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Élizabeth Teissier’s avian flu
by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

Help! Élizabeth Teissier is back! Taking advantage of the collective panic movement, she spread in 2005 in the media about the “terrible threat of a pandemic” of which Saturn and Neptune would be the odious celestial leaders. But rest assured: Calamity Germaine had planned the election of John Kerry against Georges W. Bush…

Still psychosis, I’m interested in you…

Here is what we can currently read (in 2005) on the website of Calamity Germaine, graduate of zoology who comes out good:

We know that in 1918, in February, then, after a few months of interruption, in August and until the beginning of 1919, this avian plague which was called the Spanish flu caused between 20 and 100 million across the globe. dead — more victims than World War I that had just ended!…

However, what is disturbing — and rather worrying: in 1918, we find the great Saturn-Neptune cycle (36 years), with a conjunction between these two stars. In August 2006 (cf. my Horoscope 2006), then at the beginning and middle of 2007, we find this same cycle (opposition)!

Saturn is the planet of trials, separations and death, while Neptune is that of dissolution and pollution — therefore, also of viruses. Besides — is it a coincidence? — Saturn is currently in exactly the same place in the sky as it was in February 1919: around 10° Leo! Where he will return in July 2006!

This same Saturn, as in July 1918, will be in dissonance with Jupiter from mid-December 2005, then again at the end of June and the end of October! Another great cycle that repeats itself in this case… Finally, last but not least, in August 1918, we observed an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, the planet of decay, fermentation — and, with Saturn, death. However, it should unfortunately be noted that this same cycle is in dissonance from the beginning of December, then at the end of May and at the end of July.

CONCLUSION: In view of these many parallels, it seems that there is indeed, objectively and astrally speaking, cause for concern with regard to our near future. Especially since Neptune, planet of viruses, is involved in this disastrous concert, in particular through its dissonance with Jupiter – a planet which sets fire to the powder when it is dissonant. This will be the case at the end of January, in mid-March and at the end of September. But from the first week of November, the many dissonances of Neptune (around the 7th) seem to mark a stage in the progression of this scourge.

Arm ourselves with patience and hope despite everything that we will miss it. Otherwise, thank God!

Whether the God she invokes to ward off the avioplanetary curses she fantasizes is graceful or not, Calamity Germaine says anything, and I will astrologically prove it to you. But before that, a few thoughts…

The “planetary racism” by Élizabeth Teissier

You read correctly: Élizabeth Teissier wrote that “Saturn is the planet of trials, separations and death, while Neptune is that of dissolution and pollution […] Pluto, the planet of rotting, fermentation […] Neptune, planet of viruses.” This kind of remark derives neither more nor less from an authentic planetary racism: there would be “good” planets and “bad”: Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

Now imagine what it can give this kind of “thought” during an astrological consultation. Imagine that a person born under a strong influence of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto come and consult Calamity Germaine after reading her latest Yearly horoscope. This person, both foolish or naive (she will consult Calamity Germaine) and anxious (she will consult a “diviner”) will be told that she is doomed to “tests”, to “separations” to “rotting”, to “dissolution”, to “pollution” and to “fermentations” by the organization of the sky at the time of his birth. What to commit suicide by overdose of Tamiflu, right?

In Calamity Germaine’s (public) discharge, it must be recognized that most of the symbolist astrologers “traditional, of which she is objectively the muse, thinks like her: Saturn, Neptune and Pluto (but also Mars) are for them planets more or less “malefic”. If you ask them why, they are only able to give lame pseudo-explanations.

For the conditionalist astrologers, on the other hand, the explanation of this phenomenon is clear: all the planets “benefic” of tradition (Sun, Venus, Jupiter) have in the R.E.T. system a common point: these planetary functions exclude the Transcendence, that is to say complexity, obscurity, the invisible. Conversely, the planets traditionally considered to be “malefic” (Mars, Saturn) exclude the Representation, that is to say simplicity, clarity, evidence. This is also the case for Neptune and Pluto since they were discovered. Mercury and Uranus, which go back and forth between Representation and Transcendence, have an ambiguous function which makes them more difficult to classify as “benefic” or “malefic”.

