Jupiter, sexuality is an opportunity for you to express your self-confidence, your appetite for material and carnal pleasures as well as your somewhat dominating inclinations. Jovial and euphoric, you never miss any opportunity to satisfy your libido. You like to impress your partners, and you often give them real Kama Sutra lessons, so convinced are you that when you have acquired good know-how, you have to let it be known! Your sexuality also obeys certain rules: for you, there is “what is happening” and “what is not done”. Finally, the pleasure of conquest that allows you to shine and the interest of putting an extra cross on your “hunting board” matter as much as the sex itself.

SaturnSex and Saturn

If you were born under the strong influence of Saturn, sexuality is for you everything we want, except something simple. Imaginative, worried or romantic, you construct all sorts of erotic hypotheses, complicate your desires and pleasures at your leisure, look elsewhere (where it is not) for the flesh you have at hand. No matter how much you reach orgasm, break taboos, dare new combinations and forbidden pleasures, you are never really completely satisfied, satiated, sated. As if your body is always missing something when it exults. “Physical love is hopeless”, sang the Saturnian Gainsbourg. You then have the choice between eagerly multiplying sexual experiences to become a cold connoisseur, or detaching yourself from them…

UranusSex and Uranus

If you were born under a strong influence of Uranus, you are above all a cerebral person. Sexuality is therefore for you a “low instinct” which must nevertheless be satisfied by investing it with all your imagination and your extremely constructed and precise fantasies. You control yourself, and you want your partners to be under your control, that sexuality is not an act of abandoning your personal will, but the very place of its accomplishment… You have a strong tendency to impose your ideas and your demands in bed, investing very little in terms of tenderness and affectivity. Autonomous and independent, you leave it to no one to decide for you what is permitted and prohibited when two beings make love. Intransigent, you do not like being resisted.

NeptuneSex and Neptune

If you were born under the strong influence of Neptune, sexuality is most often for you a pleasurable means of communicating body and soul with others. Sensitive, sensory, sensual and imaginative, you are ready for all transgressions, to violate all taboos and prohibitions to achieve pleasure and orgasm. Your deep and nuanced eroticism is loaded with all the subtle flavors of your very intense imagination on this level as on the others. The sexual act is for you a sacred ceremony where the invisible part of each mingles with that of the other on the throbbing altar of bodies tangled in the intoxication of the senses. Inspired and voluptuous, you are in search of strange sensations, of “strange tastes from elsewhere”: sex literally makes you levitate, go into a trance, touch the divine.

PlutoSex and Pluto

If you were born under the strong influence of Pluto, sex only interests you insofar as it conceals a strange, unusual, marginal, deep, mysterious character. Cold and distant at heart, you never fully invest yourself in your erotic relationships, as if your body remains a stranger to you somewhere, even at the peak of orgasm. For you, taboos are automatically made to be transgressed: careless of norms, sensitivities and susceptibilities, you are never as exhilarated as when the possibility of having an unprecedented, extraordinary, even dangerous and above all forbidden experience looms. Your eroticism can develop in an extremely complex, cerebral and imaginative way, without any affective or emotional charge.

The signs of sex

AriesAries sex

If the Aries dominates in your chart, you’re like “press”: you go straight to the point, without bothering yourself too much with sophisticated foreplay… unless it’s hectic antics! Sex is confused for you with urgency; you give yourself to it ardently, with vigor, until complete exhaustion. Fiery, fiery, quick and impatient, you don’t hate a little rivalry or strength to spice up your lovemaking. Always ready to take action as soon as the urge arises, you are also capable of outright refusing your body if you suddenly decide that you do not want to vibrate.

TaurusTaurus sex

If the Taurus dominates in your chart, you’re like “patient”: no way for you to do this in a hurry, off the cuff, in a hurry. Possessive and slightly obsessed in this area as in others, you seek the voluptuous satisfaction of your instincts as much as submissive relationships with your partners. Better than others, you know how to curb your libidinous ardor and control your impatient impulses to prolong the enjoyment, so that the pleasure reaches peaks of intensity. Sex is for you a capital to be exploited. You know how to balance softness and power, restraint and explosions.

GeminiGemini sex

If the Gemini dominate in your chart, you are the type “touch all”: you think that a priori, no bizarre experience or unusual position is prohibited, as long as your libido that nothing excites finds its account. Insatiable in bed or elsewhere, you advocate and apply total freedom in sexual matters: no taboo should prevent you from enjoying as you please. Non-possessive and naturally libertarian, the routine of an overly regular relationship can make you want to change partners often: this stimulates your ardor and arouses your curiosity. Sex for you is playful, lewd, spontaneous, relaxed.