Obviously, for astrosymbolists of the Calamity Germaine & consorts genre the Representation is considered as “benefic”, Existence and the Transcendence as “malefic”, which means that it is easier to find happiness in the shimmering simplicity of images and appearances (Representation) than in the problematic experiences of life (Existence) or in the obscure complexity of invisible realities (Transcendence).

The delirious remarks of Calamity Germaine therefore objectively fall under an anti-unknown, anti-complexity, anti-invisible racism, the Transcendence being assimilated, after passing through the fuzzy sieve of analogisms, to all sorts of invisible and deadly threats. But back to our sheep — uh, sorry, our chickens.

The Saturn-Neptune Intercycle and Influenza Pandemics

The “sociologistÉlizabeth Teissier asserts that there is a correlation between the 36-year Saturn-Neptune intercycle and flu pandemics, as if sick and evil birds were in orbit around the Sun. It’s obviously nonsense, but it seemed fun to demonstrate it with the tools of astrology.

Let us therefore accept the Calamity Germaine hypothesis.

The positions of the slow planets in 1918:

The very deadly influenza pandemic of 1918 began in February 1918 in China. There is indeed a Saturn-Neptune conjunction (between 5° and 10° of Leo) during this period. But Calamity Germaine forgets to mention that this aspect already existed at the beginning of 1917. Well, let’s admit that this corresponds to the incubation period of H1N1 (this is the name of the abominable deadly saturno-neptunian virus which raged at that time), and continue. Logically, all 20th-century flu pandemics should have occurred during the bad” aspects (conjunctions “evil” aspected, squares, oppositions) following this date, i.e. in 1926 (square), 1936–37 (opposition), 1944 (square), 1952–53 (conjunction), 1962 (square), 1971–72 (opposition), 1980–1981 (square), 1989–90 (conjunction), 1999 (square), 2005–06 (opposition).

In reality, the major post-1918 influenza pandemics occurred in 1946–1948, 1957–1958, 1968–1969, 1977–1978 (the latter very mild). There is therefore no none systematic correlation between the Saturn-Neptune intercycle and avian flu, if not in the delusions of Élizabeth Teissier, who once again does great harm to scholarly astrology by spreading her bullshit in the complicit media.

Slow planets in 1926: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune square:

The slow planets in 1936: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune opposition:

Slow planets in 1936: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune square:

Slow planets in 1947: avian flu and no Saturn-Neptune intercycle:

The slow planets in 1952: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune conjunction:

The slow planets in 1957: avian flu (about 2 million deaths on the planet) and no Saturn-Neptune intercycle:

Slow planets in 1962: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune square:

Slow planets in 1968: avian flu (about 1 million deaths on the planet) and no Saturn-Neptune intercycle:

The slow planets in 1972: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune opposition:

The slow planets in 1975: avian flu and a Saturn-Neptune intercycle… but it is a trine, an aspect considered “positive” by Calamity Germaine:

Slow planets in 1980: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune square:

The slow planets in 1989: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune conjunction:

Slow planets in 1989: NO AVIAN FLU but a Saturn-Neptune square:

The slow planets in 2006: a Saturn-Neptune opposition (will the birds be as dangerous as in Hitchcock?):

To this Calamity Germaine, with her usual bad faith, could object that she did specify that “Saturn is currently in exactly the same place in the sky as it was in February 1919: around 10° Leo! Where he will return in July 2006!

Going in its direction, I then readily recognize that none of the post-1919 influenza pandemics has been as deadly as this one. In this case, it may be a specific effect of its position “around 10° Leo”? But then another problem arises: in February 1919, Saturn was actually at 23° of Leo (and was no longer conjoined to Neptune!!!)… and in July 2006, it will be at 13° of this sign, and always opposed to Neptune.

Well, let’s be good prince, let’s not nitpick over the numbers (Calamity Germaine is above all that) and let’s admit that it was the presence of Saturn in Leo which was the cause of the 1918 pandemic. case, bingo for Calamity Germaine: there was indeed an influenza pandemic in 1946–48, during the new passage of Saturn in Leo… but unfortunately (for Teissier) in “Good” aspect of Neptune (sextile), and fortunately (for Teissier) in conjunction with the infamous Pluto. And then what is the relationship between Leo, Sign of heart disease For traditional astrology, and deadly flus caused by badly mouthed birds? Mystery…

This from a purely astrological point of view with Teissier sauce. In reality, the 1946–1948 pandemic was mild.

Let us note in passing that, Saturn-Neptune or not, Calamity Germaine or not, “It should also be noted, given the reappearance cycle of deadly influenza epidemics spaced out, at the maximum observed, by 39 years, the last dating from 1968, the WHO predicts ‘statistically’ the appearance of an influenza pandemic deadly by 2010 to 2015. This is why, in recent years, a number of studies have suddenly been devoted to the Spanish flu virus, some aimed at recovering intact strains, tangibly studyable, to allow the construction of defenses adequate” (source Wikipedia. The statistics being a “science” very imprecise, it is not impossible that this pandemic planned for 2010 to 2015 will start in 2006.

If this is the case, Calamity Germaine (if the Real that constantly escapes her wants it) will be proud of having succeeded in her prophecy… moreover without great risk, since she began to cackle on this subject when the avian flu had already been brewing for two years in the East, that is to say the period during which she wrote her prophecies. Maybe she will even be one of his victims, which would be a good revenge for all the AIDS patients whom she had predicted cures for their illness in 1988.

In the photo opposite taken by the socioloscope of Ike Uncyfar, a chicken gripped is in geostationary orbit around the Earth. It is therefore excluded that the culprits of the pandemic are Saturn and Neptune, which revolve around the Sun: phew!

Are you still not reassured? Do you keep taking Tamiflu and telling yourself that Élizabeth Teissier might be right and, just in case, you never know…? So you may be living in a world where John Kerry is President of the USA:

With Georges W. Bush, things move!!!

For analytical, critical and educational purposes, I come back to Calamity Germaine’s flawed astro-predictions about the last American re-election. To begin, I recall exactly what she said about it on the set of Fogiel:

An Inauguration, 20th January 2005, which gives preference to Kerry and indicates a change in the direction of the country (Jupiter square Saturn = political destabilization), as well as a move for the two wives of the candidates. Note that Laura Bush’s probable one seems to cheer her up or relieve her (the moment’s Ascendant and Neptune are placed in exact square with her natal Pluto — the move — but the Mercury/Venus couple flatters her Ascendant — she is delighted). Indeed, this Scorpio Ascendant Taurus is certainly very attached to her house, which she has been forced to put on hold for four years.

Thème de naissance pour George W Bush — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour George W Bush — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour George W Bush — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
George W Bush
06/07/1946 à 07 h 26 TL (06/07/1946 à 11 h 26 TU)
New Haven (Connecticut, États-Unis)
Latitude +41° 18’ ; Longitude −72° 56’

John F. Kerry’s Chart:

Thème de naissance pour John Kerry — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour John Kerry — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour John Kerry — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
John Kerry
11/12/1943 à 08 h 03 TL (11/12/1943 à 14 h 03 TU)
Aurora (Colorado, États-Unis)
Latitude +39° 44’ ; Longitude −104° 50’

The chart of the day of the inauguration of the President of the United States. This date is not determined by the stars, but by the US Constitution and the political customs of this country:

This transcription of his intervention in the program You can’t please everyone (in the case of Calamity Germaine, that’s for sure!) perfectly illustrates the bullshit astromagicosymbolist. Decryption:

1) The root causes and reasons for victory or defeat go far beyond the individual psychology of the candidates: they are extra-horoscopic and ultimately relate to the balance or imbalance of the balance of power within a society at a given moment, of the currents which cross it and affect it, of the collective aspirations. Notice to astro-fatalists!