CancerCancer sex

If the Cancer dominates in your chart, you’re like “cocoon”: Satisfied desires and pleasures make you purr in the safe space of shared naughty intimacy. Patient and tenacious, you do not let go of the piece before having reached the pinnacle of enjoyment. If the orgasm is slow in coming, if the bodies are struggling to get in tune, you never give up; on the contrary, you hang on, you persevere until you have achieved your ends. But maybe you sometimes find it difficult to live to the end the contradictory and multiple fantasies that secretly agitate you, so much do you find it difficult to indulge yourself.

LeoLeo sex

If the Leo dominates in your chart, you’re like “champion”: in your sex life as elsewhere, you must surpass yourself at all costs, go to the end of the limits of pleasure… and even cross them cheerfully and daringly to achieve higher orgasms, more perfect enjoyment. Conquering and dominating, you know how to impose on your partners the law of your imperious desires, your uninhibited fantasies, all the better if you generously agree to satisfy theirs. They even sometimes find that you do too much… but for you, the horizon of sexual pleasure has no limits!

VirgoVirgo sex

If the Virgo dominates in your chart, you’re like “choosy”: you do not mate with just anyone under any circumstances. Modest and reserved everywhere other than in bed, you offer yourself completely to the partners you have chosen, provided that you feel safe, that your sexual relations are in one way or another protected. You are not looking for the highest peaks of enjoyment, but a sure and regular pleasure, intense but measured; to achieve this, you deploy treasures of patience, tenacity, humility and subtle submission to the desires of your partners.

LibraLibra sex

If the Libra dominates in your chart, you’re like “do we hear”: your body opens easily to that of the other, hoping to find a harmonious and balanced sexual agreement. Flexible and available, you are ready to make all the concessions necessary for a good erotic understanding. You even find immense pleasure in making these concessions, and enjoy dispossessing yourself to better satisfy the whims and the four wills of your partners, provided they agree to do the same for you. Physical love is for you an exciting pas de deux, an erotic and languorous tango.

ScorpioScorpio sex

If the Scorpio dominates in your chart, you’re like “pot of glue”: you experience possessive, obsessive and intense relationships with the romantic partners that you have carefully selected for their abilities in this area. Your tastes and erotic fantasies are very special and very demanding: whole and passionate, your partner must submit to them unconditionally to achieve carnal ecstasy. Note in passing that the flattering sexual reputation granted to your Sign is completely overrated: Scorpios are neither more nor less “sex beasts” than the average. Sorry for your illusions!

SagittariusSagittarius sex

If the Sagittarius dominates in your chart, you’re like “never enough”: desires and pleasures know neither brakes nor limits. Generous and passionate about sex, you are ready for all kinds of experiments, to try the most exotic positions and the most foreign to your habits. Physical love is an opportunity for you to transgress the barriers that separate beings, to unite in frenetic pleasure until you lose sight of yourself. Refined and skillful, you always have the fantasy, whether you realize it or not, of going to see other beds to discover other practices and break new taboos.

CapricornCapricorn sex

If the Capricorn dominates in your chart, you’re like “fake jaded”: you often have the impression that you have done everything in this area, and that desire can only leave you cold… until it wakes up without warning! You then reveal a passionate, ardent and insatiable nature, ready to sacrifice everything without shuddering to achieve amorous ecstasy. Sex is for you an absolute to which you must devote your body burning from within with a libidinous energy as volcanic as it is undemonstrative. Those of your partners who thought you were wise and indifferent at first sight are completely overwhelmed!

AquariusAquarius sex

If the Aquarius dominates in your chart, you’re like “all new, all beautiful”: imaginative and inventive, avowed enemy of sexual routines and other missionary positions, you make your bed a space in which to endlessly recreate the erotic acrobatics of the Kama Sutra, unless of course you prefer to do this everywhere, except in a bed: too banal for you… Your body knows only one watchword: free itself from conventions, attach itself to nothing other than the electric law of desire and pleasure, risk to be accused of licentiousness. Orgasm is for you a rejuvenation, a metamorphosis, a transfiguration.

PiscesPisces sex

If the Pisces dominate in your chart, you are the type “sleeping water”… which, of course, we must beware of: seemingly indifferent, you are inhabited by an eroticism as passionate and burning in depth as it seems secret and placid on the surface. Eroticism is for you an absolute secret and sweaty where you aspire to get lost, a continent swallowed up by stormy impulses, a pagan and bawdy cult to which you devote yourself. Sex is an erotic religion to you, and you willingly submit to its lascivious gods and sacrifice your will on the moist, throbbing altar of pure, unfettered enjoyment.

Article published in issue No. 1 of the Astrologie naturelle (December 1997).

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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