Only the supercons astromagicosymbolists look at it chart this the one they are going to elect and his transits, primary, secondary or converse progressions or directions in the voting booth when making their choice. The examples I have given clearly illustrate the fact that it is not the stars that decide who will be the winner of the polls in a given country. The transits of a Subject candidate only provide information on his degree of motivation and involvement in the deadline for an electoral campaign. They do not in any way prejudge the vote of the voters. The most astropsychologically motivated can lose, the less motivated win, no offense to astrodeterminists.

2) This is a position to 100% conditionalist. Non-conditionalist and moderately fatalistic astrologers might object in good faith: “But still! Whoever has the ‘best’ transits is more likely to live this deadline favorably than whoever has the ‘worst’”.

3) Let’s accept this objection and examine it from the point of view of the S.O.R.I. (Subject-Object-Relation-Integration). It clearly falls under the reference “Subject”: from the mere fact that an individual-candidate would have “vouchers” transits, he would have more chances of being elected… This moderately fatalistic objection is inadmissible: a political election falls within the “Representation of the Relationship”, and not from the repository “Subject”.

4) But let’s still be “tolerant” (just to explore a track, don’t worry) and let’s admit that “vouchers” transits (I drop all other forecasting methods which are only rubbish) influencing the psychic tone of the Subject can contribute to making him the winner of an election. In this case, strictly speaking, it is the transits during the electoral campaign that must be taken into account, not those of the official inauguration moment, as Calamity Germaine did of Kerry. The time of the investiture is insignificant, it’s just a social convention… like marriage. What is the most important, the most significant: the moment when we fall in love, or the one, dictated by the official calendar, when we get married? 20th January 2005, when Bush will be officially invested, is from this point of view a deadline astrologically insignificant… except for magicosymbolist fatalists like Calamity Germaine or like others astrologers allegedly “scientists who waste their time making statistics on transits, progressions, etc. presiding over wedding dates.

5) Let’s admit that the date of official investiture is significant (how tolerant I am!). In this case, it must be admitted that the only aspect between slow planets on that day is a Jupiter-Saturn square, significant according to Calamity Germaine of “political destabilization”. In this case, to interpret it correctly, it is necessary to refer to the chart of the USA. Rest assured, I do not believe at all that a nation has an astrological chart, but Calamity Germaine, yes. So let’s refer to the chart she uses in her books of predictions (04/07/1776 at 07:17 in Philadelphia, declaration of independence). It’s a chart “Cancer Gemini rising”. Uranus is at AS in Gemini, there is a Sun-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter cluster in Cancer, and, with a wide orb, Jupiter squares Saturn in Libra… while 20th January 2005, the date of the Bush’s inauguration, Jupiter in Libra squares Saturn in Cancer at about the same degrees as in 1776, while Uranus squares its 1776 position. What, using the delirious ahistorical methods of Calamity Germaine, effectively predicting a shift in power…

6) But let’s continue to use these delusional analog methods: both candidates have Uranus in Gemini as in the chimerical chart of the USA. How then to decide between them? Bush is Cancer like the USA, not Kerry. From the perspective of astro-analogism, he should be more in tune with his country…

7) But, still “but”, according to the stupid rules of astrosymbolism, Bush has in his natal chart a fatal conjunction Sun-Saturn in 12th house, that of “impeachments”, Saturn being more and more debility” in the Sign opposite to his “domicile, Capricorn, and further transiting his native position at the time of election and investiture! In such a context tragic-karmic and given the not at all impeccable vagueness of the methods of astrosymbolist prognosis, one can only say that with such a rotten native sky and such bad transits, Bush could only lose these elections…

8) In short, traditional fatalistic astrosymbolism is rubbish. We can make him say everything and its opposite.

9) As a surfer on the forum of this site asked, “What do the conditionalists expect with their methods?” I answered him “Nothing”. However, I was pretty sure that Bush would be re-elected, not for astrological reasons, but because of a socio-political analysis. And it is so as not to mistakenly confuse the two that I refused to make any prognosis whatsoever.

10) Everything being linked, we cannot, however, do without an analysis non-subject charts of the two protagonists of this election. The split between the two camps rested on the following alternative: on the one hand, the anxious search for points of reference and suspicious security in a climate of cautious withdrawal, on the other the openness to the world, the wager on multilateralist associations. A conditionalist will have no trouble deciphering these two perfectly opposed positions with, on the one hand, a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Cancer (Bush), and on the other hand a Sun Sagittarius opposite Saturn (Kerry). The respective charts of the two men were thus in the image of the expectations of their respective camps: enough to suppose that Bush was more representative of the majority of the American electorate… but without going so far as to make an astrological prediction, which would have been dishonest and abusive.

11) Looking at the geographical map of the American votes, it is remarkable to observe that the interior states (without opening on the oceans) had mainly voted Bush (Protective inhibition, lack of associative excitement of the Cancer), while the outer states overwhelmingly voted Kerry (Associative arousal, lack of protective inhibition of Sagittarius)…

Small moving suite…

I now return, incidentally and from a purely critical-pedagogical point of view, to the bullshit of Calamity Germaine about the “removals” of the women of the male candidates for the presidency of the USA.

1) The fact of not invoking astrological deadlines “movers” that about the women of the candidates is indicative of a sexism of another age. It is the women who keep the house, so they are the ones who move. Coming from a liberated woman (except among other astromagicosymbolist bullshit), these are unbearable words.

2) Now let’s come to the so-called character “astrological” of these predictions that reality has denied: the wives of the two American candidates would have had deadlines highlighting “removals”… which would justify the choices of more than 150 million American voters!

3) We suspect what Calamity Germaine evokes on this subject: it is obviously about the House IV, traditionally attributed to the “home (home sweet home)” (among other fancy analog attributions). By rigorously observing (if that is possible, which is unlikely) the astro-traditionalist rules of interpretation dear to Calamity Germaine, we should come across the following results:

Laura Bush’s chart:

Thème de naissance pour Laura Bush — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Laura Bush — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Laura Bush — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Laura Bush
04/11/1946 à 18 h 00 TL (05/11/1946 à 00 h 00 TU)
Midland (Texas, États-Unis)
Latitude +32° 00’ ; Longitude −102° 05’

▶ For Laura Bush, 04/11/1946 at 18:00 OT (−6 h 00) in Midland, Texas USA (32° 00′ N, 102° 10′ W): her native sky has a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo in House IV (House traditionally assigned to moving in and moving out), which could be interpreted, in an astro-traditionalist register, by “there is spectacular anguish to be feared in your home” (I exaggerate, but only slightly. In short, poor Laura was predestined to lose her house). During the first election and without taking transits into account, won: the wife of George W. was sadly forced to move to the White House following the funereal and unfortunate event of her husband’s election. Transits in 2004 in House IV: none. Saturn in Cancer remains desperately in House III, that of brothers and friends. Ditto during the investiture of W. Bon, let us be charitable and convene the “Master of IV”, in this case ric-rac (more than 29°) the master of the IC cusp, namely the Moon: it is 15° from Pisces; Uranus, great signifier of radical moves, is certainly 2° from the same sign, but Calamity Germaine cannot hide behind this transit: she does not admit this orb, which is 13° too wide for her. Where does her move come from?

Teresa Heinz-Kerry’s chart:

Thème de naissance pour Teresa Heinz Kerry — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Teresa Heinz Kerry — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Teresa Heinz Kerry — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Teresa Heinz Kerry
05/10/1938 à 18 h 18 TL (05/10/1938 à 16 h 18 TU)
Maputo (Maputo, Mozambique)
Latitude −25° 58’ ; Longitude +32° 34’

▶ Teresa Heinz-Kerry, 05/10/1938 at 18:18 OT (+2 h 00) in Maputo, Mozambique (25° 50′ S, 32° 59′ E). From the point of view of Calamity Germaine’s brainless astrosymbolism, it fits a little better. Thérésa has Pluto in IV (funeral index of removals… except for those who do not have the means to change their place of life often, those who do not wish to do so and all the others who escape by extra-astrological determinations from these wanderings). In 2004–2005, his dominant Saturn (but nevertheless in “Exile” in House I) transits in House IV. So she moves… E tutti frutti. We can also search on the side of its Moon “mistress of House IV”: nothing: the Moon in Aquarius receives no transit aspect.

Brief Elizabeth “You are known” has it all wrong, including from its own delusional forecasting methods: no wife of a US candidate moves according to the rules of magicosymbolist astrology. But she, Germaine, she moves dry.

According to Calamity Germaine, AIDS has been cured since 1992, 1995… or another date

A few reminders of Élizabeth Teissier’s prophecies about this terrible disease, without any concern for the disastrous consequences that the false hopes it arouses among those who are carriers of this virus:

…in the summer of 1992, when it seems astrologically reasonable to hope that we will then be able to treat AIDS patients effectively. What seems to me to be able to be affirmed without possible ambiguity is, for the end of November 1995, the beginning of a total victory and without surrender over this terrible virus, which could (should!) then be no more than a terrible memory, a nightmare gone” in Astrology, science of the 21st century, 1988, page 425. This prophecy does not prevent him from writing, page 226 of the same work, that around 11th August 1999, a “third world war or a reversal of the poles, suffocating pollution of our globe deprived of pure water, famine, war or epidemics (AIDS)…”! Admire the timeline!

It could very well be that we find a definitive and radical remedy — if it has not already been done since November 1994 — to AIDS, in this year 1995” in Your stars until the year 2001, 1995, page 100.

It seems to me that the application of this treatment will make that in 95, we can hope that AIDS is something over and forgotten” statement of Calamity Germaine to Génération Succès, TF1, February 1990. Comment transcribed in Entrevue No. 43, February 1996.

…let’s modulate this optimistic prognosis by declaring that the end of 1994, beginning of 1995 should be an important stage on this road strewn with pitfalls and push back the final deadline to 1997, more in accordance with the state of scientific research […]” in Astrology, science of the 21st century, 1994 edition, page 32.

Back to avian flu

In bird-brained astrologers, the avian flu virus begins by attacking neurons and destroying the anti-bullshit immune system.

Look at the chart of Élizabeth Teissier: she was born under a Saturn-Neptune opposition. Is she in danger? Is it dedicated to “tests”, to “separations” to “rotting”, to “dissolution”, to “pollution” and to “fermentations”? Will she survive the birds of doom?

Thème de naissance pour Élizabeth Teissier — Thème écliptique — AstroAriana
Thème écliptique
Thème de naissance pour Élizabeth Teissier — Thème de domitude — AstroAriana
Thème de domitude
Thème de naissance pour Élizabeth Teissier — Hiérarchie des Planètes — AstroAriana
Hiérarchie des Planètes
Élizabeth Teissier
06/01/1938 à 06 h 15 TL (06/01/1938 à 06 h 15 TU)
Alger (Wilaya d’Alger, Algérie)
Latitude +36° 44’ ; Longitude +3° 05’

Fast! Tamiflu for Calamity Germaine!

This article was brought to you by Richard Pellard
English translation by Julien Rouger

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